Sunday, 30 May 2010

Uranus in Aries - Astrology's rising

Uranus has just entered Aries!

The list of issues that the electrical and unconventional planet Uranus impetously brings forth (as it moves into the sign of Aries, the big "starter" of the zodiac) is long and diverse. Top issue to us, lovers of astrology, is Astrology itself (which actually is under the auspices of the planet Uranus)! I am deliberately writing the word Astrology with a capital "A" because in recent years Astrology worldwide was somehow reduced to "astrology". The presence of Uranus into the murky waters of Pisces allowed any kind of divination art (cards, Tarot, coffee) which was "astrology like" to be considered as "astrology" by the public. Consequently, many crafty people entered the field pretending to be "astrologers" without possessing even an elementary astrological education!

However, the clean cut, sharply differentiating energies of Aries, a zodiac sign for which the determination of the inherent identity of any given thing or person is quintessential, will change the rules of the game and will bring forth an impetuous reform of astrology!

Aries is actually the sign separating the "wheat from the chaff". Thus, with Uranus in Aries astrology's immaculate body will rouse out of the various parasites and "weeds" that were choking it!  The crafty and unscrupulous people who were taking advantage of astrology will be identified as such! True Astrology will dynamically spring out and flourish, as people will realize now how authentic it is and what a huge potential it carries within it for our personal development and growth. A great new cycle is about to begin for this celestial art! 

On the other hand, Uranus in Aries is now activating very strongly the infamous T-square (with Uranus forming an ever tighter square aspect to Pluto in the sign of Capricorn and an opposition to Saturn in the sign of Libra). Astrology will definitely rise, amidst dramatic and extreme events though...

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