Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Polarization in Psychological Astrology. The Britney Spears case.

We tend to believe that the show-biz superstars are some lucky beggars whose life is a never ending party! Well, it might be an ever ending hell too, as in Britney Spears case. Most of us know the ordeal she has been through. Although young, rich and famous she is not happy, going through continuous stages of psychological breakdowns, depression, addictive behaviour etc. She seems totally unable to find herself and get a grip on life. She got married twice and divorced, she bore 2 children but lost the custody of both, plus she lost - by a juridical decision - the control of all her assets!

A fundamental astrological axiom claims that the chart should reflect its owner's reality. So, with all these heavy conditions that Britney Spears is facing in her life it would be natural to presume that she has a "heavy" chart. We might speculate i.e. discordant aspects on her Luminaries (Sun, Moon), a pivotal Neptune, an 8 or 12 House emphasis etc. Nope, not at all! Britney Spears chart is one of the less "heavy", of the "smoothest" I have ever encountered! No really hard aspect on her Luminaries, no pivotal Neptune, no 8, 12 Houses emphasis. See her chart for yourself (born 2 December 1981, 1:30 am, McComb Mississipi):

Her Sun is in "lucky" Sagittarius and receives no major hard aspects at all. Her Moon in Aquarius not only does not receive any hard aspects but even forms an harmonic aspect to Saturn. In addition, her Sun and Moon are in Sextile (60 degrees apart, a positive in astrology angle). Not to mention that her Moon is in the warm, vivacious, "solid" and powerfully self-asserting Fifth House. This chart seems to belong to a happy person, having a rather easy life. But it does not reflect Britney Spears' tormented life. Apparently we are missing something!

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