Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Pisces 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions


In 2012 you need to revise your alliances and urgently establish some new equilibrium with the people around you. In certain cases you will be forced to do this very dynamically - and even violently - due to the pression you will receive out of many people acting aggressively towards you - in your professional, social and friendly environment. An unusual intensity and hostility might prevail around you especially in the first half of the year. Your nervous system will feel very fragile and you might often arrive on the very verge of a nervous collapse. It is thus necessary to find some outlets and channel your high energy levels into something creative (artistic activities, dancing etc.).

Intense competition might prevail around you particularly in the first half of the year (when planet Mars will remain - for six whole months - opposed to your sign). Make your stand and defend your rights in a relationship or in a professional collaboration. The most important to you astrological event will occur on February 3, when Neptune will definitely enter your sign - it has already paid Pisces a short visit in 2011! Neptune is the planet of "magic", the planet who carries us into other dimensions and makes us feel - during certain extraordinary moments in our lives - that "we live in a fairytale!"

Neptune will begin to influence your life in rather unexpected ways and will bring you in touch with more spiritual, occult, metaphysical and perhaps "magical" dimensions! This year, Neptune will affect most strongly those of you born in February. It will probably put you in touch with some artistic, spiritual - or perhaps charitable - environments, artistic occupations and activities (especially in the fields of music, dance, photography). Neptune brings to artists great inspiration and verve.

Thomas Gazis
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