Monday, 27 December 2010

The grim to Europe Solar Eclipse of the 4th January 2011 - The enemy within!

The partial Solar Eclipse of the 4 January affects mainly Europe, as its "path" passes over the western part of the old continent. It affects directly Portugal, Spain, France, England, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and goes further up, to the Skandinavians. In all these countries early in the morning the Sun's disk will be largely dimmed by the Moon. Eastern Europe and the Balkans are a little bit off the Eslipse's path (in Greece for example just the 65% of the Sun will be covered by the Moon. But on the other hand Greece is ruled by the sign of Capricorn, so it somehow partakes to this eclipse).

In any case we have here an intense Solar Eclipse. The Sun and the Moon are "comprised" between Mars and Pluto, forming wide conjunctions to both! Additionally, planet Saturn squares the Eclipse itself (the Sun and the Moon, that is). Not to mention the hard T-square formed by Saturn, Mars and Eris which brings to confrontation some very rigid, strong and fatal energies! And things get worse if we take in consideration the fact that this Eclipse takes place - to most western European countries - in the 12th House (which to Manilius is "a temple of ill omen, hostile to future activity and all too fruitful of bane")! If we take all these in consideration then we come to the conclusion that the 4th January Solar Eclipse portends some further hardships for the European economy, as the western European countries have reached at a point where they are confronting each other in order to escape the grip of the actual crisis - having arrived on the very verge of disintegrating as European Union! It also portends harsh meteorological conditons, geophysical phenomena and social upheaval. We should not exclude events of disastrous proportions!

P.S. Please read as well Dunyazade's comment below, because it offers us an additional hint: that something hidden might have been "cooked up" during this Solar Eclipse of the 4th January 2011 by the western European powers, a hidden agenda that would surface on the occasion of some major subsequent astrological event. Well, around the Spring Equinox (March 21st) of 2011 most of the European countries crossed by this January's 4th 2011 Eclipse path launched a huge air raid against Libya!

Thomas Gazis

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Jupiter and Uranus conjunct at the end of the zodiac: a confused, decaying world!

The zodiac represents a cyclical process (which on a higher level is actually spiral). It has a specific "Begining" (the zero Aries "gama" point) and a specific "End" (the last degrees of Pisces).  We are actually experiencing a particular astrological phenomenon now. The two planets mostly associated in astrology with the world of ideas, with liberty, with the expansion of the human consciousness and awareness  (Jupiter and Uranus) are both transiting now in the last degrees of Pisces (the very last degrees of the Zodiac, that is). Thus, these 2 planets - forming a conjunction - are actually closing now a major historical cycle and are heralding an important message, which we should try to understand.

The last time Jupiter and Uranus were in approximately the same position (both in the last degrees of Pisces, having turned direct after their retrogradation and ready to re-enter Aries) it was at the end of the year 1927 - begining of 1928. That period actually stands right on the verge between the carefree "roaring twenties" and the 1929 financial crash, which ushered the Western World into the 30's Depression and the subsequent World War II!

Thus, we actually have two corroborations of the fact that we stand now on the very verge of two different "epochs". The first has been sufficiently analyzed, it is the Cardinal Climax (the T-square) which has already ushered us into a new 30's kind of depression. But with the late Pisces conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus (which previously occured in the 1927 - 1928 period) here comes a second corroboration! On those years people were living as well on the crest of an unprecedented technological progress and financial prosperity, they were "wild party animals" while the women were very much liberated (the so called "flappers" according to Wikipedia:  "Flapper" in the 1920s was a term applied to a "new breed" of young  Western women who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior. Flappers were seen as brash for wearing excessive makeup, drinking, treating sex in a casual manner, driving automobiles and otherwise flouting social and sexual norms"). 

So, nothing new under the Sun. We are going again through a "party ending" period, similar to the one of the 1927 - 1928 period, with its own intricacies though. People have lost their faith in "the religious God" and become somehow delusional as they desperately try to fill the void and substitute their traditional religious systems with new kinds of faith. As "Sue-Astro" pointed out on my Facebook page, we are now living in a rather crazy period where people are having their own private Angels and are "talking" with God, where the so called scientists - who never make accurate predictions - claim to know everything else.

It seems there has been nothing left to "believe in" anymore. Politics and politicians have been totally discredit in our societies, as Uranus moves to the last and most "anaretic" degrees of the zodiac.We are dazed, disoriented, confused as we don't really undesrstand what's going on, as we have nowhere to "lean on" - like in the good old times. And as we stand here, at this "last degrees of the zodiac" point, we have now to process and distill all the data of  an historical cycle that has reached its end (the 1927 - 2010 one). From the begining of 2011 though (when Jupiter and Uranus will definitely move to Aries) some very dynamic events will impact our societies and a new cycle for humanity will start. Our consciousness will shift then onto higher grounds, somehow reminiscent of the '30's but actually very new and fresh to us!

Thomas Gazis

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Capricornian Greece: 1 out of 4 is a civil servant!

(image: from a video by the "Imi-skoubria" group)

Modern Greece is a Capricornian country (please see my relative article here).  A Capricornian country should have a typically rigid and overgrown - "Kafka" type - public sector.  And indeed Greece has one. Out of a population of 11.000.000 an estimated 1.250.000 are civil servants! If we compare this number to the number of civil servants in some major European countries - like i.e. France, where out of 65.000.000 inhabitants only 1.680.000 are civil servants - then we will realise how over-inflated is the public sector in Greece.

Almost every Greek family has its own civil servant member. In a rather poor and risky economy like the Greek one, becoming a civil servant has been the best career option! Civil servants enjoy the famous "lifetime permanency" and their wages are twice or even thrice times higher than the ones of the people working freelance. And although there are so many civil servants in Greece the services offered by them to the citizens range from mediocre to awkward! Long queues are formed in front of the "functioning" windows (as many of them are closed, because the corresponding servants are on a vague duration's leave) and people are used to loose a couple of hours just to get a simple certification. The beauraucracy is really excessive and it often becomes hilarious. The number one "silent rule" among the servants is "don't work too much, because those who do are spoiling our "market"" (they develop among them a misconceived sense of solidarity).

Permeated by the above elements, civil servancy has become in Greece a sort of  "establishment". The very civil servants have "mutated" into creatures whose primary concern is not to serve the citizens but to feed the "establishment" (how Capricornian is that), drawing at the same time benefits for themselves (bribing is rampant).  And there is a "guilty client relationship" of the civil servants to the politicians, because the former have usually obtained their civil servant's privileged post by exploiting their political connections. In return though they have to vote for the politician who intermediated for them to get the post.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The astrological chart of Alexander the Great

What is it that makes Alexander the Great such a unique figure in world history? Why out of so many legendary conquerors he apparently holds the most prestigious place? The obvious answer would be: because he accomplished marvelous deeds, such as no other human being has ever accomplished! At age 20 he became king of Macedonia1). Under his command he led an army of 30.000 men to the ends of the then known world, into exotic and dangerous lands conquering every single one of them! Side by side with his soldiers, he fought more than one hundred battles almost never losing one! He created an empire 40 times bigger than the one he inherited - actually he formed the greatest empire ever formed by a single individual! And finally he died at the zenith of his glory not having completed the 33rd year of his life.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The shenanigans of the Greek astrological community - and the Thomas Gazis "dismissal"

                         (picture from the still existing temporary committee's blog:  )

Prominent Greek painter "Tsarouchis" once said: "In modern Greece you are (professionally, socially) whatever you claim to be". Laws are rather loosly applied in my country. Combine this with the fact that Greece is the poorest country in Western Europe - going now through a huge crisis - and with the fact that astrology renders VERY WELL in Greece - twice to thrice the average wages and in several cases 5 - 10 times the average wages!) then you will realize why so many crafty people claim today TO BE ASTROLOGERS in Greece! Thus, a huge circuit of lucrative, uncultured "astrologers" is dominating the scene, putting aside, marginalizing, calumniating and even intimidating the (actually few) cultured Astrologers (who are seen as a major threat to these people's' interests). Needless to say that in Greece there is no Astrological Federation or Association (how convenient to the self-proclaimed "astrologers")! You may read below how the Greek lucrative astrological circuit devised a particular plot in order to silence my "annoying" voice - as I have been for many years fervently professing a cultured astrology in modern Greece: 

It all began on the 15th of May 2009, when for the first time in modern Greek history 32 astrologers (and "astrologers" as you will see) gathered in Athens in order to discuss the establishment of a formal association of Greek astrologers (still in 2010 we don't have one). True astrology, the cultured one is almost nonexistent in Greece and the scene is completely dominated by lucrative "astrologers" - see also the article 'Why has quality astrology declined. The Greek grim case"  here.

Personally, I have been working for the promotion of cultured astrology in Greece since the early 90's, while I have been always stressing  to my Greek fellow astrologers the need to create an astrological association (I have written hundreds of relative articles on the Internet). So I was glad when I received a phone call from my former student Evita Zachariadou who announced me that with some other astrologers they had organized this special meeting. I went to it experiencing a strong heartbeat, as if I were a young boy in love. I was thinking that the dream was about to become true, as the Greek astrologers were finally meeting and beginning procedures in order to establish - at last - an astrological federation.

When I arrived at the venue I noticed that the "big-shot" astrologers (the celebrity astrologers of the TV and media) were not present, although they had received an invitation. This did not surprise me much, as I knew that these people's main concern is their (huge) personal interests, which they put above everything else and a decent Greek astrological association would just reduce their profits, fame and might. There were two semi-famous astrologers (Christos Paizes and Perikles Karaminas) along-with their students. Paizes and Karaminas - apart from coming to the specific meeting - did not participate further in the cause of creating a Greek federation. They rather preferred to be "observers" in the whole procedure. All in all, the procedures in this meeting were democratic. Whoever wanted it, could express his/her point of view in his/her turn. Consequently it was decided to establish - by a secret vote - a preliminary seven-members committee that would work out all the relative details and prepare the big convention, that would finally bring us to the establishment of the Association of Greek astrologers.
To my astonishment (most of the people that were present I didn't know personally)  I was voted for this preliminary seven-members committee. The composition of the committee is alphabetically listed below:

- Gazis Thomas 
- Galanou Mary 
 - Konti Vasia
- Rizopoulos Ioannis (John) 
- Panagiotopoulos Ioannis 
- Sotiraki Smaro 
- Zachariadou Evita 

From the very first moment I started working for the purposes of the Committee, assuming that everybody else was doing the same. The committee convened four times in the very next weeks and then sometimes via "skype". I was present at all the meetings, dialoguing constantly and fully collaborating with all the other committee members. I did translate in Greek the whole statute of the Italian Federation of Astrologers (C.I.D.A, federation which I am representing it in Greece). We agreed that this statute would constitute the pilot upon which we would build the Greek statute. In common with the other members we were defining the articles, proposing additional ideas, commenting etc. Simultaneously we were taking care of other aspects of the future Federation, as the code of ethics, the certification of the professional astrologers, subscriptions etc.). My personal point of view was that they should be certified only those astrologers who would pass the relative exams, proving thus their knowledge and their general formation. But the members of the committee Evita Zachariadou, Vasia Konti and Mary Galanou were opposing this thesis, claiming that the basic premise for an astrologer to be certified should be him/her working for more than 5 years in the astrological phone line services or seeing clients for more than 5 years. If somebody covered this premise then s/he should be certified as an astrologer without taking any kind of exams!

At common request of the committee, I created an Internet forum - on its behalf - so that we open a channel and inform the public about our actions and works, we receive suggestions etc. Due to lack of resources, I selected a "free" (no cost) type of forum. With much work done from the part of my wife and mine personally we finally designed the forum, which from the very beginning was completely accessible to everyone ( For practical reasons, I was asigned to function as the administrator of the site, but every action of mine was done with the previous consent of the committee (with which I was constantly in touch, continuously calling by phone each and every member. I NEVER wrote or deleted any post on my own initiative, without having first the approval of the other members of the committee). I was generally defending the right of everyone to freely express his/her views in the forum, as long as they were not offensive and insulting.

A crucial detail here: back in 2005 I created with my wife a (non profit)  greek astrological site for the promotion of the cultured astrology in Greece. It turned to be a rather succesful site and among the many members we had 6-7 very active individuals who were continuously posting. Although they never admited it publicly these individuals were actually members of the same "clique" (as I discovered later on).  And the fact is that from some point on they tried to control our site and write whatever THEY wanted! They even tried to pass on some VERY DARK points of view and when they met resistance from my part  they started collectively discrediting me in any possible way. Actually, from that moment on I became a permanent target of prejudice and manic furor from these people - who are actually running the so called "Bandits" blog (Bandits = Simmoria in Greek). The important thing is that these individuals (Koronakis, Saloniki, Matsotas, Bardopoulos and their "friends") are tightly related to certain  members of the here mentioned committee! And their furor is such that they even started (on July 2010) an International smear campaign against me (please click the following link to see a relative post of theirs in English: ) 

A few days after this meeting a man who was actually acting as a "torpedo" remotely controlled by "The Bandits" - Simmoria" group, John Bardopoulos, began writing provocative posts on the committee's web forum. Supposedly he was only interested in questioning the administrator and the procedures of the forum, contesting how democratic they were, but in reality he was skilfully and methodically discrediting personally me. You have to note here that the "torpedo" man John Bardopoulos has been for decades an intimate friend to the two main members of the "Bandits" group (Koronakis and Matsotas) and to the member of the Committee Ioannis Rizopoulos - who is also tightly related to "The Bandits".

                                                            (the Simmoria's "torpedo" man John Bardopoulos) 

The first thing I did when I saw the subversive posts of Bardopoulos was to ask for the protection of the seven-member committee - although I could easily delete them by myself, as I was the forum's administrator. As I explained though, I was always acting with the consent of the other committee members. And at this stage I was utterly surprised by the fact that Evita Zachariadou, Yianis Rizopoulos, Vasia Konti and Mary Galanou bluntly refused any protection to me!

The above four were of the opinion that Bardopoulos' subversive posts should remain as they were on the forum! Thus, a paradox was created: a third person was entering undisturbed in the site of the committee, steadily calumniating a member of the committee, which on his turn was barred by four of the committee's members (by the majority that is) and thus could not publicly defend himself! This "quartet" not only was opposing any eventual deleting of the Bardopoulos subversive posts - despite the fact that these posts were actually dynamiting the very foundations of the future Greek Astrology Federation - but they were also leaving a fellow-member of theirs completely exposed to the constant mudslinging of a third party! When I asked Evita Zachariadou why they do this she replied "because Bardopoulos is a "colorful" character and eventually he will be isolated by the Greek astrological community". Bardopoulos though not only is not isolated but today he is a close friend to both Zachariadou and Konti! From my side I did just what I was elementary entitled, once the quartet Rizopoulos, Zachariadou, Konti, Galanou (which as I explained had the majority in the committee) left me totally exposed. I wrote a post responding to the accusations of Bardopoulos. But as soon as I did that the above four fell over me, as if I had committed a crime!

It is at this point that the Rizopoulos, Zachariadou, Konti and Galanou quartet issued an announcement in which they announced my dismissal from the Committee, on the ground that "I was not collaborating with the other members but only litigating, promoting my personal interests and generally scheming!" But this whole announcement is a HUGE and UNHOLY LIE! I believe that nobody else in this Committee has worked so much as I did for the establishment of the federation of Greek astrologers! Nobody collaborated so closely and unpretentious with the other members of the Committee as I did. The tragic-comic thing is that my vulgar dismissal - and my replacement by astrologer Bella Kydonaki - has been the only "work" that this committee ever accomplished. Obviously Ioannis (John) Rizopoulos, Evita Zachariadou, Vasiliki (Vasia) Konti and Mary Galanou presumed that once they dismissed me they would have no more obligations towards those who voted them and towards Greek astrology. Thus, they did not conclude any other work at all and soon - by their own initiave (or rather by the lack of any initiative from their part) - they silently dissolved the committee - selling thus out the cause of a Greek astrological federation!

Obviously these people cared more for their own personal interests and profits. I was just an "annoying" voice to them. A vulnerable voice (not "connected", not famous to the general public,not rich) which they knew they could easily annihilate professionally, socially, morally and psychologically - without (or with very little) consequences for themselves. As they were many against one and as they were taking advantage of the formal vestiges of the committee to accuse me, they thought nobody would ever believe me - they are still claiming today that I am a liar, a psychopath etc. The fact is that the bluntly lucrative astrologers in Greece (who constitute the absolute majority) see me as a lonely "annoying voice" which they can easily silence. I know that I am powerless in front of the countless crafty people who are bluntly profiting out of astrology in Greece but I will keep raising my voice. Each gang of astrologers - bullies (as "The Bandits" - "Simmoria") can easily mock me and "trample" me socially - the public in Greece is not aware of their low "quality". The public's way of thinking is rather simple: "so many Greek astrologers against just one, Thomas Gazis! Then Thomas Gazis must be the bad guy..."! In any case, the greek astrologers-bullies will never succeed in demorilizing me! I will keep exposing their unethical actions no matter how hard they try to intimidate me and annihilate me!

Sometimes I feel my self as a lone "Don Quixote" who is romantically raising the banner of Cultured Astrology in a "deserted" country like Greece, abounding with people who make lots of money vulgarly exploiting astrology, a "Don Quixote" in a landscape woven with various kinds of interests of too many lucrative and unethical people and almost a total absence of that critical mass of people who would be truly interested in Astrology - supporting thus the cause of a Cultured Astrology in Greece.

Regarding now the (still unborn) Greek Astrological Association, the overwhelming majority of the Greek astrologers does not honestly wish it to be materialized - especially if it will be a democratic association and not controlled by their cliques and "circuits". The majority of the Greek astrologers feels fine without an association,  because under the present conditions and within the current "anarchic" frame they better promote their personal interests and profiteer without complications. It's not a coincidence we still don't have a "panhellenic" astrological association in Greece but only private astrology "clubs". The fact is that with this "low vibrations" current astrological community there is no immediate future for Astrology in Greece, for many years to come... It is sad because 2000 years ago the Greeks (or at least the Alexandrian Greeks + middle eastern scholars) gave birth to the very horoscopic astrology, the one we are currently practicing...

2011 Addendum: In 2011 the very same individuals who are responsible for the "silent dissolution" of the committee - for the formation of a (national) Greek Astrological Federation - founded a private (and apparently lucrative) astrological club named "Pame Astrologia". At the nucleus of this club we encounter the names of Dimitris Koronakis, John Rizopoulos, Katerina Saloniki, Thanasis Matsotas, John Bardopoulos, Evita Zachariadou, Vasia Konti, Mary Galanou.

Thomas Gazis

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

30 July 2010 : a cosmic trigger is pulled!

A cosmic trigger is about to be pulled on next Friday 30 July, as planet Mars enters the sign of Libra. This is the high point the entire astrological community was talking about for many months. Already the T-square pattern between Saturn, Pluto and Uranus is quite explosive and portends extreme and violent events. Now that the explosive planet Mars enters too the scene  (forming a conjunction with Saturn, a square aspect to Pluto and an opposition to Uranus and to Jupiter) there will be accumulated so extreme and violent energies that if reflected upon Earth (and astrology assures us that they will be reflected) they will produce extreme and violent events.

On next Friday the Moon too will trigger the T-Square - as it enters the bellicose sign of Aries -  activating further the T-square. All in all, we are talking about an extreme activation of this infamous T-Square. Definitely such an extreme and unusual celestial phenomenon will unleash extreme and unusual forces down here on Earth! Some titanic "explosion" will occur (of the society, of the human consciousness, of a volcano, of some tectonic plates, of some major accident? Even an international conflict is not to be excluded).

P.S. Usually the effects of an astrological configuration do not manifest on the very day the configuration  takes place but a few days before or after (depending on its interaction with previous eclipses etc.). Greece is particularly tergeted by this Mars T-square climax (Greece's Moon is on the 1st degree of Libra, while its Uranus and Neptune are on the first degrees of Capricorn).

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Eclipses and earthquakes

I am writing this text almost at the very moment a Solar Eclipse is taking place on the sky (the one of the 11th July 2010). Since the ancient years Solar Eclipses are related by the astrologers to earthquakes. A couple of years ago I was reading a book on Byzantine literature. In that book I discovered a passage where the author was quoting the words of a Byzantine monk, who on the border of his psalter had written by hand the next: "Today a strong earthquake shook our monastery. A few days ago a solar eclipse took place on the sky"!

So, already from the middle-ages (and way back, from ancient times) people were relating the Solar Eclipses to earthquakes. I personally witnessed the major Solar Eclipse of August 1999 in the city of Athens - Greece (the last visible Solar eclipse in Greece, for many years to come). This eclipse fell almost on the MC of Athens - with this ancient city being on this eclipse's "path". Exactly a Lunar cycle after this spectacular eclipse (both during the Eclipse and the earthquake the Moon was in Leo)a strong earthquake shook Athens (considered till then a low risk area for earthquakes) leaving some 140 victims!

So, there are many critical days in front of us, particularly as we have the infamous T-square on our skies and also taking in consideration the fact that soon Saturn and consequently Mars will trigger even more this omnipotent T-square!

Monday, 21 June 2010

June 2010: living an extraordinary "Indian" summer!

(artist: Jacek Yerka)

Two important events occured today, 21st June 2010. The Sun entered the cardinal sign of Cancer. At the same time, today is the "Summer Solstice", when we have the longer day of the year! From tomorrow on the days will get shorter and shorter...

But these two events are rather secondary in front of some other historical configurations taking place in the next few days. As the Sun moves in the initial degrees of Cancer it will form first a harsh square aspect to Uranus (in Aries), then to Jupiter (in Aries) and finally an opposition to Pluto (in Capricorn). Not to mention that the Sun has already been forming a square aspect to Saturn. All these planetary aspects together are forming a very rare and harsh configuration! And as if this wasn't enough, on the 26 of June a numinous Lunar Eclipse will take place above our heads.

Probably you already know about the notorious "T-Square" configuration (between Pluto, Uranus and Saturn) that dominates our skies in the last months. This "T-Square" is already VERY explosive on its own right. But now the Lunar Eclipse of the 26th of June is going to over-energize it! And as the Sun on the day of the Eclipse will be on the 4th degree of Cancer, perfectly opposing Pluto (on the 4th degree of Capricorn) and simultaneously forming harsh square aspects to Jupiter and Uranus in the first degrees of Aries and to Saturn (about to enter in Libra) a characteristic "Grand Cross" configuration will form on the sky on the very day of the Eclipse! This particular configuration is rather rare in the history of humankind and astrologically is expected to unleash titanic energies!

Planet Pluto will be central to this Eclipse (you can see it in partile conjunction to the Eclipse's Moon). We might say that this is a "T-square" eclipse (by no way a placid one) but at the same time it will be a Plutonian eclipse, meaning that it will unleash hidden and subterranean powers, it will bring turmoil to the economy and will forcefully impose to us issues of death and survival. On a higher level though, Pluto is the planet of the transformation of the human consciousness, the planet of "regeneration". Let us meditate together, hand in hand and thus bring forth the higher vibrations of Pluto and of the imminent T-Square Eclipse!

P.S. Greece is particularly "attuned" to this Plutonian Eclipse, as it forms harsh aspects to its Moon (its people, its masses) in the first degrees of Libra and to its characteristic Uranus - Neptune conjunction in the first degrees of Capricorn (Pluto and the eclipse are challenging now the whole social and political structure of modern Greece. It has to "die" and regenerate)!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Sun is turning violent as the T-square climaxes!

The period we are living in is extra-ordinary - astrologically speaking. Rare planetary delineations have been formed on the sky attracting rare events in our lives. In the previous years the Sun was unusually quiet. In fact, very few solar "spots" were formed on its surface. But now, in a strange synchronicity with the infamous Cardinal T-square configuration - that reached its peak just a few days ago, as both Uranus and Jupiter moved to the first degrees of Aries - the Sun is turning increasingly violent and - according to scientists - huge Solar storms are expected to hit Earth in the next couple of years, paralyzing our satellites, global communications, internet, cell phones, GPS's and even endagering our lives (we will receive higher than usual radio-activity, especially if we travel many hours by plane).

I recall a theory by a scientist claiming that the planets can strongly influence the Sun when forming particular angular configurations among them! It seems that this theory comes true, as all the exterior planets (from Jupiter on, except Neptune)  are now forming harsh aspects among them, an event that can be considered quite rare! But the more uncommon an astrological delineation is the more unusual, exceptional and extreme events it produces!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Jupiter - Uranus in Aries: the rise of the new "Brave and Illuminated Individual"!

(frontcover: Aldous Huxley "Brave New World" - Penguin books)

The rare conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in the very first degree of Aries means the birth of the "brave new individual", an illuminated, audacious, clear cut individual - in contrast to the confused, discouraged and conditioned by society/ lifestyle/ consumerism/ social companies or even "cliques" individual of the previous Piscean "era". An individual that will become "rebel with a cause"!

Actually, a whole "era" has ended now as both Jupiter and Uranus left Pisces (the last stage of the previous "dynamic" zodiacal cycle) and entered Aries. As both these illuminating planets are now in the very first degree of Aries they herald a brave new "era". In fact, for the next thousand years Jupiter and Uranus will never meet again in exactly this "big starter" gamma point (zero Aries). So, you realize how significant this configuration is and what a dramatic energies are released by it (taking also in consideration Pluto's and Saturn's adverse aspects to this configuration).

We are just stepping on the threshold of a dramatic new Era! A new consciousness is opening up for the humankind! A new kind of individual is emerging, an individual more aware of his role both on a personal and collective level, an awaken individual, not afraid to claim what is due to him/her - and this time not as a faceless/spineless consumer but as a unique and magnificent Human Being, created on the image of God and ultimately expressing - in a Promethean way - God's will!

We are about to experience the unleash of tremendous energies and spectacular technological and scientific breakthroughs. Last time Jupiter and Uranus were conjuct in the first degree of a significant point of the zodiac the calendar was reading the year 1969 and a whole "block of flats" was catapulted onto space - thanks to a tremendous technology and an amazing thrusting power - (July 1969, Saturn 5 headed towards the Moon. Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in the first degree of Libra on the 20th of July 1969, the very moment when human beings were stepping and walking for the first time ever on the Moon). Thus, we are expecting now a new form of explosive - human induced - energy to be unleashed!

Thomas Gazis

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Uranus in Aries - Astrology's rising

Uranus has just entered Aries!

The list of issues that the electrical and unconventional planet Uranus impetously brings forth (as it moves into the sign of Aries, the big "starter" of the zodiac) is long and diverse. Top issue to us, lovers of astrology, is Astrology itself (which actually is under the auspices of the planet Uranus)! I am deliberately writing the word Astrology with a capital "A" because in recent years Astrology worldwide was somehow reduced to "astrology". The presence of Uranus into the murky waters of Pisces allowed any kind of divination art (cards, Tarot, coffee) which was "astrology like" to be considered as "astrology" by the public. Consequently, many crafty people entered the field pretending to be "astrologers" without possessing even an elementary astrological education!

However, the clean cut, sharply differentiating energies of Aries, a zodiac sign for which the determination of the inherent identity of any given thing or person is quintessential, will change the rules of the game and will bring forth an impetuous reform of astrology!

Aries is actually the sign separating the "wheat from the chaff". Thus, with Uranus in Aries astrology's immaculate body will rouse out of the various parasites and "weeds" that were choking it!  The crafty and unscrupulous people who were taking advantage of astrology will be identified as such! True Astrology will dynamically spring out and flourish, as people will realize now how authentic it is and what a huge potential it carries within it for our personal development and growth. A great new cycle is about to begin for this celestial art! 

On the other hand, Uranus in Aries is now activating very strongly the infamous T-square (with Uranus forming an ever tighter square aspect to Pluto in the sign of Capricorn and an opposition to Saturn in the sign of Libra). Astrology will definitely rise, amidst dramatic and extreme events though...

Thursday, 18 March 2010

20 March 2010 - The International Astrology Day!

(foto from:

On March 20th we celebrate the "International Astrology Day", an event founded and promoted initially by the American A.F.A.N (the "Association For Astrological Networking") and consequently spread worlwide.

You can learn more about this day and about the kind of events you could promote by clicking these links (where from I excerpted the following paragraphs):

"It's never to early to start planning. If you are interested in hosting an IAD event, or in helping coordinating events around the world, contact AFAN today! We are open to suggestions and offer a few here that you may way want to take to your community:
  • Arrange to give a lecture at your local library to the general public.
  • Write out press releases (I will help you with this) to send out to your local new publications.
  • Meet at a pub or a restaurant with your friends to toast and talk about astrology.
  • Have a party and just invite your friends. Have them dress as their Sun sign or their favorite planet or bring a food dish to represent their sign. (These are just a few of the ideas that can be used to carry out the astrological theme at a party!)
  • If you teach, schedule an open house or a free class night.
  • Have a day of free mini-readings/chart analysis and send everyone away with a free copy of their chart.
  • Go to your local coffee shop or cafe and see if you can set up there to do your free mini-readings."

"International Astrology Day was founded by AFAN in 1993, an outgrowth of the “Astrology Awareness Weekends” which AFAN had sponsored for several years previously. The goals of the new holiday were to expand networking opportunities among the astrological community, to direct media attention to positive aspects of astrology, and to help raise funds for local astrological groups and for AFAN’s legal, media, and other networking projects."

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Thomas Gazis at the Debra's Clement "Anchored in Astrology" program

Last Friday 26 February I was hosted by Debra Clement at her USA radio program "Anchored in Astrology", where we talked about the topic: "Ancient Greeks, the inventors of a Wonderous Horoscopic Astrology".

You can listen to this program or download it (25 MBs - mp3) here:

Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Pluto in Capricorn amazing synchronicity - Global credit crisis and Fear!

An astonishing synchronicity is taking place under our own eyes. A subtle celestial phenomenon - which the vast majority of scientists is disregarding and which supposedly has nothing to do with the proceedings here on Earth - is actually affecting dramatically our societies and lives, our world economy, the politics, our mass psychology etc.! Against every scientific odd, this phenomenon is affecting our lives precisely in the way the Astrologers had predicted decades ago!

The subtle phenomenon is - of course - the entering of the deeply transformative planet Pluto in the cardinal sign of Capricorn (the zodiacal sign related to governments, institutions, society in general, busssiness, frugality etc.) Pluto entered for the first time in Capricorn on the 26th of January 2008. Consequently it returned (due to its retrogradation) to Sagittarius and finally entered for good in Capricorn on 27 November 2008. Are these dates ringing a bell to you? Approximately on these dates the huge financial crisis erupted world - wide. The shape of many things around us changed drastically - our economy, our houses, families, wallets, every day lives, even our moods. Debt became the word of order and unemployment, poverty and desperation escalated in the western world.

There is a video that explains well the - actually complicated - credit crisis. You might get a headache at the end, but you will definitely get some idea of what happened.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

If you saw the video, I would like to point out that there is too much astrological Pluto involved in it - in this "inter-weaving of interests", crazy profit hunting and "financial bubbles construction" that ultimately led to the global crisis. All these are very Plutonian concepts.

But isn't strange that our current world crisis ultimately amounts to a financial and CREDIT CRISIS? Because that's what Pluto in Capricorn is all about: Pluto = common money, credit. Capricorn = shrinking of things, shortage, crisis. Combined together = shortage of common money, shrinking of credit, crisis of credit. What kind of "coincidence" is this? And is it a coincidence or a majestic quantum synchronicity, an utter proof that Astrology really works? Because the current "once in a century" global financial credit crisis - being heralded as I told you decades ago by many Astrologers - erupted at the very time period that Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn!

I recently read an article by David P Kuhlman (you can see it here) which I think is excellent. I would like to share part of it with you. As the author talks about the shrinking of economy, about power and the spread of panic and fear in our societies (some other typical Pluto in Capricorn effects) it is as if he were talking about the astrological effects of Pluto in Capricorn:

"In the world in which we live, money and the power of the almighty dollar have always been at the forefront. It seems the more money a person makes the more socially attractive a person becomes. This has led people from all walks of life in search of the quickest and simplest ways to make their fortune. In 2009 the United States suffered one of the most crippling economic crises since Black Monday in 1929...

The things we think of in the sense of buying are usually material and tangible goods. We saw a major decline in this area of spending. Most every market that sold these items were shaken hard, and if they did not collapse they had to seriously rework their agendas to bypass the near inevitable crash. One thing selling however was unaffected by the turmoil of economics, a product that has been selling for years to people all over the world. In times of hardship this product gains in momentum in sales rather than falls, and the seller continues to rake in money at other peoples expense. The item for sell is fear itself."
(David P. Kuhlman)

Astrologically speaking, FEAR is another by-product of Pluto in Capricorn. Remember that planet Pluto is the planet of death, of crises and extreme psychological dispositions. The planet of money and finances too. Pluto is related to the masses, to the Junghian concept of "collective unconscious". And in no other zodiacal sign the God of the underworld produces more fear than in Scorpio and in Capricorn. When Pluto was in Scorpio (1983 - 1995) it unleashed the spectre of AIDS, of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster etc. And now in Capricorn, Pluto is unleashing the spectre of debt, unemployment and famine, the spectre of devilish funds, bankers and corporations secretly plotting side by side with our governments! Under the spell of Pluto in Capricorn our societies are turning "darker" and in a certain sense "hineous"!

Thomas Gazis

(P.S. You may read my article on "Pluto in Capricorn"  here ).