Friday, 9 December 2011

Cancer 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions


Some radical changes (mostly of a positive nature) are expected to take place in your life in the new year, especially in its first half (when the lucky planet Jupiter and the dynamic planet Mars will be sending you very harmonic influences). New conditions will emerge that will change your life in a dynamic and - at times - revolutionary manner. Meanwhile, some positive developments will restore faith in your soul and you will gradually begin to feel more relaxed, secure and "solid".

Among the good news we should account planet Saturn's departure from a discordant to your sign position! Saturn probably gave you some hard time and tough "lessons" in the last couple of years, lessons that ultimately brought you "down to earth" and made you more realistic and efficient. But on October 5th the "Lord of the Rings" will move in Scorpio, in a very harmonic position to your sign! This saturnian shift will signal the beginning of a more happy, expansive and prosperous period in your life.

All in all, 2012 seems to be a year "in transition" for you. Thus, you might find very often yourself in the position of co-ordinating many different issues and matters at the same time, and this means a lot of time spent over the phone and "on the road". You will probably come in contact with many new people and environments and travel a lot (especially in the first half of 2012) mainly for business and eventually for pleasure too.

Regarding the love matters, you might get romantically involved with a person related to your past or to your place of origin. The most promising months seem to be August and September - and especially the period 7 August - 6 of September when Venus (the planet of love) will be transiting in your sign. You might experience some very strong heartbeats then!

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