Saturday, 13 December 2008

Debunking the astrological - astronomical lies about 2012. How important is this date after all?

You will be surprised to know that you and I (and everybody actually) have somehow “co-created” the 2012 hype! We are somehow responsible for it (albeit on an unconscious level). That’s something that I will explain you later on. The burning issue now is the “daunting” date that lies ahead of us (21 December 2012), a date that each new day is bringing us excruciatingly closer to it!

For the last two - three years we have been bombarded by a whole literature of signs and wonders that supposedly are going to manifest on the December 21 “apocalyptic” date. We are told we will witness amazing planetary and galactic alignments, colossal earthquakes will tear apart the Earth, an entire planet will fall upon our heads, the Poles will be reversed, we humans will evaporate, become beams of light, pass over to other dimensions, you name it! Can we stand aside for a while and make some sense out of all this frenzy?

I will never forget the summer of 2003 when people from my neighborhood - who knew that I was into astronomy - were coming over to tell me how much concerned they were, because somebody had told them that planet Mars was about to come so close to Earth that it would ultimately appear on the sky as big as the Full Moon! I patiently explained to them that this wasn't the case and they relieved, turned back home. I was puzzled though. How could the people of the 21st century believe in such things? I realized then that some kind of primal, collective "sky - phobia" resides in the people's souls. People become very susceptible when they face larger than life issues they don't know much about, like i.e. any mysterious (and thus potentially threatening) event taking place in the sky, literally above their heads. Furthermore, in that summer I realized that the popular beliefs, the rumors and the “hearsay” can dramatically alter the shape of reality in people’s minds!

But what do we actually know about the 2012 "apocalypse"? Supposedly our world is going to end. The crucial question though is how? Not to mention, why? Is there a good reason for this happen? Is there something wrong i.e. with the Earth? Is it about to crack and break up in peaces? The answer is negative, as far as we know. Still very many people believe that our world is going to end on December 21, 2012 because the Maya “foretold it”. But in reality these amazing people never explicitly mentioned the definite and irrevocable end of the word in 2012! In any case, our cultural background is so different that we cannot easily understand what the Maya were referring to when they were writing about the “end” of this world. It’s like i.e. the confusion produced by the Greek surname “Blessas” to the English speaking people. If a Greek would come over to you shouting “Blessas” - “Blessas” (meaning he is urgently looking for a man called “Blessas”) all you would be hearing is “Bless us!”, “Bless us!”. It would make no sense to you…

1) On December 21st, 2012 there will be a major alignment of the planets and then all hell will break loose on Earth!

This scenario can be very easily busted! Actually, everybody can debunk it in just a few seconds, as long as s/he runs a simple astronomical or astrological program of his own or of some internet site! The term “major alignment of the planets” alludes to a very rare, unique planetary conjunction that will occur on 21th of December 2012. Supposedly on that date all the planets will be clustered in a single zodiacal sign - just a few degrees apart! The fact is that such a clustering has repeatedly occurred in human history. But as far as we know never a biblical proportions event occurred on Earth - at least not in the last 2.500 years that we possess written documents. We might have had events like “Pompeii” or “Tunguska” but these were rather local events which on the planet’s scale produced a rather negligible effect.

In reality, no planetary alignment at all will take place on the 21st of December 2011! The Sun will be in the sign of Capricorn, the Moon in Aries, Mercury in Sagittarius and so on. The planets will be scattered across many signs of the zodiac and thus not “aligned” at all (see the astrological chart for that date below):

2) On that fateful date all the planets (except Jupiter) will be clustered in the same part of the sky (same hemisphere). Such an event is unique and has never occurred in human history!

NOTE: This is just an excerpt. You may purchase the full article here

   Chapters of the full pdf article (34 pages with explanatory illustrations):
- The Mayan cosmology
- The cyclical nature of the Long Count calendar
- A whole new discovery of Thomas Gazis on the Mayan calendar
- The deeper psychological meaning of the 2012 hype
- The scenario of the planetary alignment
- The scenario of the planetary clustering
- The Galactic Alignment for dummies 
- The Earth crossing the galactic mid-plane scenario
- The Nibiru - Sedna - planet X scenario

- Interpreting properly the famous "Deluge" Mayan illustration

Thomas Gazis

This is an original article written by Thomas Gazis. Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis.


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