Thursday, 8 December 2011

Aquarius 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions

Many small and subtle changes might occur in your life in 2012. Changes which - over time - will prove beneficial to you (especially from June onwards, when planet Jupiter will start forming a very harmonious to your sign aspect). Above all, you should display in this new year the virtues of adaptability and flexibility. And this because you will often find yourself in some situation where you will have to adapt to an ever changing environment and assimilate an ever growing stream of data. Most of all, you will have to act fast and clever, in order to catch the opportunities and turn to your advantages the various circumstances around you.

The definite departure of planet Neptune from your sign in 2012 is good news to you. Neptune might have been the main culprit for you feeling debilitated physically and mentally in the previous years. It might have brought you a lot of confusion and disappointment in your life. This year Neptune will leave your sign and will allow you to regroup your forces, to assess more objectively the situations around you and enter a more fulfilling and succesful period of your life. Overall this year shows a significant amelioration on the socio-professional level. In the first half is likely to change some things in relation to your house and your family environment. From June on you will probably become more vigorous, optimistic, full of vitality and a burning desire to "create" (from artifacts to events, to even children)!

Regarding your love life, 2012 has in store some very exciting experiences for you! Out of a rare coincidence Venus - the planet of love - will be transiting for almost five months (April - beginning of August) in a very harmonious position to your sign! You might get involved then in romantic adventures that will cause in your heart some very strong palpitations!

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