Monday, 28 July 2014

Jupiter in Leo (an "unhyped" interpretation...)

                                                        (Courtesy: Bill Attride)

There has been too much hype over the entrance of planet Jupiter in the sign of Leo - a few days ago. Supposedly all things are going to get better now and the optimism will sky-rocket among the people! But how can this be? According to the astrological tradition Jupiter was in a far better position in the previous sign, in Cancer where it is EXALTED! This means that from the moment Jupiter left Cancer and passed in the sign of Leo it was somehow "demoted" energetically - since Jupiter neither rules Leo nor is exalted in this fiery sign!

Undoubtedly Jupiter is not in its most privileged position when in Leo. On the other hand it is not in its most inopportune position either ... You see, according to the Hellenistic astrology (and to the Medieval / Renaissance one) Jupiter is the nocturnal ruler of the fiery triplicity (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). Consequently, it acquires in Leo certain titles and offices. Not though the ones most astrologers are thinking of. If you noticed before, I wrote that Jupiter is the nocturnal ruler of the fiery triplicity. Which means that in the sign of Leo it exhibits somehow distinctively its properties but ultimately in a different - "esoteric" I would dare to say - manner. And in any case not so exuberantly and visibly as many would expect. This is pointed out by the law of "Tao" as well: The extreme "Yang" energies (the combined ones of Jupiter and Leo) are converted - from some point on - into "Yin"ones!

The main "obstacle" for Jupiter in Leo to manifest its exuberant side stems out of its most archetypal / fundamental property: the one of "opening up" and "expanding", the ever going on process of "dilatation and expansion". Such a property though is not particularly compatible with the sign of Leo, which generally works in favor of the "centrality" (Leo is ever promoting the "centralization" of all things). Therefore, there can never be a true"expansion" in the essentially "centripetal" sign of Leo, which is pushing the energies from the periphery to the center - and not from the center outwards, as  the expansive planet Jupiter desires. The often narrow minded, stubborn and inflexible nature of Leo offers anything but a breeding ground for the spiritual and idealistic Jupiter, which needs a lot of dialogue, movement, freedom and open-mindness in order to flourish!

Jupiter somehow stands for the "complexity" while Leo opts for the "simplicity" (Jupiter ever interrelates isolated ideas, composing out of them complex and advanced concepts - and this mecchanism lies at the foundations of philosophy). On the other hand Leo is removing the more complex layers in order to get to the very core of a situation. Thus the two work at crosses purposes here. In addition, Leo (together with Virgo) is the sign of "purification". It wants to purify things out of any "spurious" element. But it is imperative to define first here what is a "spurious" element according to the Leonian perspective - because what exacly is "spurious" is often debatable. And what might seem spurious to the sign of Leo might seem quite indispensable to Jupiter so that it makes a "conceptual interconnection" and extrapolate something "higher" out of various randomly lying and apparently unrelated ideas.

On a "mundane" level Jupiter has to do with goals, belief systems and ideals (the ideals of a certain society, of a state, country etc). With the presence of Jupiter in Leo the social / national ideals might fluctuate and become more rigid and authoritarian - permitting thus extreme ideologies to surface. And as Leo is a conservative sign (remember that in the zodiac it is diametrically opposed to the "radical" sign of Aquarius) it is now likely to trigger a more rigid spirit worldwide. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the first "tsunami" of conservatism / monetarism in the Western world appeared in 1979 - when Jupiter was in Leo again - with the election of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister of England.

Despite the fanfare of many astrologers the periods of Jupiter's presence in Leo have not been the brightest in human history! In March 2003 we had the American-British invasion of Iraq (who can really forget the hysterical Bush's and Blair's cries / calls to war?). In January 1991 we had the war in the Persian Gulf, with the Americans leading both the liberation of Kuwait and the invasion of Iraq. While in June 1967 we had the "six days of war" between Israel and Egypt that almost sparked an international armaggedon. All these major wars were conducted in periods when Jupiter was in Leo! And the two wars in Iraq were apparently "justified" by the pretense that the Americans had to impose their own "democracy" upon Iraq (how much "Jupiter in Leo" is this thing - enforcing my own "democracy" upon others? No true democracy is ever enforcing anything to any one!)

On another level, perhaps it is not so surprising that the unusual and deadly heat wave that swept Europe in 2003 (that has allegedly caused more than 70,000 deaths) took place under the dominion of Jupiter in Leo (representing the somehow excessive manifestation of the "fiery element", of the "heat").

Clearly therefore, a lot of energy is released globally when Jupiter is "transiting" in Leo. But the question is how to manage all this exuberant energy, because if it is diverted in warfares - like in the periods mentioned above - no creative results can be obtained. Obviously all this "excess energy" is better channeled  in activities like sports (which are consistent with the spirit of Leo), in recreational purposes and in "games". Also, with Jupiter in the sign of "spectacles" there will be a "booming" in film industry, fashion and in "spectacles" in general.

However, with Jupiter in Leo ​​some historical peace efforts were made too (such as the famous "Camp David" treaty  in 1978 between the Egyptian President Sadat and the Israeli Begin, the nuclear disarmament agreement of 1979 between the U.S. President Carter and the Russian Brezhnev and the historic west/east Germany unification in 1990). Perhaps this unifying trend stems from what I mentioned before as the "esoteric" aspect of Jupiter in Leo.

Ultimately that may be the best gift Jupiter in Leo will bestow upon us: the ability to work "esoterically" with ourselves and find our true inner core, our "center" so that in all purity we follow our hearts!

Thomas Gazis

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

What is a patronage made of ? (the Da Vinci's - Duke's of Milan Synastry)

                                                     (Ludovico Sforza - Duke of Milan)

To my knowledge, there has never been a thorough study revealing the extent to which the incidental likings or aversions of the people involved in any situation ultimately determine the course of that situation - and the course of the events in general, both in our every day lives and in historical occurrences. I suspect that such a factor is considerably larger than we generally believe. Often it is due to some particular sympathy flaring among the participants of an x situation that turn i.e. a job interview into a cosy chat, that bring forth unexpectedly profitable deals, collaborations and enterprises! Thus, the quality of the human interactions, the inner "attunement" of the individuals (their "Synastry", as we call it) is of an uttermost importance and it lies at the foundations of many human accomplishments!

I was pondering on this while I was studying the Synastry of the "Renaissance man par excellence" Leonardo Da Vinci and his major patron: the Duke of Milan Ludovico Sforza! I was wondering what was the astrological element that prompted Sforza to offer his generous and multi-annual patronage to Da Vinci (who had been seeking such a patronage out of many Italian lords all over Italy but mostly he was denied it)!

As you may see above, the horoscope of Ludovico Sforza has been preserved (this square type of horoscopes was in vogue till a couple of centuries ago). Sforza was born on the 3rd of August 1452 (Julian calendar). Thus, the Duke was a Leo Sun with his Moon in Pisces (by the way, he has the same "Luminaries" combination as  actor Robert De Niro - and judging by the Duke's portrait they look alike!). His Ascendant is in Aquarius. You may see below the modern counterpart of his Renaissance chart:

We know as well Leonardo's Da Vinci natal chart (his grand-father had noted the exact date and time of his birth and fortunately that specific note has been preserved). Da Vinci was a Taurus Sun and he had his Moon in the sign of Pisces (isn't this an artist's combination or what?). His Ascendant was in Sagittarius. You may see Leonardo's chart below:

Da Vinci was born in a village near Florence and he lived in this illustrious city till his thirties (he was apprenticed to Verrocchio and received some form of patronage out of the tycoon Medici family). Things though were turning against the Medici's and him personally (he was accused of sodomy) and thus in 1482 he moved to Milan, where he was very well  received by the Duke of the city Ludovico Sforza. The Duke was a Leo and Da Vinci a Taurus. Their solar signs are considered discordant (actually, they are discordant!). How comes then they matched so well (Da Vinci stayed at the Sforza's court for 17 whole years)? Well, Synastry is much deeper than we think and it somehow moves in mysterious ways!

The Duke of Milan was a Leo. But Da Vinci was in a certain sense a Leo too! You see, he had his Sun in his Fifth House - and that is a potent domification, since the Sun is the ruler of the Fifth House! So definitely there was a common thread connecting them (Leonardo was orchestrating i.e. for the Duke  spectacular wedding ceremonies and other extravagant social events and happenings - putting on stage i.e mechanical "knights" moving on their own etc.)! Not to mention the fact that in their Synastry Leonardo's Sun is "falling" in Sforza's Second House (as you can see below). Thus, Leonardo was somehow "Taureanizing" the Duke of Milan - meaning that through their interaction Leonardo was activating in the Duke certain Taurean properties, turning largely Sforza (especially when Leonardo was dealing with him face to face) into the very sign he was! !

Actually, we are dealing here with what I call  "latent" synastric elements  (you may see my relative "Sasstrology" article here ). A "latent" synastric element is a pivotal element in a Synastry but it is somehow "hidden". Thus it is not easily perceived as a pivotal synastric element unless we somehow "extrapolate" it as such by spotting certain composite inter-connections within the charts of the two individuals and within their own Synastry!

Furthermore, an extremely unifying factor is stemming out of their Moons! They both had their Moon in the sign of Pisces (meaning that their "inner worlds" were largely composed of the same stuff and that they could instinctively connect and "feel" each other!).

And now the two "uber" beneficent / patronage kind of factors in this Synastry! First, the Duke's Jupiter is standing exactly over Leonardo's Moon (the Duke's Jupiter is in the 3rd degree of Pisces and is synastrically forming a PARTILE conjunction to Leonardo's Moon, in the 3rd degree of Pisces!) And second, the Duke's Sun is "falling" in Leonardo's Ninth House (this is an archetypal benefactor's / "godfather's" domification)! There are some other minor beneficent configurations too but we might as well rest our case here...

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis