Monday, 20 June 2011

Jupiter in Taurus (and the Taurus' "dark" flip-side)

(photo: Sergey Larenkov)

On the 4th of June 2011 planet Jupiter entered in the sign of Taurus (after completing a crazy race in Aries -  very apropriate to that fiery's sign nature).  I wanted from the begining to post on my blog an article interpreting Jupiter in Taurus but I had the sense that I was missing something. I could not figure out what it really meant for Jupiter to be in the sign of "the earthy reality". I was reading other colleagues' articles who were interpreting Jupiter in Taurus as a "world-wide financial growth" but that interpretation seemed simplistic to me and not very congruent with the current global situation. So, I decided to shy away from any possible interpretation till some kind of inspiration would illuminate me.

I was recently watching on Youtube a documentary on the German occupation of France. Seeing all these German soldiers in front of the beautiful monuments of Paris felt kind of creepy and grotesque. It made me wonder about the astrological "spirit" of that particular period. Was there too much Pluto and Scorpio emphasis back then? Then I suddenly realized that this was the period of the famous Taurus Stellium! No Scorpio at all, but too much Taurus instead (Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in Taurus)! How could it be? Taurus is supposed to be a sign of peace and prosperity! Why was that much emphasized at the very peak of world war two, when Europe was plunging at a period of utter destruction, misery, famine and massive extermination of lives?

It might have been prosperous just to the Germans, as they had occupied back then rich lands, taken over the conquered countries' production, factories, people's gold etc. But to the other Europeans it was an inferno, as even the most simple and carefree to us actions like obtaining food turned to be - to most of them - a desperate everyday battle. So definitely Jupiter in Taurus does not necessarily portend a financial and material prosperity. On the contrary, sometimes Taurus' "flip side" might come out, a side which is very similar to the nature of Scorpio (not by chance these two signs are polar opposites in the zodiac - and polarities partake and fuse in mysterious ways).

Pondering on this I came up with this conclusion: Jupiter is the planet related to "the expansion of awareness". Taurus on the other hand is the sign of material goods, of our resources, of our ability to survive and endure, of serenity, of the simple pleasures of life, of our basic, elementary needs. If we combine the two then we might arrive to this interpretation: with Jupiter in Taurus our consciousness will expand to the direction of how important are after all the simple, basic goods and pleasures of life, to which we were not paying too much attention previously as we were thinking of them as trivial, just a matter of course, eternally there for us...But now we will realize how precious they are, that we have to seriously take care of them because they might not always be there! Remember, a loaf of bread, a pair of dirty, worn shoes or just the fact of being alive was enough to make people revel back in the 40's! How many people revel today over these things? But the point is WE SHOULD! And that's exactly what Jupiter in Taurus will teach us.

Additionaly, with all these volcanic eruptions ocurring lately all over our globe we realized that Earth is not after all as rock-steady and solid as we thought it to be. It is in its nature to produce every now and then mega-earthquakes and unimaginable volcanic eruptions. This notion will radically change our attitude towards Earth and towards ourselves! We will realise that after all we are just minuscule ants on the surface of an often troubled planet. And of course we will start missing - somehow - our planet in its previous rock-steady state, when we thought that such a state was eternal to our Earth...Well, it turns out it's not and we'd better start realising it, respecting more the power of the Earth and protecting as much as we can ourselves from its intemperancies!

Another Jupiter in Taurus element that stroke me lately is the fact that two friends of mine are creating a sort of shelter, filling it with food and water just in case something goes very wrong. Although their words sounded as if they were coming out from the past, from the 40's they were actually the words of relatively young people spoken in 2011! And they sounded very much Jupiter in Taurus! People want to better protect themselves now, to expand their resources and security, in case things turn ugly. They create shelters, they accumulate food while they are investing on gold, silver and precious metals...

Jupiter has to do a lot with travelling (especialy in far distant places). But Jupiter in Taurus is one of the less travelling-prone positions. Look what is happening lately with all these volcaning eruptions and the volcanic ash spreading over entire continents: till a few weeks ago people could not fly over Europe because of the eruption of the two Icelandic volcanoes. And till yesterday they could not fly over South America because of the eruption of the Chile volacano, nor they could fly over a large chunk of Africa because of the recent Eritrea volcanic eruption etc. So, what is the message coming out of all this? I think this one: "if you don't want to get stranded in an airport for several days avoid to travel by air! Meaning avoid to travel far away! Stay where you are, in your own land and try to make the best out of it. Enjoy the little things everyday life is offering you, avoid pursuing an ever more unattainable happiness in far away places. And as the world is turning ever more crazy and insecure you should seek true happiness and serenity in yourself!"

Thus with Jupiter in Taurus we will mainly expand and cultivate our "inner landscape", our inner values, our practical skills, while we will start taking a better care of ourselves. We will learn to appreciate more the simple, everyday things that life is offering us. The small pleasures - that is - and the fleeting moments of relaxation and serenity of which previously we were not much aware how important they are! And after all, Jupiter in Taurus will at some point attract prosperity, stability and serenity for us. But only in a second phase and rather as a "by-product" of the insight and wisdom we will have gained of how valuable and crucial the basic goods and the "down to earth" matters are!

Thomas D. Gazis

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Astrologer John Panayiotopoulos denouncing the committee formed to pave the way for a formal Greek Astrological Federation!

 """ I had the honor of being one of the members of the seven-member committee, which was formed in order to pave the way so that a Greek Astrological Federation could be established. The committee was elected by secret voting, on the occasion of an historical meeting of 32 Greek astrologers, which took place on May 15th, 2009. I alphabetically mention the members of the committee: Galanou Mary, Gazis Thomas, Konti Vasia, Panayiotopoulos Yianis (John), Rizopoulos Yianis, Sotiraki Smaro, Zachariadou Evita.

A serious health problem presented to me and my forced residence abroad did not allow me to follow all the sessions of this Committee. I communicated to the other members this situation of mine, but they decided to keep me "ad honorem", although I was unable to execute properly any work. I have recently returned to Greece and to my surprise found out - from friends and colleagues - that this crucial committee was actually "dissolved in silence"! It was dissolved soon after my departure abroad, with the members of this committee making no essential effort to accomplish the task they were voted for: to pave the way for the major assembly that would lead to the creation of a Greek Astrological Federation.

Many critical issues arise here:

1. The six remaining members of the committee were not competent - or lacked the experience - to carry out such an important assignment, but they discovered this incompetence of theirs only "a posteriori", afterwards?

2. If any kind of "external factors" intervened - in the name of any third parties interests - and obstructed directly or indirectly the committee's work then why such an intervention was not publicly denounced by the members of the committee?

3. Why was this committee "dissolved in silence" without any public notice, as if it were a mere private matter? Is this "silent dissolution" reflecting the spirit of the members of the Committee and their general idea on how a Greek Astrological Federation should function?

4. Why did the members Zachariadou, Konti, Galanou and Rizopoulos feel the need to replace the member of the committee Thomas Gazis (which in my testimony was the member who worked most of all - especially on the Statute of the Federation - and cooperated fully)? The temporary committee had no jurisdiction to dismiss in such a way a member who was legally elected on the May 15th 2009 meeting.

5. Is it possible that this whole federation initiative was not based on sincere intentions but it was "built" from scratch so as to fail? The May 15th 2009 meeting was attended by many well known to the Greek public astrologers. Most of them had the ability, knowledge and resources to carry out the task of creating a formal Greek Astrological Federation. Is it possible then that these astrologers were in reality reluctant to carry on such a mission because they did not want to lose their "valuable (financially and professionally) time" dedicating it to a purpose that ultimately could deprive them of some of their actual privileges?

6. If we really care for astrology we have to answer these questions - putting aside our personal differences. A formal Greek Astrological Federation should be the "Holy Grail" for all of us who love astrology, even for those people who approached our art from all walks of life and who are claiming today that they are "madly in love with it!"

7. With these questions I am not trying to shy away from my own responsibilities, as many people use to do. I am just stressing the fact that we will never manage to establish an Astrological Federation in Greece unless we have good will, unanimity, an objective assessment of the situations and the sincerity to accept the mistakes of the past. Thus, the anonymous posts in various blogs and sites are not very creative and helpful in this direction. Please use your full name and surname and speak up!

8. If we really want to do something serious in Greece regarding astrology we should be properly organized and united, offering much voluntary work to our common cause and being consistent. Everybody should contribute and the field should be open to all the interested parts, as long as these parts leave behind them their personal differences and "frictions" and put aside for a while their purely individual or "group" interests. All of us we have to value and prioritize the collective interest of the Greek astrologers and astrology, all of us we have to strive in order to draw out of the "gutter" and lift up in Greece the holy, celestial art of Astrology.

Athens, June 6, 2011

John Panayiotopoulos """


Thomas Gazis note:

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