Saturday, 8 December 2012

An essential guide to the December 21st, 2012 related phenomena

                               (the blissful Mayan god "L" of the underworld  in the hero twins scene)

If we put aside all the December 21st mumbo jumbo, there is trully something significant to this date. But it gets lost in all this fuss going on.

The plain and essential guide that you may purchase here - written by the international speaker and author Thomas Gazis - is putting things in their right perspective. Actually it might be one of the best guides written on the December 21st phenomena and on the true meaning of the "Apocalypse" date. You will find original stuff here, not published anywhere else: i.e. the psychological reasons that lie behind the December 21st hype, the amazing astronomical similarity of the first and last date of the Mayan calendar and a lucid explanation of the notorious Galactic Alignment (which very few people on Earth actually comprehend.)

 Chapters of the pdf booklet A plain & essential guide to the December 21st, 2012 phenomena:

 - The Mayan cosmology
 - The cyclical nature of the "Long Count" calendar
 - A whole new discovery of Thomas Gazis on the astronomical similarity between the "base" and the "end" date of the Mayan calendar
 - The deeper psychological meaning of the 2012 hype
 - The scenario of the planetary alignment
 - The scenario of the planetary clustering
 - The Galactic Alignment for dummies
 - The Earth crossing the galactic mid-plane scenario
 - The Nibiru - Sedna - planet X scenario
 - Deciphering the notorious Mayan "Deluge" scene (and its planetary glyphs)

(The booklet is comprised of 34 pages and contains many explanatory illustrations. You may download some sample pages of it) 

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