Sunday, 6 June 2010

Jupiter - Uranus in Aries: the rise of the new "Brave and Illuminated Individual"!

(frontcover: Aldous Huxley "Brave New World" - Penguin books)

The rare conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in the very first degree of Aries means the birth of the "brave new individual", an illuminated, audacious, clear cut individual - in contrast to the confused, discouraged and conditioned by society/ lifestyle/ consumerism/ social companies or even "cliques" individual of the previous Piscean "era". An individual that will become "rebel with a cause"!

Actually, a whole "era" has ended now as both Jupiter and Uranus left Pisces (the last stage of the previous "dynamic" zodiacal cycle) and entered Aries. As both these illuminating planets are now in the very first degree of Aries they herald a brave new "era". In fact, for the next thousand years Jupiter and Uranus will never meet again in exactly this "big starter" gamma point (zero Aries). So, you realize how significant this configuration is and what a dramatic energies are released by it (taking also in consideration Pluto's and Saturn's adverse aspects to this configuration).

We are just stepping on the threshold of a dramatic new Era! A new consciousness is opening up for the humankind! A new kind of individual is emerging, an individual more aware of his role both on a personal and collective level, an awaken individual, not afraid to claim what is due to him/her - and this time not as a faceless/spineless consumer but as a unique and magnificent Human Being, created on the image of God and ultimately expressing - in a Promethean way - God's will!

We are about to experience the unleash of tremendous energies and spectacular technological and scientific breakthroughs. Last time Jupiter and Uranus were conjuct in the first degree of a significant point of the zodiac the calendar was reading the year 1969 and a whole "block of flats" was catapulted onto space - thanks to a tremendous technology and an amazing thrusting power - (July 1969, Saturn 5 headed towards the Moon. Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in the first degree of Libra on the 20th of July 1969, the very moment when human beings were stepping and walking for the first time ever on the Moon). Thus, we are expecting now a new form of explosive - human induced - energy to be unleashed!

Thomas Gazis

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