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Sagittarius 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions

2012 seems a very dynamic and "pivotal" year to you Sagittariuses! You will become more energetic, determined and combative and you will manage to get things in your own hands. Additionally, you while develop a better network of relationships and social contacts.

In the first half of the year (when planet Mars will be inharmonic to you) you will be probably forced to give some "epic" battles in order to defend issues related to your job and to your overall career. Some competitors of yours will be doing their best to give you a hard time, so you need to literally fight with your "claws and teeth" in order not to lose certain rights of yours - or even worse your very job. If you're unemployed you will probably find yourself in a position where you will be fiercely fighting to get a job. Some calmer conditions will begin to form in your life after July the 3rd (planet Mars will move then into a more harmonious to you area of the zodiac).

As you understand, the first half of the year may bring you a lot of tension and some broken nerves (you should control your impulses then and avoid extremes). On the other hand, it will open you some important business paths and will bring you some kind of recognition (not only at your working environment but in the social field too). That's a good period for you to compete vigorously and pursue your dreams. Do not expect to achieve any fast results. You have to display first a lot of perseverance, patience, maturity and method, to see your goals realized!

In the second half of the year relationships and collaborations will become very important to you (your ruling planet - Jupiter - will move then into that sector of your horoscope). You may establish then a very important collaboration, that will open you some new horizons. Beware though not to cultivate too many expectations out of your partners and secure first your assets.

With Jupiter in opposition a sort of dissatisfaction might prevail in your life and within yourself, propelling you to to achieve impossible and inaccessible things! You should try to moderate this impulse of yours. Generally, in the second half of the year a tendency towards exaggeration and waste is likely to dominate over you and this you have to check, because we live in difficult times.

In the sentimental area, many of you will decide now to give a more solemn form to their relationship and they will probably get engaged or even married. If you're on your own, you might experience flings that will bring you some strong heartbeats (especially around the end of March - beginning of April).

Keep a low profile around the dates of the three critical to you eclipses: 21 May (solar eclipse in the sign of Gemini), June 4 (lunar eclipse in your sign), December 28 (lunar eclipse in the sign of Gemini).

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