Monday, 16 November 2009

Saturn in Libra - Let's split the burden!

There are already several articles on the Internet analyzing the recent entry of the planet Saturn in the sign of Libra. I would like to approach this subject a little differently, making an interpretation more in line with the "zeitgeist" (the spirit of our times).

If Saturn symbolizes the hardships we face on this Earth's plane, the responsibilities and obligations we have to undertake in order to stand as mature, coherent and autonomous individuals in the societal net - and additionally if Libra is the archetype of union, mating and cooperation - then certainly the entry of Saturn in Libra means - especially in our times witnessing an extremely tough "T square" between the planets Uranus, Pluto and Saturn up on the sky - a need to come closer, to unite and work together in order to get through this difficult cosmic occurance.

The bundle is stronger than the single stick, this is what Saturn in Libra will make us realize first hand! It will remove us out of our self-centered bliss and will lead us to stretch our hands to each other and to share whatever burden falls on our shoulders! In a certain way responsibilities will now have a rather erotic fragrance, as they will often become a means to unite people!

In this regard, any form of association (a simple relationship, marriage, partnership) will now take a more serious and conscious form. And since Saturn is associated with the element of utilitarianism, many "marriages of convenience" will take place throughout the whole 2,5 years period that Saturn will be in Libra.