Sunday, 17 December 2017

End of our decade astrological predictions (looking forward, via hindsight)!

Apparently we haven't directly witnessed it, but our "cosmic" route has considerably shifted with the arrival of 2018. And now we are about to make (astrologically speaking) a long turn, that will ultimately lead us to the end of our decade. A decade characterized by a global economic crisis, that has so far proven to be particularly harsh towards the countries of the European south - and towards the "weaker" countries of the world in general. We all hope that in the following years the crisis will end and we will start living a more prosperous life. But is this going to happen or things are going to get even worse? What kind of "zeitgeist" will globally prevail in the next few years? What kind of events will be produced on the economic, social and political level? Astrology is one of the few "fields of notion" that can provide answers to these critical questions.

As we are making now this final "decade turn", we are about to collide with a very powerful astrological phenomenon, which humanity has never encountered in its recent history! We are talking about the notorious "Capricornian climax"! We call it "Capricornian climax" because many and decisive phenomena will simultaneously occur in Capricorn, which is a very important sign in "Mundane Astrology" (in the astrology branch that deals with large-scale events, with wider social trends, with politics and with world economy). You see, it represents the so-called "World Zenith" (you can read more about it in my article: "When Hades reached the top of the Firmament").

From 2008 on, the deeply transforming planet Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn. Within the next few days (on December 20, 2017 to be exact) planet Saturn enters as well in the sign of Capricorn (its own "house"). At the end of 2019 Jupiter will pass too in Capricorn! In addition, the crucial Saturn-Pluto conjunction will take place in 2020! These two planets - which have been called the "bad guys" of astrology - will be conjuncting then each other at the 22 degrees of Capricorn! 

In a future article I will explain in detail the "nuts and bolts" of this Capricornian climax and its probable implications over our planet, on the international scene, on our societies etc. But as the future is somehow portended by the past, I think it is important to historically review here the phenomenon (what kind of events the entering of Pluto in Capricorn - and of other planets -  has produced in the recent and distant past ). You will be able then to draw your own conclusions about the "geist" of the current historical period and how things might evolve as our decade is coming to its end.

                                                         Historical review

The table below shows the previous periods in the recent history of mankind where the same phenomenon was repeated: planets Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all three in the sign of Capricorn!

As you can see, this phenomenon is extremely rare and occurred just three times in the recent historical past of mankind (from 2000 BCE up to now). On average, these three planets (Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter) are simultaneously found in the sign of Capricorn once per millennium! This fact makes the current "capricornian climax" quite unique. We will return to this table, just try to memorize the specific years listed on it.

Since it is so rare for these three planets to be found in Capricorn at the same time, let us simplify our quest and look for the previous historical periods when Pluto alone was in the sign of the Capricorn. Anyone who has experienced the potent events that have been happening from 2008 on - as  soon as Pluto entered in Capricorn - understands how powerful Pluto is in this specific sign, which represents in Mundane Astrology the all important "World Zenith"!

The previous historical period during which Pluto was transiting in Capricorn was the one between 1762 CE and 1778 CE (because of its once in a while "retrograde" motion, Pluto on the one hand returned for a few months to Sagittarius and, on the other hand, "prematurely" entered Aquarius). As we can see in the following table, around this time momentous changes occurred in world history! It is a period that radically changed the form of our societies - mainly due to the industrial revolution and the emerging to the world scene of the greatest superpower on Earth today, of the United States!

It is a period during which Prussia flourished (let's say a more "die hard" version of today's Germany, with a dose of Poland) under the "enlightened despotism" of Frederick the Great (who also proceeded to an radical monetary reform). Moreover, like today, immigrants from other countries were invited to settle in the sparsely populated Prussia! The patriarch of the richest - as rumors say - family on the planet today, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, began to flourish professionally and economically then. Plus, that was a particularly cold period.

The previous historical period in which Pluto was found in Capricorn (along with Saturn this time) is the one between 1515 CE and 1532. As you can see in the table below, that period has caused world-wide changes in the social fabric of the time! The conquest and the colonization of the New World began then (with Cortes), while Renaissance spred all over the Western Europe. The Lutheran religious reform caused a deep split between northern and southern Europe, which we may detect in various forms even today. A;most all the branches of the Florentine Bank of the Medici family across Europe collapsed like a tower of cards and this led to a profound restructuring of the old continent's financial institutions.

This is essentially the period of the greatest boom of the Ottoman Empire, under the ruling of the notorious Suleiman the Magnificent. And of course this is one of the bleakest periods in the history of tens and tens of nations in Europe, Asia and Africa that had been subjugated by then by the vast Ottoman empire!

Let's go now even further back, in the period 1269 CE - 1287 CE. To many, this period might seem  empty of important events. And yet, if you did your homework and memorized those critical years you saw on the very first table of this article, this period is historically the immediately previous one, during which Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter were again found all three in Capricorn! And that ultimately means that the astrological influences were potent during that particular period, eventually attracting dramatic events that indelibly marked the history of mankind! And undoubtedly one such titanic event is the world-expansion of the mighty Mongol empire and of the notorious "Golden Horde" on the Asian continent - even on the European one!

As a consequence of this Mongolian - Turkic expansion, the Turks invaded Asia Minor and they started conquering enormous Byzantine lands - practically without resistance. Osman, the founding father of the Ottoman Empire, took power in this period! On the other hand, it then began the irrevocable decline of the Eastern Roman empire (Byzantium)!

Emperor Andronicus II  ascended then to the throne of Byzantium but he was confronted with almost total dissolution of his state and with utter poverty. He was forced to reduce his army (in extremely critical times), to completely dismantle his navy (selling ships as timber), to debase the  so called  "golden pound" of the time (the notorious Byzantine "Hyperpyron") and proceed to an over-taxation of his subjects. The landowners ruthlessly collided with him. And tο add insult to the injury, Andronicus II conducted a civil war against his own grandson Andronicus III (apparently both of them had their Suns in the sign of Aries)!

If we move now 250 years (every that many years - roughly - Pluto returns to Capricorn) further in the past we arrive in the period of 1024 CE - 1041 CE . Regarding the Eastern Roman empire, this a period that coincides with the end of the glorious reign of Basil the Great and the beginning of the "great downhill" of Byzantium, the phase of its definitive and irreversible decline. In that period, the events that led to the religious, cultural and socio-political schism of East-West took place, while the large-scale Byzantine -Turkish wars became rife!

If we descend another "plutonian step" back in time then we go to the period 778 - 796 CE where we again encounter a bleak period for Byzantium. A great civil war (Iconoclasm) had erupted in the "Roman" territory. In the Byzantine throne had ascended the Empress Irene the Athenian, which, among a series of political intrigues and manipulations, ordered the killing of her own son! On the other hand, the ancestors of the Turks - who were still living back then on the Mongolian Altai plateau - made a dynamic appearance then on the world scene.

Lastly, if we descend another "plutonian step" back in time we arrive in the period 532 CE - 551 CE. which corresponds to the epic-tragic reign of the emperor Justinian! Note that in this period we again have the trio Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all of them transiting at the same time in the sign of Capricorn! And what we see then is on the one hand an epic element (the extent of the Byzantine Empire was stretching from Spain to Mesopotamia, a magnificent monument - Hagia Sophia - was erected in Constantinople). On the other hand a tragic component emerged: the notorious plague of Justinian, that left behind millions of dead people. Not only that, but also Justinian's over-taxation (to give you an  example, if his tax-collectors discovered that a family had been decimated out of the plague, they then obliged the neighboring families to pay the taxes corresponding to the perished  family)!

Climatically speaking, Justinian's period is considered to be one of the coolest in human history (the sign of Capricorn is astrologically connected to cold). All in all, "Capricornian climaxes" influence profoundly our societies, marking major transition periods for humanity! They mostly create a universal "geist"of austerity and deprivation, of heavy taxation, of wars (even civil ones) and generally they bring forth some life threatening conditions. Also, during the "Capricornian climaxes" the oriental world generally blooms and the western one declines. So let us now unite and act together in order to direct this "Capricornian climax" to positive, creative outlets!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

Monday, 7 August 2017

The enigmatic path of the "Gran Americana" August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse.

Eclipses are not "per se" something bad. So, the "gran Americana" August 21, 2017 Solar eclipse won't necessarily break all hell loose on the USA . The lights will somehow turn off and then on big time, restarting the system anew...

What strikes me though is the path of this eclipse...It comes over from the Pacific ocean (portending some major Asian event reverberating in the USA?) and then it intersects the American continent right over its most deadly/fragile north-west seashore (as the geologists/ seismologists recently discovered): the Cascadia subduction zone (which is estimated to produce in the immediate future a 9 Richter scale mega-earthquake)!

That's not all though...As the eclipse's path moves deeper within the American continent it is somehow crossing the wider area of the Yellowstone park (where one of the deadliest super-volcanoes on earth is lying), the New Madrid fault (near St. Louis, a fault that produced an almost 8 Richter scale quake in 1811. This is the area of the eclipse's greatest duration). Finally, the path is exiting the USA right over its south-eastern states, which are prone to major hurricanes. And then the eclipse's path proceeds to the Atlantic Ocean, to the north of the so called Bermuda triangle...

It's not in my intentions to be an alarmist, nor a harbinger of bad events. I am just stressing here the fact that the path of this "Americana" eclipse is by coincidence passing through the most fragile geologically / meteorologically  areas of the USA.

Thomas Gazis

(P.S. I saved the map you see here from some site I don't remember by now. If you know the site please let me know so that we credit it for this excellent map).

Monday, 13 March 2017

A recent scientific "symmetry field" theory might be totally justifying Astrology!

                                                      (image taken from:

The Zodiac has always been a conundrum to me! It is the "gran nexus" of Astrology but we know next to nothing about it! We are fairly sure (us, the Astrologers) that it exists, but if somebody asks us "Where exactly is the Zodiac lying?" we will be left rather clueless...You see, we don't really know! What we know is that the Zodiac is some kind of "belt"! A non-magnetic belt obviously, because if it were one it would have been detected by now. And if it is not a magnetic belt then what is it made from (since there aren't many alternatives)? And ultimately, where exactly is this belt? Is it over our heads, over our highest mountain, up in the stratosphere, in the near-Earth space, somewhere within the distant space or simply everywhere?

For the last couple of decades I've been giving lectures trying to explain to the public the profound mystery of the Zodiac (why is it so perfectly geometrical, why is it cyclical and twelve-fold with each sign comprising exactly 30 degrees, how could possibly exist such a perfectly geometrical structure up there on the sky, what is the Zodiac made of etc.). In those lectures, I was usually relying on Plato's theory of the "solids" and especially on the famous "Dodecahedron" to offer an explanation. That was my very best shot back then but still, I could not make the ends meet! Little did I know though that very soon science itself would somehow justify both Plato and Astrology!

I am a sort of science nerd, so I am reading almost every scientific article I am laying my hands on. A couple of days ago I was browsing the "" site in the hope of finding interesting astronomy articles when I stumbled upon an article on a relatively new theory called the "conformal symmetry of time-space"! I was immediately flabbergasted by this theory, which is sustaining that there is an inherent geometrical pattern hidden deep within the fabric of time-space! And in this actually "polyhedral" pattern might lie the secret mechanism that makes Astrology tick!

You may read the article here

Let me quote an excerpt of interest:

"The discovery was so unexpected that (researcher)Polyakov initially didn’t believe it. His suspicion, shared by others, was that “maybe this happens because there is some hidden symmetry that we didn’t find yet.”

Everyone is excited because these kinks are unexpected and interesting, and they tell you where interesting theories live,” said Nima Arkani-Hamed, a professor of physics at the Institute for Advanced Study. “It could be reflecting a polyhedral structure of the space of allowed conformal field theories, with interesting theories living not in the interior or some random place, but living at the corners.”

Science has advanced so much lately that has reached some rather weird and even paranormal fields...And contrary to the expectations of the skeptics, the more science advances the closer it comes to Astrology, ever more justifying it! The exciting discovery of the "polyhedral symmetry fields" that are lurking within the fabric of time-space might soon lead us to the longed-for scientific explanation of why and how Astrology works!

Thomas Gazis
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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The "latent" Synastry of Donald and Melania Trump!

Although I am a sort of "synastry-holic" guy, the idea of studying Donald Trump's and Melania's synastry was never particularly appealing to me. As most people, I was seeing in these two an unscrupulous businessman and an avid "gold-digger". So, to me there wasn't interesting stuff there. Not to mention the fact that nobody seemed to know Melania's time of birth, meaning that an eventual synastric study of theirs would be rather incomplete. But things have changed and Donald Trump is now the elected president of the United States while his wife Melania the First Lady! A synastric study of theirs seems more appealing than ever.

Let's take a quick look at their natal charts. Donald has a versatile Gemini Sun, while his Moon resides in the fiery and expansive sign of Sagittarius. His Ascendant is in the regal sign of Leo (although in the very last degree of it)!  Donald was born during a Lunar Eclipse (and probably this has to do with his peculiar, "obscure" relation to women at large). 

Let's move on to Melania now. We are still lacking her verified time of birth so we don't actually know her Ascendant nor the "domification" of her planets (thus there are no Houses in her chart - the one you see bellow - while the reported time of birth is a conventional one). In such a case we are obliged to focus mainly on the zodiacal signs of the "Lights" (Sun and Moon). But even there the lack of Melania's verified time of birth produces a controversy, because if she were born before 1:27 am (Slovenia time) she would then have a Sagittarius Moon (the same as Donald's). But if she were born after 1:27 am she would have a Capricorn Moon - and that would make all the difference!

If both Donald and Melania have a Sagittarius Moon then you can see the power of their synastry right in front of your eyes! When two people share the same Moon - in the same sign and in conjunction - they feel a deep, visceral sense of "community"! A rich emotional flux is developed among them and a profound "comprehension" of each other. And although the time frame for this to occur is relatively small (00:00 to 01:27 am) there is a strong probability that Melania was indeed born within that specific time frame. Mathematically though the odds are against it and she might very well have been born after 1:27 am - having thus a Capricorn Moon. In that eventuality things would change drastically - both for Melania and for their relationship. You see, Melania would then have a Taurus Sun and a Capricorn Moon, an extremely earthy and realistic combination, prone to materialism and social climbing (especially if the individual is attuned to the "lower frequencies" of the Taurus - Capricorn combo) ! 

Well, to many of you that might sound a lot like Melania but to a Synastry connoisseur the striking fact (with this Capricorn Moon scenario) is that Melania's chart bears no astrological affinity to Donald's chart! Her  "Lights" are too earthy and "feminine" (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Capricorn) while his "Lights" are "airy-fiery" and both "masculine" (Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius). There is no common astrological ground among them. Actually, their two charts not only do not bear any substantial resemblance but in addition they are not compatible! Here is the "bi-wheel' of their Synastry (the inner chart is Donald's and the outer one is Melania's).

So, what's going on with the Donald - Melania Trump relationship? Is theirs an arranged match, a mere marriage of convenience? Because under an astrological point of view the two do not seem to be very compatible. Well, that's not entirely true, as there are at play here some astrological elements that are rather invisible at first sight but crucial in the long run. I have developed a theory on this, calling these "difficult to spot" but crucial elements "Latent Synastric Elements" (LA.S.E. in abbreviation, you may read the gist of that theory in my article "Latent Synastric Elements: The secret fuel of love" , at the "Sasstrology" website).

As you know, the Sun in a woman's horoscope is telling us a lot about the type of the masculine figure she is mostly attracted to. In Melania's case her Sun forms a conjunction to her Saturn, thus her ideal man should be an authoritative, socially recognized and probably older than her figure. Trump actually represents all these traits. Furthermore, Melania's Sun - Saturn conjunction bears a strong affinity to Donald's Sun in the Tenth House (since that House is traditionally harboring Saturnian values)!

In addition, Melania's Sun forms an opposition to her Jupiter, thus her ideal man should have some Jupiterian traits too (he should be exuberant, optimistic, larger than life and "rich" - figuratively or literally speaking). And Donald is Jupiterian alright, since one of his "Lights" (his Moon) is in Sagittarius (the sign ruled by Jupiter), while his Sun is forming a trine aspect to his Jupiter!

What is striking here is the fact that in Donald's chart his Venus (a pivotal planet in love affairs, indicating the attributes of our ideal partner) is replicating almost identically the planetary aspects of  Melania's Sun (his Venus is conjuncting his Saturn and is forming a challenging aspect to his Jupiter)! His Venus replicating her Sun's planetary aspects, that should definitely be accounted as a latent synastric element! 

Another important LA.S.E. in this relationship stems out from the fact that Melania's Sun in Taurus is synastrically "falling" in Donald's Ninth House. As we saw before, Donald is very Jupiterian (his Sun is trining his Jupiter and his Moon resides in Sagittarius). But with this Ninth House domification Melania (although a rigid Taurus) somehow acquires Sagittarian traits when interacting with Donald! And this he definitely loves, because Melania is ever aggrandizing him, she is ever lifting him up, making him see the brighter side of life! And she might be even learning him a couple of things - while she definitely makes him laugh...

Actually, as we delve deeper in their Synastry we realize that Melania is the "stabilizer", the soothing and "grounding" force in their relationship! And Donald needs a lot of "grounding" for sure, having both his "Lights" in mutable signs. And Melania is complementing him in other ways too. Surprisingly, Donald's Moon resides in a very emotional, tender, family orientated sector of his chart (in his Fourth House). In that sector the Moon is much dignified. But there is another side to it, as the Fourth House Moon might often become ultra sensitive and touchy. If Melania has a Capricorn Moon she is to a certain extent complementing and strengthening that sensitive side of Donald Trump (the Fourth House and the sign of Capricorn being somehow two complementary areas of a horoscope). And the First Lady does that even more so if we take in consideration the fact that her Venus and Mars are synastrically falling in Donald's Tenth House (meaning that she becomes even more Capricornian when standing by his side, when interacting with him)!

We already mentioned that planet Venus is of paramount importance in love affairs. Melania's Venus is conjuncting her Mercury, meaning that her ideal partner should have some "mercurian" traits, he should be witty, versatile, communicative. One part of her craves for a  mercurian partner and guess what, Donald definitely is one (as he belongs to the sign of Gemini, ruled by Mercury).

Another part of Melania craves for a Martian partner (because her Venus is forming a conjunction to her Mars, as well). And since his early childhood Donald has been the martian type of guy (his Mars in conjuncting his Leonian Ascendant - allegedly he was feared by many of his school mates). Even more so, Melania craves specifically for a martian Gemini type of man (as her Mars resides in the sign of Gemini). Well, Donald absolutely fulfills that side of hers too!

In Melania's chart, her Moon is interacting with Uranus (forming a square aspect). In Donald's chart, his Sun is interacting with Uranus (forming a conjunction). So they both have an "uranianized" "Light" (not by chance they got into politics). That uranian factor should be accounted as another "latent" synastric element!

This isn't by no means a complete study of Donald's and Melania's synastry. They do have many interesting "explicit" synastric inter-aspects (like the ultra "merging", intense and powerful inter-aspects that Pluto is forming with their respective "Lights". Also, the romantic but probably "disillusioning" as well inter-aspects of Neptune with their Moon and Venus - and several others). That kind of stuff though pertains to a slightly different field (and an exhaustive synastric analysis should normally take something  like 15 - 20 pages). In this article I just tried to give you a different synastric point of view on the Donald's - Melania's relationship, focusing mainly on their "latent" synastric elements,which although not very obvious are utterly conditioning the quality of a relationship!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis 

Monday, 23 January 2017

America is turning against its own self (Trump's Plutonian demonization)

There is a very odd thing going on in the United States these days. The Americans are massively protesting against Donald Trump, the President that they themselves elected just a couple of months ago! They are marching all over the country, shouting some diminishing and degrading slogans against their head of State  - and even publicly swearing at him (i.e. Madonna's case). Apparently the Americans have "demonized" their own president - before him taking office! To a neutral, European observer like me that seems to be a strange, abnormal occurrence...

I was struck lately by some pictures like the one you see above, portraying president Trump as an ugly, obese pig! I am personally appalled by this specific picture but at the same time I realize that many Americans actually like it, they take some pleasure out of it! Since I have studied some psychology I wonder why people take pleasure out of such an appalling and degrading picture? And then I remembered what I had been taught in the psychology classes I attended, that there is a deep-seated psychological mechanism in our souls called "projection".  

In my "non-expert" qualifiedness, I would define "projection" as "a defence psychological mechanism through which we are attributing to somebody else/others unwanted traits of our own self"! Furthermore, there is a collective kind of projection as well, where many individuals are projecting disparate unwanted traits of themselves upon a specific individual, a specific ethnic or religious minority etc.

In other words, the more unwanted traits, shortcomings, "sins" you harbour in yourself the more you feel the need to project those "bad traits" of yours upon somebody else (be it the Jews, Putin, Trump, it doesn't actually matter that much). And if you join other people attuned to that very same need of yours then you might start marching with them, protesting loudly - and that turns out to be a "cathartic", therapeutic experience to you!

Don't get me wrong here, I am not "en masse" accusing the protesters nor am I on Trump's payroll. I didn't vote republican, I am not an American citizen, I don't even like the guy. I am trying though to see the whole picture and make some (astrological) sense out of what I perceive as a rather absurd and irrational situation. Because to me it is like America has snapped in front of my eyes and turned against its own self! I have never witnessed that in such a colossal scale (and I see certain similarities between this current situation and the Civil War period)...

As we saw before, demonizing the others has its perks, because it  makes you feel better deep in your soul! And when you do that on a collective level you are summoning - astrologically speaking - Pluto! Because all this massive projection and "shadow dancing" is bearing some typically Plutonian hallmarks! So, something must be going on with Pluto in America's "National Horoscope"! And guess what, it actually is! 

You might be familiar with the chart you see below. It is the famous "Sibly" National Horoscope of the United States of America.

As you probably know - and as you can see above - America is ruled by the sign of Cancer - its natal Sun being in that specific sign. In "Mundane Astrology" (the Astrology of Nations) the Sun is traditionally representing the "Head of the State"! Henceforth Donald Trump in our case! USA's natal Sun is located at the 14th degree of Cancer and as you might have already heard, transiting Pluto is currently opposing for the first time ever in the history of the USA their natal Sun! That's a big event! And since Pluto is representing the masses, the collective "shadow" (and the "irrational" as well) it's no surprise that that the masses are turning now against their own president!

When Pluto is strongly aspecting the Sun of a country it is affecting its very core identity. It's not by chance that the American society has been permeated lately by an "end of the times", "dying" sensation, as Pluto has been opposing the country's natal Sun! And in a certain sense the old America has been moribund for a long time now. The very American population is somehow altered as the Hispanic-Asian-afroamerican citizens are about to outnumber the traditional Anglo-European ones. That's a huge transformation to a society! Additionally, the USA are not considered anymore the undisputed financial superpower they once were, as China is about to become the most powerful country in the world. Industries are transported abroad, people are left without jobs, the middle class is ever more fading!

As we know, Pluto is instigating fear, suspicion and irrationality to the people (when adversely aspecting their country's natal Sun)! And irrationality is wide spread now in the USA, as many people are claiming that the Russians rigged the elections (how did they do that? Do they possess some alien device with which they can influence the mind of the people? And how they managed then to influence just the half of the American population? Can you see the irrationality of it?)

All in all, Pluto has been opposing the natal Sun of the USA for (at least) the last seven years! And it almost perfectly opposed (due to its retrogradation) the USA's Sun just before the recent presidential elections. There are some other factors that contributed to the current strange political situation as well: the USA's progressed Moon (representing the American people) is located now in the USA's 12th House, a sector representing the concept of "process dissolving", "the End" of a major cycle, the sadness, indisposition, impoverishment and confusion of the people!

Furthermore, the aforementioned progressed Moon is currently squaring the USA's progressed Sun (and this particular configuration has been impressively enacted in the last few days with the massive women's marches (the Moon) against their Head of State (the Sun)! Transiting Neptune is also conjuncting the progressed USA's Sun, exacerbating the disillusionment, dissatisfaction and despair of the people!

Too much Pluto, too much Neptune, things are not what they seem to be! People cannot discern fiction from fact (blame it on the recent Saturn - Neptune square too), they are acting irrationally and out of fear and ultimately they are easily manipulated and deceived! Not to mention that we are now under the auspices of the historical Uranus - Eris conjunction. Meaning that "expiatory goats" are urgently needed for the collective to dispose of its own "sins" and burdens. A paradoxical Taoist/Quantistic spirit is prevailing in the global political scene, polarities are blurred and it is ever harder to say which is "good" and which is "bad"! Under the present "Zeitgeist" what we call "the good politician" might easily turn to be the bad one - and the other way around. Different as they might seem the two of them, they are pretty much the same!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis