Monday, 21 June 2010

June 2010: living an extraordinary "Indian" summer!

(artist: Jacek Yerka)

Two important events occured today, 21st June 2010. The Sun entered the cardinal sign of Cancer. At the same time, today is the "Summer Solstice", when we have the longer day of the year! From tomorrow on the days will get shorter and shorter...

But these two events are rather secondary in front of some other historical configurations taking place in the next few days. As the Sun moves in the initial degrees of Cancer it will form first a harsh square aspect to Uranus (in Aries), then to Jupiter (in Aries) and finally an opposition to Pluto (in Capricorn). Not to mention that the Sun has already been forming a square aspect to Saturn. All these planetary aspects together are forming a very rare and harsh configuration! And as if this wasn't enough, on the 26 of June a numinous Lunar Eclipse will take place above our heads.

Probably you already know about the notorious "T-Square" configuration (between Pluto, Uranus and Saturn) that dominates our skies in the last months. This "T-Square" is already VERY explosive on its own right. But now the Lunar Eclipse of the 26th of June is going to over-energize it! And as the Sun on the day of the Eclipse will be on the 4th degree of Cancer, perfectly opposing Pluto (on the 4th degree of Capricorn) and simultaneously forming harsh square aspects to Jupiter and Uranus in the first degrees of Aries and to Saturn (about to enter in Libra) a characteristic "Grand Cross" configuration will form on the sky on the very day of the Eclipse! This particular configuration is rather rare in the history of humankind and astrologically is expected to unleash titanic energies!

Planet Pluto will be central to this Eclipse (you can see it in partile conjunction to the Eclipse's Moon). We might say that this is a "T-square" eclipse (by no way a placid one) but at the same time it will be a Plutonian eclipse, meaning that it will unleash hidden and subterranean powers, it will bring turmoil to the economy and will forcefully impose to us issues of death and survival. On a higher level though, Pluto is the planet of the transformation of the human consciousness, the planet of "regeneration". Let us meditate together, hand in hand and thus bring forth the higher vibrations of Pluto and of the imminent T-Square Eclipse!

P.S. Greece is particularly "attuned" to this Plutonian Eclipse, as it forms harsh aspects to its Moon (its people, its masses) in the first degrees of Libra and to its characteristic Uranus - Neptune conjunction in the first degrees of Capricorn (Pluto and the eclipse are challenging now the whole social and political structure of modern Greece. It has to "die" and regenerate)!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Sun is turning violent as the T-square climaxes!

The period we are living in is extra-ordinary - astrologically speaking. Rare planetary delineations have been formed on the sky attracting rare events in our lives. In the previous years the Sun was unusually quiet. In fact, very few solar "spots" were formed on its surface. But now, in a strange synchronicity with the infamous Cardinal T-square configuration - that reached its peak just a few days ago, as both Uranus and Jupiter moved to the first degrees of Aries - the Sun is turning increasingly violent and - according to scientists - huge Solar storms are expected to hit Earth in the next couple of years, paralyzing our satellites, global communications, internet, cell phones, GPS's and even endagering our lives (we will receive higher than usual radio-activity, especially if we travel many hours by plane).

I recall a theory by a scientist claiming that the planets can strongly influence the Sun when forming particular angular configurations among them! It seems that this theory comes true, as all the exterior planets (from Jupiter on, except Neptune)  are now forming harsh aspects among them, an event that can be considered quite rare! But the more uncommon an astrological delineation is the more unusual, exceptional and extreme events it produces!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Jupiter - Uranus in Aries: the rise of the new "Brave and Illuminated Individual"!

(frontcover: Aldous Huxley "Brave New World" - Penguin books)

The rare conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in the very first degree of Aries means the birth of the "brave new individual", an illuminated, audacious, clear cut individual - in contrast to the confused, discouraged and conditioned by society/ lifestyle/ consumerism/ social companies or even "cliques" individual of the previous Piscean "era". An individual that will become "rebel with a cause"!

Actually, a whole "era" has ended now as both Jupiter and Uranus left Pisces (the last stage of the previous "dynamic" zodiacal cycle) and entered Aries. As both these illuminating planets are now in the very first degree of Aries they herald a brave new "era". In fact, for the next thousand years Jupiter and Uranus will never meet again in exactly this "big starter" gamma point (zero Aries). So, you realize how significant this configuration is and what a dramatic energies are released by it (taking also in consideration Pluto's and Saturn's adverse aspects to this configuration).

We are just stepping on the threshold of a dramatic new Era! A new consciousness is opening up for the humankind! A new kind of individual is emerging, an individual more aware of his role both on a personal and collective level, an awaken individual, not afraid to claim what is due to him/her - and this time not as a faceless/spineless consumer but as a unique and magnificent Human Being, created on the image of God and ultimately expressing - in a Promethean way - God's will!

We are about to experience the unleash of tremendous energies and spectacular technological and scientific breakthroughs. Last time Jupiter and Uranus were conjuct in the first degree of a significant point of the zodiac the calendar was reading the year 1969 and a whole "block of flats" was catapulted onto space - thanks to a tremendous technology and an amazing thrusting power - (July 1969, Saturn 5 headed towards the Moon. Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in the first degree of Libra on the 20th of July 1969, the very moment when human beings were stepping and walking for the first time ever on the Moon). Thus, we are expecting now a new form of explosive - human induced - energy to be unleashed!

Thomas Gazis