Thursday, 18 March 2010

20 March 2010 - The International Astrology Day!

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On March 20th we celebrate the "International Astrology Day", an event founded and promoted initially by the American A.F.A.N (the "Association For Astrological Networking") and consequently spread worlwide.

You can learn more about this day and about the kind of events you could promote by clicking these links (where from I excerpted the following paragraphs):

"It's never to early to start planning. If you are interested in hosting an IAD event, or in helping coordinating events around the world, contact AFAN today! We are open to suggestions and offer a few here that you may way want to take to your community:
  • Arrange to give a lecture at your local library to the general public.
  • Write out press releases (I will help you with this) to send out to your local new publications.
  • Meet at a pub or a restaurant with your friends to toast and talk about astrology.
  • Have a party and just invite your friends. Have them dress as their Sun sign or their favorite planet or bring a food dish to represent their sign. (These are just a few of the ideas that can be used to carry out the astrological theme at a party!)
  • If you teach, schedule an open house or a free class night.
  • Have a day of free mini-readings/chart analysis and send everyone away with a free copy of their chart.
  • Go to your local coffee shop or cafe and see if you can set up there to do your free mini-readings."

"International Astrology Day was founded by AFAN in 1993, an outgrowth of the “Astrology Awareness Weekends” which AFAN had sponsored for several years previously. The goals of the new holiday were to expand networking opportunities among the astrological community, to direct media attention to positive aspects of astrology, and to help raise funds for local astrological groups and for AFAN’s legal, media, and other networking projects."

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