Friday, 23 November 2012

A lecture on the Mayan and Babylonian Venus (and on their amazing similarities)

The mega event of this period is the "Breaking Down The Borders" international online astrological conference, that will take place between November 30 - December 2nd. 

This will be a great occasion to listen to foremost astrologers like Robert Hand, Michael Lutin, Nick Campion etc. Remember that you may attend this conference from your own desktop! 

The lecture I am presenting in this conference is entitled:  "The amazing similarities and discrepancies between the Babylonian and the Mayan Venus"  I will be honored by your presence.

Thomas Gazis

Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Petraeus scandal explained by Astrology!

Bottom line of the Petraeus scandal is (provided there isn't something nastier there) that even the most strict and disciplined people (like the high ranked - and senior - military people) do it! Blame it on the ancient Greek God Ares (Mars ) who apart from being the God of war was the hottest guy on the block too! Even goddess Venus succumbed to his irresistible sex appeal! You see if you are a fierceful warrior and a very decisive person, in command of so many tough soldiers, that means you have a lot of testosterone in your blood stream! Your lust is triggered piece of cake and you resort often to venusian hugs and caresses to quench your thirst...

Astrologically speaking, general David Petraeus belongs to the tough, enigmatic and somehow fatal sign of Scorpio. Not many people know this but Scorpio is the sign that represents the absolute UNION of two people (especially lovers), the complete MERGING of their bodies, souls, feelings, desires, assets etc! Scorpios are well aware of the tremendous energy that can be unleashed out of an intimate relationship, of the utter joy and stunning transformation that the merging of two "attuned" partners always brings forth! Thus, to a Scorpio his life seems empty if his does not have beside him/her his/her other TRUE half! With their companion Scorpios are experiencing a metaphysical kind of merging and union that goes well beyond the physicallity of sex! And think now that Scorpio men and women are considered the kings and queens respectively of sex (although they are methodically hiding it).

So, Petraeus as a typical Scorpio represents all the above attributes. He constantly needs to MERGE with a companion in order to feel complete, alive! Many people (belonging i.e. to the so called "Earthy" signs) can go on with their lives without ever truly "merging" with anybody. Not Scorpios! This sign prioritizes more than any other its intimate affairs. This element might give you a totally new perspective on the Petraeus affair. And things get "heavier" if we put on the scene the general's paramour too, his biographer Paula Broadwell. Because she is a Scorpio as well! We are not talking here about a superficial affair but about a very profound and passionate one, about the two of them becoming (in so many ways) ONE! In the pinnacle of their affair I bet both of them were thinking of divorcing their respective spouses so that they live together for ever. My guess is that it took a lot of self-discipline and titanic efforts from Petraeus part to end this love affair. And when it ended it it definitely caused both him and her a lot of (Scorpionic) pain...

Let's stay in Petraeus "backyard" and take now an astrological look at the second most talked couple in these days, the alleged couple formed between Petreus successor in Afghanistan general John Allen and the impressive Miami lady Jill Kelley - called by the media a "social climber". Things are quite different here. We don't find in these two people an equally strong "Synastry", a deep longing for union - nor the amazing merging power that we encountered in Petraeus - Broadwell case. In Jill's natal chart there is an over-emphasis of the zodiacal sign of Capricorn - which is very ambitious and indeed acts sometimes as a "social -climber"!

In general Allan' s chart there is a predominance of the sign of Sagittarius (a very open, sociable and sensitive to foreign cultures zodiacal sign that gave him the capacity of skillfully and very effectively negotiating with the various tribesmen in Iraq and Afghanistan). Capricorns and Sagittariuses are rather neutral... Allan - apart from being a Sagittarius - is strongly influenced by the fiery and bellicose sign of Aries as well (his Moon is in Aries). But this part of him seems quite discordant to the Capricornian Kelley (according to the astrological tradition the signs of Aries and Capricorn are very hard to match). The fact is though that - no matter what - there is a HUGE SEXUAL ATTRACTION between Allan and Kelley (her Mars is conjuncting his Venus, while his Pluto is - most probably - conjuncting her Moon)! This kind of planetary interaction is ultra-powerful on a "libidical" stage and attests to the fact that there must be a torrentialy visceral attraction between the two! Thus, they would be a rather awful long-term couple but they would definitely make two great short-term lovers - experiencing fireworks over their bed!

To conclude, not always the people we have good sex with are the ones we mostly cherrish in our hearts...And not always the partners we cherrish the most are our ideal bed partners...

Thomas Gazis

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Greece, Eclipses and the Euro crisis

(photo: John Kolesidis - Reuters)

                                                          (by Sharon Knight)

Looking at the forthcoming between November 2012 and May 2013 and comparing two charts for Greek Independence, one as given by Nicholas Campion in World Horoscopes and the other, a rectification by Thomas Gazis. Both charts use the same date of 13th January 1822 but with a time difference of 4 hours and a slight location difference. 

The rectified chart by Thomas Gazis has an Ascendant of 6 Pisces, MC 17 Sag, Moon at 1 degree Libra and the house axis of 1st/7th are weighted. This does indicate a permanent pull between countrymen and others. 

The Campion Chart has 5 Taurus Ascendant, MC of 20 Capricorn and Moon at 3 Libra. This chart has shifted the planetary emphasis from the 1st/7th axis to a more scattered chart. 

As we know Greece has undergone massive financial restructuring and immense deprivation for the majority of its people due to the constraints imposed by the EU. There have been many rumours throughout the past year or so, that Greece may have to leave the Eurozone in spite of the efforts made by the people to cut their deficit. So far, Greece and its various Governments have managed to cleave to the conditions laid down by Brussels, but will they continue to be able to impose more cuts in order to receive more bailouts. Will the bailouts stop after the German elections in either September or October 2013? 

Before 2012 is out, there is a Solar eclipse on the 13th November, followed by a Lunar eclipse on the 28th November. In 2013 the eclipses occur on the 25th April (Lunar), 10th May (solar) and the 25th May (lunar). 

The Solar eclipse on the 13th November, set for Nea Epidavros has an Ascendant of 26 degrees and 27 minutes Leo and an MC of 21 degrees and 05 minutes Taurus. The eclipse itself at 21 degrees 56 minutes Scorpio falls in the 7th house of the Campion chart and the 8th house of the Gazis chart. 

Neither chart has any traditional planets in Taurus or Scorpio, so one would think this eclipse would pass Greece by. There is a bond repayment due on the 16th November and it will be down to the Eurozone finance ministers if they agree the measures have been met and they will release more funds to enable Greece to both stay afloat and remain in the Eurozone. However, the Lunar eclipse on the 28th November does pick up the 2nd - 8th axis of the Campion chart within less than one degree, as the eclipse occurs across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis at 6 degrees 46 minutes. 

 At this same time, Jupiter is currently retrograde in Gemini at 11 degrees 54. Jupiter is significator of  the 8th house of others money. Furthermore, Jupiter stations direct at 6 degrees 19 minutes Gemini on the 30th January 2013. If we go with the Campion chart, this date (30th January 2013) is perhaps when the Eurozone starts to tighten its purse strings and may impose further demands on Greece. 

Following on with the eclipse theme, the next set of eclipses occur in April and May 2013. We have two lunar and one solar eclipse. The lunar eclipse on the 25th April occurs at 5 degrees and 45 minutes of the axis Taurus/Scorpio and has both of the malefics within 3 degrees of both Lights. But as noted earlier, Greece does not have any planets on this sign axis. Behold though… Jupiter will be closely conjuncting by then the MC of the Gazis chart!

Traditionally Jupiter rules both the Pisces Ascendant and Sagittarian MC of the Gazis chart. Could it be the people choosing to take matters into their own hands – to their detriment? Moving on to the Solar eclipse chart of the 10th May 2013, we still have the eclipse happening in Taurus, but with an 11 degrees Pisces ascendant, echoing the Gazis chart with an Ascendant at 6 degrees Pisces.

In this instance, using Placidus house cusps, this eclipse falls in the 2nd house of finance suggesting major issues arising - as not only do we have the Sun and Moon in Taurus but also Mars at 14 degrees and Mercury at 17 degrees of Taurus and, as above Jupiter closely conjunct the Gazis MC. Actually during this eclipse a whole Taurean stellium "falls" over the "Pars Fortuna" (Lot of Fortune) of the Gazis chart! So, Greece might be rescued in this instance...

The following Lunar eclipse (25th of May) is at 4 degrees Gemini/Sag echoing the 28th November 2012 eclipse - and by default affecting the 2nd/8th House axis of the Campion chart. 

I think going by the eclipse cycle, whatever occurs between now and the end of the year will be resurrected or concluded around the end of May, early June 2013 but it is very difficult to see which chart will show the events as it is only the Angles and Pars Fortuna that are different – of course it goes without saying the house placements of the planets will also differ in rulerships and meaning.

Before finishing it may be worth considering the time for when Greece adopted the Euro. I have taken my information from the following site: According to it "Greece joined the European Union 1 January 1981, and adopted the euro in 2001 in time to be among the first wave of EU countries to launch euro banknotes and coins on 1 January 2002. Greek Currency: Euro since 1 January 2001 (formerly Greek drachma, GRD . Fixed conversion rate: €1 = 340.750 GRD)."

"Adoption of the euro: The euro banknotes and coins were introduced in Greece on 1 January 2002, after a transitional period of one year when the euro was the official currency but only existed as 'book money'. The dual circulation period – when both the Greek drachma and the euro had legal tender status – ended on 28 February 2002. Exchange of former national currency: The "Τράπεζα της Ελλάδος" (National Central Bank of Greece) exchanged drachma coins until 1 March 2004 and will continue to exchange drachma banknotes until 1 March 2012."

If we look at the chart set for Athens on the 1st January 2001 we find the Moon at 17 degrees Pisces, Mars, ruler of this 2nd house at 4 degrees Scorpio, Jupiter at 2 degrees Gemini Retrograde and Saturn at 24 Taurus. Naturally, owing to the fact that we are examining charts set for 12/13 years after joining the Euro, we would expect to find a Jupiter return and a Saturn opposition. Venus at 26 degrees Aquarius is closely conjunct the Nodal axis of the 1822 "foundation chart". Perhaps it is the combination of the transit of Saturn (2012/13) over the Mars of the 2001 chart and the transit of Mars on the 25th May 2013 over the Saturn point of the 2001 chart that will be ultimately responsible for bringing matters to a head. It does seem highly unlikely Germany will want to “lose” Greece prior to their election but perhaps the stars are showing us the Greek people will take matters into their hands and force the issue. Time will tell.

Sharon Knight
Copyright: Sharon Knight