Friday, 9 December 2011

Scorpio 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions


2012 is profiled as a year of crisis alright but the thing is crises bring the very best in you! Scorpios perform far better when they face hard conditions! Thus, 2012 may prove to be a very positive year to you. Provided that you form alliances! You possess great skills on your own but especially in this new year you will accomplish more easily your goals if you bring the right people on your side - people who will stand by you and will support your actions. Try to be less inflexible and adopt diplomacy.

In the professional field you may start in 2012 an important collaboration that will open you some new horizons. The entrance of planet Saturn in your sign on October the 5th signals a turning point in your carreer, where on the one hand you will have more responsibilities and obligations and on the other hand more rewards!

In the first half of the year - when Jupiter will be opposing your sign - a tendency might prevail in you to overspend (money, feelings, etc.). In this way you will drain very fast your resources and you will be forced to make bloody savings in the second half of the year - especially from October 5th on, when planet Saturn will enter in your sign. Initially Saturn will affect most strongly those of you born in October (any overspending and excesses will probably cost dearly to you).

This year is ideal for you to set once and for all any disputes you have with third parties on financial issues, inheritance etc. With the beneficial planet Jupiter being - in the first half of the year - in the sector of your horoscope related to legal matters you will most probably vindicate your issues!

A solar eclipse will take place in your sign on November 14. Some very unstable conditions might prevail then, so you should move carefully and avoid taking important decisions or risky initiatives around that date.

The sector of love affairs is highly energized in 2012. If you're alone you're likely to start an important relationship! If you are already in a relationship you may turn it to a more formal, by engaging or even getting married! One of the hottest periods of the year will be the one between November 22 and December 16, when planet Venus will be transiting in your sign.

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