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World Predictions 2012 - A Rigid Pluto vs a Raging Uranus!

You would be surprised to know that you can make some DIY world astrological predictions (even if you are not very knowledgeable about astrology) as long as you remember the basics of mythology and possess a discerning mind!

The image above depicts the "World Horoscope" for the year 2012. Actually a "World Horoscope" looks like a minimalist natal chart. We keep on it the "collective" planets (Uranus, Neptune,Pluto) and the intermediate, "social" ones (Jupiter, Saturn) - while we "strip" it from any personal planet. On a "World Horoscope" the sign of Aries stands always on the left and the sign of Capricorn on the top!

As the "intermediate" planets and the outer ones move slowly, their positions for the whole of 2012 will be - broadly - as you see them above (Jupiter - being relatively faster - will transit in the sign of Gemini too and Saturn in the sign of Scorpio from October on).

The most "elevated" planet in this "World Horoscope" is Pluto (the planet in black, on the top). Pluto actually stands on the very "Zenith of the World" - in the sign of Capricorn that is! Why is this "World's Zenith" so important? Because any "social - collective" planet standing there somehow dictates the "spirit" that will prevail in humanity for the period of its stay there! With this in mind, we can foretell the "spirit" of 2012 as being somehow dark, extreme, plutocratic, ruthless, transformative and potentially "mortal" - as planet Pluto is!

Remember "Hades" in mythology? He is the same (tricky) deity as Pluto. Hades dwells in the underword and is usurping the souls of the deceased people and their fortunes too. Actually Hades is a "quintillioner", as he accumulates over the centuries the fortunes of all the deceased people! Is this ringing a bell to you? The International Monetary Fund is apparently becoming the "Hades" of our Era, as it is ever more accumulating the fortunes of the various "deceased" nations - triggering a huge world financial crisis and bringing the spectre of poverty and famine over previously prospering populations! Goldman Sachs is allegedly ever more infiltrating the governments, indirectly ruling a large chunk of the world! Our governments are apparently getting ever more corrupted and irrational, reaching to the point of even conspiring against us (supposedly they are spraying us with chemtrails, they are massively administering us vaccines containing harmful to us toxic ingredients etc.) With dark and "diabolic" Pluto sitting currently on the "Word's Zenith" our governments seem more "dark" and evil than ever! And this situation will aggravate in 2012, as Saturn will move into Scorpio (and will form a "mutual reception" with Pluto in Capricorn).

The planet most prominently "rising" on this "World Horoscope" is Uranus (the blue planet on the left, near the "horizon"). Uranus represents the kind of "energy" that is actually "rising" worldwide (we will analyze this in a while)! Uranus currently stands in Aries, over the "World's Ascendant" point. This "World's Ascendant" is a sort of "gate" and out of it torrential fresh energies are released upon humanity - and upon each single individual in particular. If the "World's Zenith" represents the "ruling class" - as we saw - and Plutocracy then the "World's Ascendant" represents the plain individuals and Democracy. Pluto on the "World's Zenith" makes the ruling classes ever more corrupted and oppressive while Uranus on the "World's Ascendant" makes the individuals torrentially rebellious! And as Pluto and Uranus are blatantly clashing in 2012 (by a very harsh astrological aspect called "square") we are going to witness tremendous battles between the people and the ruling classes in the months ahead!

Uranus is the "Big Awakener"! As it reached in the last couple of years the "World's Ascendant" it has torrentially started awaking the individuals all over the planet, inciting them to take the power from their corrupted governments into their own hands! A brave new individual is born now, far less inactive and "dormant", more partaking to the society and to the collective, more enlightened, visionary and even "cosmic"!

Finally, planet Neptune in Pisces will probably bring a huge wave of poverty worldwide but - at the same time - it will change us as human beings, it will unite us deep in our souls, making us more sentimental, empathic versus our fellow humans and charitable! Neptune in Pisces will revive romanticism.

Thomas Gazis
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P.S. You can read more on the mythology of Uranus and Pluto here and on Neptune in Pisces here .
        The astrological charts are made with the "Astrolabe's" Solar Fire Gold 8 software.

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The strange astronomical similarity of the "base" to the "end" date of the Mayan calendar!

If there is a date that rings the louder bell to the inhabitants of our planet nowadays then this date is: December 21st 2012! This "popular soda" kind of date has become a staple in our times for two reasons: it is imminent to us and - more importantly - it marks the "End date" of the current "Long Count" Mayan calendar - which certain Mayanists interpret as the "end of all days"! Basically, on December 21st 2012 a full "cosmic cycle" will be completed - according to the Maya. When did this cycle started though? The scholars say on August 11th, 3114 BCE ! This is the very "Base date" of the "Long Count" Mayan calendar. The time span between these two milestone dates (August 11th, 3114 BCE and December 21st 2012) is exactly 13 Baktuns (13 being the most holly number to the Maya and a "Baktun" - approx. 400 years - being their idea of a "millennium" - they were living much shorter lives then)!

We have no clue why the Maya chose the date August 11th, 3114 BCE as the "beginning" of their current "Era". Did they choose this date arbitrarily? Other ancient civilizations like the Byzantines indeed chose rather arbitrarily the date of the creation of the World (September 1st, 5509 BCE.), on which they based their (linear) calendar. A Byzantine scholar i.e. would write our year 2012 CE as: 7521 ACW - "After the Creation of the World". And although an "arbitrary" thing does not sound very "Mayan", it might have been so...Otherwise it makes no sense the fact that back in 3114 BCE the ancestors of the Maya had developed such a perfect "cyclical" calendar that they could define and deliver to the future Mayan generations the "Base Date" of their almost flawless Long Count calendar! It couldn't have been so, unless these Mayan ancestors took the Long Count calendar directly from some extra-terrestrials or some Atlantis survivors! If this is not the case, this determinative "Base Date" should be an arbitrary one, a date of a probably religious or mythological significance. In any case, to the Mayan cosmological perception this date is so important that they based their entire "Long Count" calendar on it, they set off a whole New Age from that date on!

An amazing, whole new discovery!

If the date December 21st 2012 has such a particular meaning to humanity then its "antipode" too (the date August 11th, 3114 BCE) should have one. These two dates are not only "semantically" connected, but according to the Mayan cosmology they are somehow identical! As far as we know though, no major world event occured on August 11th, 3114 BCE. It does not seem to coincide with any major world - impacting event, with the fall i.e. on the Earth of some big meteorite, with the eruption of a super-volcano or with any other major geological, geographical or societal event. Even astrologically this date looks rather insignificant - if we examine it under the lenses of our Western Astrology. Things might change radically though if we apply to it the proper, Mayan astrology. Don't panic though! A large chunk of the Mayan astrology relies onto plain visible observation. What you see is what you interpret!

The most important factor in Mayan astrology is planet Venus (the brighter star on the sky, which is very distinguishable early in the morning or in the evening - depending on Venus' orbit). Thus, it surprises us a little bit the fact that on August 11th, 3114 BCE Venus rose as a “morning” star - it rose before the Sun - leading the rather significant to the Mayan cosmology sequence Venus – Mercury – Sun (you can see in the chart below Venus in blue, Mercury in yellow, Sun in red).

But things get far more exciting if we study as well the morning sky of the end date, 21 December 2012

NOTE: This is just an excerpt. You may purchase the full article here

   Chapters of the full article (34 pages with explanatory illustrations:
- The Mayan cosmology
- The cyclical nature of the Long Count calendar
- A whole new discovery of Thomas Gazis on the Mayan calendar
- The deeper psychological meaning of the 2012 hype
- The scenario of the planetary alignment
- The scenario of the planetary clustering
- The Galactic Alignment for dummies
- The Earth crossing the galactic mid-plane scenario
- The Nibiru - Sedna - planet X scenario

- Interpreting properly the famous "Deluge" illustration

Thomas Gazis

This is an original article written by Thomas Gazis. Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis.

Free Annual Astrological Predictions 2012 - All signs!

Please click the sign you are interested in to get your Free 2012 Annual Astrological Predictions (written by Greek Astrologer Thomas Gazis):

Aries     Taurus     Gemini     Cancer     Leo     Virgo

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Aries 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions

Out of a rare coincidence, planet Mars (which rules your sign) will remain in the work-related field of your horoscope for the whole six first months of 2012. The specter of unemployment will probably threaten you in the new year and you might find yourself struggling to keep your job or to find a new one. Another version of this Mars position is that you will not seriously run the risk of unemployment, but you will take much more work and duties on your shoulders (especially if you were born after April 10). You will receive additional pressure at work and maybe get often in a heated debate with your colleagues, subordinates etc. Stress will probably become a dominant component in your daily life, at least until July 3 - when planet Mars will leave this critical to you zodiacal position.

On the other hand, 2012 may prove to be a very fruitful year, both in your working environment and in your domestic life. You may discover that you are particularly skilled in the "Do It Yourself" area, in certain technical works, handicraft, chiropractic etc. and you might even profit from these newfound skills of yours. Generally, in the last two years you have been more practical and methodical, thanks to the "lessons" planet Saturn has given you. This austere planet has - on the one hand - matured you considerably but - on the other hand - it might have deprived you of certain things and led you into a general "shrinking" of your life - making you often feel the "I am not myself" sensation. Fortunately on October 5, 2012 Saturn will finally leave this inharmonic to you position and you will then rediscover many of your old freedoms - and some new ones too! Be careful though not to overdo it (especially those of you born in March, who receive simultaneously now the "electrical" energies of Uranus and the extremely harsh ones of planet Pluto).

Regarding you love life, planet Saturn has matured you enormously and led you to more realistic and "viable" options. In the period February 8 - March 5 you will experience some very strong hearbeats (Venus - the planet of love - will be transiting in Aries then). Additionally, next Summer will bring you fascinating acquaintances and a whole variety of erotic experiences. The month of September looks "rosy" too, as you might have then a major love affair and start a new, significant relationship.

Thomas D. Gazis
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Taurus 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions


The "dark" - to many - 2012 may ultimately prove to be a bright year to you Tauruses, a year that might leave you with many sweet memories! It will open you some new roads and will bring you major opportunities in most areas of your life - especially in its first half, when lucky Jupiter will be in your own sign! Choose this time-period if you want to take important initiatives, to expand your activities, contact foreigners and travel overseas.

Do not be afraid to risk now a little bit more than usual. With Jupiter in your sign - until June 11 - luck will be on your side. Those things you could not achieve in the past you will achieve relatively easily now! Moreover, with the benefic influence of Mars - which (thanks to a rare coincidence) will be very harmonious to you for the whole first half of the year - you will be given now the necessary stamina and strenght to overcome any obstacle. Thus, do not be afraid to assert now your self and demand your rights! Be rather conservative and defensive though in the second part of the year, when you will not have on your side lucky Jupiter any more.

Your levels of vitality and creativity will rise considerably this year (thanks to the definite departure of the planet Neptune from a discordant to you horoscopic area). In addition, the presence of Mars in your Fifth House will benefit those of you involved in the artistic bussiness. If you have children, your relationship with them will become more spontaneous and you will see them responding positevely to your educational methods. If you want to have a child, this year is quite fruitful and the "stork" might soon pay a visit to you!

On the love field, 2012 appears to be a highly erotic year! It will bring you very strong heartbeats, especially between March and May. You should try very hard then to stay without a partner at your side. Things will get more serious in the last four months - when the strict planet Saturn will move to the area of your horoscope corresponding to your relations and collaborations. Saturn will either "solemnize" a relationship of yours or lead you to a sort of dead end (to some sort of refusal from the part of the person you are interested in. Your love life might be negatively conditioned in that specific period by external pressures, unaddressed practical issues etc.) So, you should commit yourself and act responsibly towards the end of the year.

Thomas D. Gazis
Copyright: Thomas Gazis

Gemini 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions


Although 2012 might not start very propitiously to you Gemini, its second half may turn to be very favorable! In the first six months you should display patience and determination, as you will probably encounter obstacles, conflicts, tensions and some forms of aggression (with no apparent reason) from the people around you. You see, on those first six months planet Mars will be constantly discordant to you (out of a rare coincidence)! Your already fragile nervous system will arrive on the verge of collapse then, while around you too much egotism, denial of co-operation and misunderstandings will be prevailing (even within your immediate/family environment).

During 2012 you may have to start literally from scratch, totally reviewing your plans. Mostly, you have to remove those "sharp" points that were bringing you in an open conflict with certain people around you - whose interests are contrary to yours. If you become more diplomatic you will still be able to achieve what you want (provided that you act in a more "silent" mode, without exposing yourself and disclosing your true motivations to the others)!

On February 3 planet Neptune will move into a discordant to your sign position, complicating the situations and bringing in your life some form of confusion, fatigue and weakness (especially to those born in May). Add to the scene the two critical - to your sign - eclipses that will occur on the 21st of May and on the 4th of June and you will understand why we say that the first half of the year is expected to be somewhat tedious for you.

But things will change radically after June 11. From that date onwards Jupiter - the luckiest planet in astrology - will enter in your sign ! With his magic wand Jupiter will change the situations around you and will create new opportunities for you - especially in the business and love affairs area. You might encounter in 2012 the partner you have always dreamed of!

Apart from Jupiter, Venus - the planet of love - will also bring you some "gifts"! Out of a rare coincidence - of a positive kind this time - Venus will stay in your sign for more than 4 months (from April 3 up to 7 August). You will thus have at your disposal 127 whole propitious nights for love, nights that will be eagerly waiting you to fill them with a lot of kisses, hugs and passion!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas Gazis

Cancer 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions


Some radical changes (mostly of a positive nature) are expected to take place in your life in the new year, especially in its first half (when the lucky planet Jupiter and the dynamic planet Mars will be sending you very harmonic influences). New conditions will emerge that will change your life in a dynamic and - at times - revolutionary manner. Meanwhile, some positive developments will restore faith in your soul and you will gradually begin to feel more relaxed, secure and "solid".

Among the good news we should account planet Saturn's departure from a discordant to your sign position! Saturn probably gave you some hard time and tough "lessons" in the last couple of years, lessons that ultimately brought you "down to earth" and made you more realistic and efficient. But on October 5th the "Lord of the Rings" will move in Scorpio, in a very harmonic position to your sign! This saturnian shift will signal the beginning of a more happy, expansive and prosperous period in your life.

All in all, 2012 seems to be a year "in transition" for you. Thus, you might find very often yourself in the position of co-ordinating many different issues and matters at the same time, and this means a lot of time spent over the phone and "on the road". You will probably come in contact with many new people and environments and travel a lot (especially in the first half of 2012) mainly for business and eventually for pleasure too.

Regarding the love matters, you might get romantically involved with a person related to your past or to your place of origin. The most promising months seem to be August and September - and especially the period 7 August - 6 of September when Venus (the planet of love) will be transiting in your sign. You might experience some very strong heartbeats then!

Thomas Gazis

Copyright: Thomas Gazis

Leo 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions


2012 will bring you some great opportunities, especially in the professional field. You should keep your eyes open in order to seize these opportunities and make the best out of them. Remember to move within a very realistic and pragmatic framework this year, avoiding the typical to your sign "dramas'" and excesses.

In the first half of the year some intense fermentations will take place in the work/career field. If you are an employee then you might be granted a new and better post or even a promotion. If you have a steady job then you might expand it in some way. Make sure however not to drain your energies and your resources, because after October 5th planet Saturn will move to a discordant position (in the sign of Scorpio). A period of "lean years" might start from then on (especially if you were born in July). You might find yourself confronted by many new responsibilities and duties, which in the end you will manage efficiently - thanks to your unique orginizing spirit and to the amazing stamina your sign possesses.

A fascinating person that will somehow pop out of your friendly environment will play a fundamental role in your heart this year. Initially, you might get involved with this person on a rather friendly level and gradually move onto a more intimate one. As the "hottest" period of the year is depicted the one between September 6 and October 3. Venus - the planet of love - will be transiting then in your sign. Second best periods are those between February 9 - March 5 and between 17 - 31 December.

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas Gazis

Virgo 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions


2012 is profiled as an "electric" year to you! Out of a rare coincidence planet Mars will remain in your sign for almost seven months (till July the 3rd)! With Mars on your side you Virgoes will become more bold, dynamic and intrepid than ever! This is the most propitious time for you to vigorously assert yourself, take initiatives and make brand new beginnings! Apart Mars, you will have on your side planet Jupiter too (which will be sending you - until June 11 - some highly favorable influences). With such "stellar allies" you will manage to overcome many obstacles and achieve your goals in business and in finance.

The business sector of your horoscope is particularly emphasized in 2012 and this means that you will be given major opportunities in that area. You should take initiatives mainly in the first half of 2012, which looks more fertile to you. Aim high but try not to overdo it. With Mars in your sign your nervous system will be very "tense" and you will be easily ending up into sterile confrontations and quarrels - and you will have a certain predisposition to accidents too. Thus, control your impulses and be as cool as you can.

On October 5 the austere planet Saturn will leave the area of ​​your horoscope related to your finances. This event could mark a very positive change in your financial matters. Certain limiting factors may cease to exist and you might then start receiving some extra income!

2012 is the proper year for you to expand your contacts, to meet new friends and to create a rich social networking. Do not underestimate this factor! If you make the right acquaintances now and create some strong alliances you will gain more power and influence - both socially and professionally (the two are closely related). Any contacts with clubs, associations etc. will be favored!

Regarding relationships, this is a year of important decisions. Many of you will claim their freedom and autonomy and will step out of a relationship. Some others may impulsively get into a relationship and become somehow "trapped" there. If you were born in August then you are likely to fall in 2012 for some kind of platonic love - unrequited of course - or you might relate to a person who will consequently betray your expectations. Around June some kind of (temporary) alienation may occur with the person you love (of a physical or emotional kind). The "hottest" period of the year will be the one between 3 - 28 October, when planet Venus will be transiting in your sign.

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas Gazis

Libra 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions


2012 might prove to be a "therapeutic" year to you, a year that will help you overcome many of your - recent and remote - traumas and firmly stand on your feet! In reality, your sign is still under the grip of some tough astrological influences. By now though you have mostly taken your "lessons" and the "stars" will not have to be so strict with you - as they were in 2010 and 2011. Moreover, in the second half of 2012, the inharmonic to you planetary influences will considerably diminish while simultaneously you will start receiving ever more favorable influences! Jupiter will pass on the 12th of June in the sign of Gemini, in a very harmonic position in respect to your sign. This lucky planet will bring you brand new opportunities in all the areas of your life - mainly in the second half of the year. All in all, 2012 seems a year of major achievements for you - in spite of the difficulties that you will be encountering every now and then!

If you wish to accomplish something big I would advise you to wait until the second half of the year, which is depicted more favorable to you. In the first half of 2012 move rather conservative and generally keep your "back" upon the wall. Protect your achievements from certain "disguised" competitors of yours.

The austere planet Saturn will remain in your sign until October 5 (this year though it will affect mainly those of you born after October 10). You might take too many responsibilities on your shoulders and become the epicenter of a strict criticism. Be sure not to take things too seriously and behave with as much realism and stoicism as you can!

Be careful in the matters of the heart, because in 2012 you might be consumed by some sort of infatuation which will ultimately lead you to disappointment and to nothing concrete. Things will become clearer from April onwards. A fascinating person will probably open you his/her heart in the first summer weeks. The "hottest" period of the year is the one between October 29 and November 22! Planet Venus will be transiting then in your sign, bestowing extra charm on you and atracting several potential partners in your side!

Thomas Gazis

Copyright: Thomas Gazis

Scorpio 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions


2012 is profiled as a year of crisis alright but the thing is crises bring the very best in you! Scorpios perform far better when they face hard conditions! Thus, 2012 may prove to be a very positive year to you. Provided that you form alliances! You possess great skills on your own but especially in this new year you will accomplish more easily your goals if you bring the right people on your side - people who will stand by you and will support your actions. Try to be less inflexible and adopt diplomacy.

In the professional field you may start in 2012 an important collaboration that will open you some new horizons. The entrance of planet Saturn in your sign on October the 5th signals a turning point in your carreer, where on the one hand you will have more responsibilities and obligations and on the other hand more rewards!

In the first half of the year - when Jupiter will be opposing your sign - a tendency might prevail in you to overspend (money, feelings, etc.). In this way you will drain very fast your resources and you will be forced to make bloody savings in the second half of the year - especially from October 5th on, when planet Saturn will enter in your sign. Initially Saturn will affect most strongly those of you born in October (any overspending and excesses will probably cost dearly to you).

This year is ideal for you to set once and for all any disputes you have with third parties on financial issues, inheritance etc. With the beneficial planet Jupiter being - in the first half of the year - in the sector of your horoscope related to legal matters you will most probably vindicate your issues!

A solar eclipse will take place in your sign on November 14. Some very unstable conditions might prevail then, so you should move carefully and avoid taking important decisions or risky initiatives around that date.

The sector of love affairs is highly energized in 2012. If you're alone you're likely to start an important relationship! If you are already in a relationship you may turn it to a more formal, by engaging or even getting married! One of the hottest periods of the year will be the one between November 22 and December 16, when planet Venus will be transiting in your sign.

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas Gazis

Sagittarius 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions

2012 seems a very dynamic and "pivotal" year to you Sagittariuses! You will become more energetic, determined and combative and you will manage to get things in your own hands. Additionally, you while develop a better network of relationships and social contacts.

In the first half of the year (when planet Mars will be inharmonic to you) you will be probably forced to give some "epic" battles in order to defend issues related to your job and to your overall career. Some competitors of yours will be doing their best to give you a hard time, so you need to literally fight with your "claws and teeth" in order not to lose certain rights of yours - or even worse your very job. If you're unemployed you will probably find yourself in a position where you will be fiercely fighting to get a job. Some calmer conditions will begin to form in your life after July the 3rd (planet Mars will move then into a more harmonious to you area of the zodiac).

As you understand, the first half of the year may bring you a lot of tension and some broken nerves (you should control your impulses then and avoid extremes). On the other hand, it will open you some important business paths and will bring you some kind of recognition (not only at your working environment but in the social field too). That's a good period for you to compete vigorously and pursue your dreams. Do not expect to achieve any fast results. You have to display first a lot of perseverance, patience, maturity and method, to see your goals realized!

In the second half of the year relationships and collaborations will become very important to you (your ruling planet - Jupiter - will move then into that sector of your horoscope). You may establish then a very important collaboration, that will open you some new horizons. Beware though not to cultivate too many expectations out of your partners and secure first your assets.

With Jupiter in opposition a sort of dissatisfaction might prevail in your life and within yourself, propelling you to to achieve impossible and inaccessible things! You should try to moderate this impulse of yours. Generally, in the second half of the year a tendency towards exaggeration and waste is likely to dominate over you and this you have to check, because we live in difficult times.

In the sentimental area, many of you will decide now to give a more solemn form to their relationship and they will probably get engaged or even married. If you're on your own, you might experience flings that will bring you some strong heartbeats (especially around the end of March - beginning of April).

Keep a low profile around the dates of the three critical to you eclipses: 21 May (solar eclipse in the sign of Gemini), June 4 (lunar eclipse in your sign), December 28 (lunar eclipse in the sign of Gemini).

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas Gazis

Capricorn 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions

The planets will emit brighter rays for you in 2012! The extra hard planetary influences that you were receiving in the previous years - from Pluto, Uranus and Saturn - will not cease entirely but their effect will be mitigated now by certain positive influences that you will receive. The benefic planet Jupiter will be on your side until June 11th, while planet Mars will make you more daring and assertive (at least for the first 6 months of the year, when it will be transiting in the friendly to you sign of Virgo). In addition, Saturn - your ruler - will change sign this year and will pass (on October 5) to an harmonic position (from its previous discordant position)! Not to talk about Neptune which after many years it will finally depart (on February 3) from the area of ​​your horoscope related to your money and finances (Neptune often brings confusion and "dissolution" to whatever area of the horoscope it resides in).

All these are excellent news and promise well for 2012. Despite the eventual difficulties, 2012 is depicted as a positive and creative year for you, a year that will provide you energy and enthusiasm and will help you achieve many of your goals (especially in the professional field). Your finances will improve and you will start feeling more secure. Property and ownership matter that had been in a state of limbo in the past might unexpectedly unblock now.

The very demanding conditions that you encountered in the previous years most probably did not allow you to enjoy love. In such a case you should rejoice, because 2012 seems to be a year of major thrills and full of passion for you. The beginning of Spring and the days around your birthday seem to be the most promising ones - you might get hit then by a whole volley of Cupid's arrows!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas Gazis

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Aquarius 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions

Many small and subtle changes might occur in your life in 2012. Changes which - over time - will prove beneficial to you (especially from June onwards, when planet Jupiter will start forming a very harmonious to your sign aspect). Above all, you should display in this new year the virtues of adaptability and flexibility. And this because you will often find yourself in some situation where you will have to adapt to an ever changing environment and assimilate an ever growing stream of data. Most of all, you will have to act fast and clever, in order to catch the opportunities and turn to your advantages the various circumstances around you.

The definite departure of planet Neptune from your sign in 2012 is good news to you. Neptune might have been the main culprit for you feeling debilitated physically and mentally in the previous years. It might have brought you a lot of confusion and disappointment in your life. This year Neptune will leave your sign and will allow you to regroup your forces, to assess more objectively the situations around you and enter a more fulfilling and succesful period of your life. Overall this year shows a significant amelioration on the socio-professional level. In the first half is likely to change some things in relation to your house and your family environment. From June on you will probably become more vigorous, optimistic, full of vitality and a burning desire to "create" (from artifacts to events, to even children)!

Regarding your love life, 2012 has in store some very exciting experiences for you! Out of a rare coincidence Venus - the planet of love - will be transiting for almost five months (April - beginning of August) in a very harmonious position to your sign! You might get involved then in romantic adventures that will cause in your heart some very strong palpitations!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas Gazis

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Pisces 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions


In 2012 you need to revise your alliances and urgently establish some new equilibrium with the people around you. In certain cases you will be forced to do this very dynamically - and even violently - due to the pression you will receive out of many people acting aggressively towards you - in your professional, social and friendly environment. An unusual intensity and hostility might prevail around you especially in the first half of the year. Your nervous system will feel very fragile and you might often arrive on the very verge of a nervous collapse. It is thus necessary to find some outlets and channel your high energy levels into something creative (artistic activities, dancing etc.).

Intense competition might prevail around you particularly in the first half of the year (when planet Mars will remain - for six whole months - opposed to your sign). Make your stand and defend your rights in a relationship or in a professional collaboration. The most important to you astrological event will occur on February 3, when Neptune will definitely enter your sign - it has already paid Pisces a short visit in 2011! Neptune is the planet of "magic", the planet who carries us into other dimensions and makes us feel - during certain extraordinary moments in our lives - that "we live in a fairytale!"

Neptune will begin to influence your life in rather unexpected ways and will bring you in touch with more spiritual, occult, metaphysical and perhaps "magical" dimensions! This year, Neptune will affect most strongly those of you born in February. It will probably put you in touch with some artistic, spiritual - or perhaps charitable - environments, artistic occupations and activities (especially in the fields of music, dance, photography). Neptune brings to artists great inspiration and verve.

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas Gazis