Thursday, 20 December 2012

December 21st, 2012: the gist behind the fuss

Tomorrow December 21st, 2012 a very long Maya calendric "cycle" - that lasted over 5000 years - is coming to its completion! At the same time tomorrow (by coincidence? If it's not a coincidence then we have to admit that the Maya had an "ultra advanced" knowledge of astronomy) a VERY IMPORTANT cosmic alignment will occur between the Earth, the Sun and the Center of our Galaxy.

On its own, this cosmic alignment (which ultimately is not that accurate) does not portend a major catastrophe for humanity. Almost the same cosmic alignment occurred in the previous 10-12 years (on December 21st) and nothing happened to Earth (not to mention that many scientists argue that the true, as accurate as possible cosmic alignment occurred back in 1998)!

In his (pdf) booklet: "An Essential Guide to the December 21st, 2012 phenomena" author Thomas Gazis is explaining in a clear manner all the phenomena associated with the tomorrow's "end" date . He reveals the deeper psychological meaning of December 21st, 2012 and he analyzes a rather strange astronomical phenomenon: tomorrow the planets Venus, Mercury and the Sun - and largely all the known to the ancient people planets - will rise in our sky almost in the same sequence they had risen in the "base date" of the Mayan calendar (on 11 August 3114 BC, that is). Meaning that in the very first day and in the very last day of the marvelous "Long Count" Mayan calendar a quite similar planetary configuration is taking place in the sky! Since the Maya were excellent astronomers we're not sure at all this is a pure "coincidence"...

Thomas Gazis

Saturday, 15 December 2012

A school tragedy: the Newtown mass shooting and the astrology of Adam Lanza

                                         (apparently this is a childhood photo of Adam Lanza)

Although I live many thousands of miles away I am shattered by the Newtown tragedy! 20 little angels dead is more than the mind and the heart can bear...

Let's see the astrology of the young gunman Adam Lanza. He was born on April 22, 1992. He was a Taurus with Moon in Capricorn. There is another famous man having a Taurus Sun and a Capricorn Moon like Lanza: Adolph Hitler! This does not mean of course that if you - or someone you love - have this combination you will become a mass murderer (millions of people around the world have this very combination and they don't go that berserk). But is says something about the nature of Adam Lanza.

It says that he somehow lacked empathy, that he could not easily "feel" the feelings of the people around him (according to the astrological theory, the Moon in Capricorn is in "detriment", in "exile") and that he could not easily express his own feelings! Another important element in his chart is the Taurus Sun. I am always telling my students that there is a lot of anger in a Taurean person. And this because this is a "feminine" sign, a very "introverted" one that tends to keep his feelings, emotions and states of mind hidden in him, avoiding in general to express and exteriorize them. Thus a Taurus might harbor in him/her a lot of negative energy, resentment etc.- for long time periods. Until s/he suddenly "snaps" (with no apparent reason) and s/he then becomes a raging bull in a china shop... The Taurean "anger" is kept deep within the person and by the healthier individuals is mostly "sublimed" (i.e. within the context of their professional activity) and generally controlled - making thus the Taurean person appear calm and placid outside, as its ruler Venus demands.

Venus is a major player in the way we relate to the "others", to the people around us. This celestial seductress is ever seeking to smoothly connect us with the "ones out there". And in Adam Lanza's case Venus is even more important, as it is the ruler of his Sun sign. The fact is though that his Venus was in Aries, in a sign that is not easily promoting the "smooth", "uniting" kind of energies but rather the impulsive, "dividing" and stirring ones. And what is more amazing, his Venus was receiving a partile (perfect) square aspect by the planets Uranus and Neptune - who in their turn are forming a partile (perfect) conjunction in his chart! Both Uranus and Neptune are harboring collective energies and when properly located in our chart they bestow upon us a deep sense of "community" with the people around us. They provide us then a "smooth merging" capacity necessary to befriend the people around us and "merge" with them - in a group environment etc. But in Lanza's case Uranus and Neptune were utterly discordant to his Venus. Thus, he had a major difficulty in smoothly connecting and "uniting" with the people around him. Each time he was about to meet "other people" he was experiencing a turmoil inside him, as extreme psychic energies were torrentially unleashed in his soul! His very "individuality" was somehow threatened by the "other people".

In astrology death is related to Pluto (and in greek mythology the other name of Pluto was "Hades" - the god of underworld). Currently we don't know Adam Lanza's time of birth (thus we don't know the specific sign of his Ascendant, of his MC etc.). Working  with what we have in our disposition, we see no Pluto emphasis in his natal chart (apart from the fact that Pluto is in the sign it rules). (Not very) surprisingly though there is a so called "transiting" Pluto (the one moving in our sky right now) perfectly conjuncting - most probably - his natal Moon in Capricorn (depending on the exact time he was born). At the very same time, Adam Lanza's progressed Sun was - during the last months - in the 22th degree of Taurus PERFECTLY opposing his natal Pluto!

You can see above transiting Pluto conjuncting Lanza's natal Moon (both in green cycles) and his progressed Sun perfectly opposing his natal Pluto (both in red cycles). What this over-emphasis of Pluto actually means is that Adam Lanza was currently going through a very extreme period of his life! Probably he had slept into depression and diven into a profound existential crisis. Everything around him seemed meaningless. The feelings of negativitiy and resentment - for which we talked about before - had disproportionally grown in him. He was probably feeling that nobody loved him, that everybody hated him instead! He should have sought some psychiatric help (when one receives such strong "Plutonian energies" s/he might be radically transformed if therapeutically treated). But apparently he didn't...As a raging bull he chose the other dark and evil Plutonian path: the one of insane tragedy....

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

Saturday, 8 December 2012

An essential guide to the December 21st, 2012 related phenomena

                               (the blissful Mayan god "L" of the underworld  in the hero twins scene)

If we put aside all the December 21st mumbo jumbo, there is trully something significant to this date. But it gets lost in all this fuss going on.

The plain and essential guide that you may purchase here - written by the international speaker and author Thomas Gazis - is putting things in their right perspective. Actually it might be one of the best guides written on the December 21st phenomena and on the true meaning of the "Apocalypse" date. You will find original stuff here, not published anywhere else: i.e. the psychological reasons that lie behind the December 21st hype, the amazing astronomical similarity of the first and last date of the Mayan calendar and a lucid explanation of the notorious Galactic Alignment (which very few people on Earth actually comprehend.)

 Chapters of the pdf booklet A plain & essential guide to the December 21st, 2012 phenomena:

 - The Mayan cosmology
 - The cyclical nature of the "Long Count" calendar
 - A whole new discovery of Thomas Gazis on the astronomical similarity between the "base" and the "end" date of the Mayan calendar
 - The deeper psychological meaning of the 2012 hype
 - The scenario of the planetary alignment
 - The scenario of the planetary clustering
 - The Galactic Alignment for dummies
 - The Earth crossing the galactic mid-plane scenario
 - The Nibiru - Sedna - planet X scenario
 - Deciphering the notorious Mayan "Deluge" scene (and its planetary glyphs)

(The booklet is comprised of 34 pages and contains many explanatory illustrations. You may download some sample pages of it) 

Friday, 7 December 2012

The notorious "deluge" scene on the Mayan "Dresden Codex"

There is so much mumbo-jumbo these days over the December 21st, 2012 “doomsday”. Almost everyone has a different doomsday scenario, a different story to tell about what exactly will happen on that “fateful” date - as if s/he was projecting his/her own most intimate fears and phobias upon it (this is exactly the case, as we explained in page 12. There is a psychological urge lurking behind such a behavior). With all this fuss though we have somehow neglected to listen to the voice of the very experts, of the ones that lie at the root of this hype: the Maya! What was THEIR idea on the last day of their prodigious “Long Count” Calendar?

It turns out there are two original Mayan sources somehow "portending" the December 21st, 2012 day! An inscription on the so called “Tortuguero monument” and a Maya book! The “Tortuguero” inscription is largely unreadable. It mentions the 2012 “Completion Date” and it ends with a phrase that the scholars interpret as: “This will be not the end of the world”!

The second source is a booklet that is known as the “Dresden Codex”. This codex is actually one of the few authentic Mayan “books” that have survived. It contains an almanac (for practical and agricultural purposes), an astronomical section with the Venus cycles, Eclipse tables etc. and an astrological (or rather “hemerological”) section with many kinds of prophecies. In the very last page (74) of this booklet there is a full page illustration that apparently portends the events that will occur on the End Date of their current “Long Count” calendar (on December 21st, 2012) (you can see this illustration above).

As exotic as it might appear this scene to you, try to go beyond its folkloristic aspect and treat it as an artifact of a human being thinking the way you do. There is a human being behind this image trying to send you an important message through the symbols s/he has depicted. The artist is actually trying to tell you what will happen on the very last date of the current “Long Count” (5125 years) calendar - a date that actually was utterly remote to him/her but it happens to be excruciating close to us!

Our attention is immediately caught up by the two apparently old (and rather gloomy) human figures and by the appalling huge reptile on the upper part of the illustration. Our immediate response most probably would be: “hey, something bad is portrayed here! No good outcome could come out of such a gloomy image”. Well, this would be our modern perception of this image. Remember that if we want to find the deeper meaning of this illustration we should start seeing things the way the Maya did. And to do so we need to properly decipher the symbols comprised in the illustration.

Let’s start by saying something about the two gloomy elder figures. They actually are the Mayan Moon goddess Ix - Chel (which is usually represented as an elder) and below her a black elder man (with a bird on his head). This elder figure has been identified as the “god L” of the Mayan underworld. You would think now: “Wow! An underworld god present in the image that depicts the very “doomsday”? That’s not a good omen at all!” We will see about that…Let’s do first a remark concerning the two elder figures.

Do you remember that the December 21st, 2012 is the last day of the Mayan “Long Count” calendar? And indeed this calendar is a “long count” if you consider the fact that theoretically it has been around for 5115 years - since 3114 BCE! What kind of representations would you expect to see in a scene symbolically representing the ending of a very long time period? Babies perhaps? Kids? Of course not! Like our modern cartoons which on the New Years Eve depict the departing year as an old man, we should expect to see elder figures in this “End Date”, elder figures denoting the maturation and completion of a cycle!

On the upper part of this illustration there is a strange reptile. It looks like a giant snake or like a crocodile. But even if it were a crocodile it doesn’t seem to have the typical crocodile’s short claws. It rather seems to have hooves, like the deer’s hooves. In fact this is the so called “Starry Deer Crocodile” which to the Maya represents the sky, the celestial energies!

As ominous as it looks this “starry deer crocodile” (or rather caiman) it has a “soft” side. Deers were usually sacrificed during major “transition” periods, like at the end of a Mayan “century” (the 52 years “Calendar Round” period), at the end of a Mayan “millennium” (the “Baktun”, almost 400 years), at the ascension on the throne of a new dynasty etc. So the deer hooves of this starry caiman denote that this is actually a sacrificial victim, a gift to the gods so that they propitiate the relative “transition ceremony”! In major ritual instances the Maya were performing the decapitation of a caiman - which was considered the “totemic counterpart” of the cosmic caiman that was sustaining the earth and the starry sky. Through the decapitation of the caiman they were somehow “breaking the skies” and consequently they were prompting the creation of a new cosmological order!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

PLEASE NOTE: This is an excerpt from the Thomas Gazis booklet "A plain and essential guide to the December 21st phenomena". You may purchase the full pdf booklet here