Monday, 26 September 2011

"Astromykonos 2001" - International Astrology Conference

After the great success of the conference "Astromykonos 2000" we decided to repeat the experience and organize a new International Astrological Conference at the Greek island of Mykonos in the summer of 2001 (8-10 June). As our key speaker we invited the foremost Astrologer, prolific writer and rich and exuberant as a character Noel Tyl. And we invited too the famous French astrologer Elizabeth Teissier.

(Elizabeth Teissier and Noel Tyl)

I actually organized this conference (with the full support of an individual who is a benefactor of Greek Astrology - and excellent Astrologer him/herself - who prefers to remain anonymous). I had invited several Greek astrologers as speakers but most of them preferred not to participate (for some not particularly noble reasons). Unfortunately the non-profit "Astromykonos" conferences were not seen by a very good eye by the huge commercial astrological circuit in Greece, as they did not serve their lucrative etc. interests. Remember that there is no Astrological Federation in Greece and cultured Astrology is generally marginilized in this small Mediterranean country. Plus, in 2001 there was no Facebook and the promotion of any event was possible only through TV and radio programs, magazines and newspapers. But as the Astromykonos conferences were not supported by any media corporation - despite all the efforts I had made and the dozens of press releases I had sent everywhere - the public was not informed on this conference and the participation was rather limited (in hindsight I would say that the Greek public was not ready back in 2001 for such a conference). Eventually, however, the small participation worked well because it created an even more warm and spontaneous atmosphere amongst those who attended.

(the "giant" as a carriage, as a personality and as an Astrologer Noel Tyl during his magic lecture)

(two famous Astrologers under the sign of Capricorn: Noel Tyl and Elizabeth Teissier)

The International Conferences "Astromykonos" 2000 and 2001 will undoubtedly remain in the History of modern Greek Astrology as two  "Lighthouses" - in the general Greek astrological "darkness" and the lack of any sort of Greek astrology conferences. Thanks to the "Astromykonos" conferences some leading international Astrologers were invited for the first time in Greece - while the Greek public had the opportunity to listen to them, to speak to them in person, to plainly eat beside them. Thanks to these two "Astromykonos" conferences the Greek Astrology finally emerged out of the fringe and stood for a while at the centre of the International Astrological community!

Thomas Gazis

The puzzling 27th September Super-Moon

On Tuesday September 27th three specific astrological conditions are formed which predispose to the occurrence of possible extreme events. First of all, the Moon (in its monthly orbit) will come closer to Earth, creating the September 27th phenomenon of "Super-Moon" - as Astrologer Richard Nolle calls it. The Sun and the Moon will "conjunct" (they will be found in the very same portion of the sky without producing an eclipse though) forming what we call a New Moon. At the same time the Moon will come closer than usual to Earth. Last time we had a Super - Moon it was on April 18th 2011, very close to the date when the great earthquake and tsunami in Japan occurred. Of course this does not mean that such a mega-quake will happen again.

The other fact that concerns us is that when the New Moon occurs on September 27 the Sun and the Moon contemporaneously form powerful planetary aspects with the "hottest" planetary duo of the recent years, the planets Uranus and Pluto (an opposition to the former and a square to the latter). These aspects may speed up processes and events regarding the global economic crisis and all kinds of "clashes" that exist today worldwide. It is noteworthy that during this New Moon we will have a whole parade of planets (a "stellium") in the sign of Libra (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn will be in it). This indicates a situation "on the very razor's edge", an urgent need to alleviate extreme situations and create an agreement between clashing sides!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

International Astrology Conference "Astromykonos 2000"

One of the best International Astrology Conferences I ever attended was the "Astromykonos 2000" which took place in the Greek island of Mykonos (June 9th to 11th, 2000). Don't get me wrong though here, as I was actually the guy that organized this conference (I am not a conferences' organizer, it was a totally amateur effort. Not everything was organized well -plus there was another colleague (Grazia Mirti) who took care of the Italian delegation). Stiil, this conference had magic on its own! Be it for the particular vibrations of the island of Mykonos, be it for the great astrologers present there or for the wonderful hotel complex we were residing in, there was that particular sensation of "magic" in the air, in the conference halls, in the roof gardens, in the beaches, in the cosmopolitan town of Mykonos...

As I am an Astrologer and not a professional organizer of conferences, I wouldn't have succeeded with "Astromykonos 2000" unless I had the full support of a benefactor of Greek Astrology (and excellent Astrologer on his/her own) who prefers to stay anonymous. I had already an experience of my own on Astrology Conferences as I had attended many in Western Europe, some of them as a speaker. Thus it came to my mind that it would be a unique experience for the speakers and the public alike if we would combine good astrology and great summer vacations and organize an international conference on the paradisiac island of Mykonos. Serendipity favored us, because just a few weeks before the conference the island of Mykonos acquired its first ever 500 people (beautiful) lecture hall, at a new hotel complex. There, between 9 and 11 June 2000, the historic "Astromykonos 2000" took place. Three wonderful days where one moment you were attending an interesting astrological lecture by a foremost astrologer and the other you were swimming in a crystalline sea.

Robert Hand's lecture in "Astromykonos 2000")

As the main speaker I invited the internationally recognized top astrologer Robert Hand! Rob gave us a majestic lecture on the Aristotelian concept of "eidos" (form - species) and on the ways the "eidos" unfolds itself in Astrology. Additionally, twenty four Astrologers from Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy and France - some of which you can see in the photo below - presented us a variety of interesting and in many cases original lectures (always in accordance to the main theme of the conference, which was "Astrology: the cultural kernel of the new, third millennium").

(from left: Elia Ramos, Maurice Charvet, Maro Ioannidou, Emilio Pelaez, Ernesto Cordero, Thomas Gazis (on his knees), Yves Lenoble, Dante Valente, Grazia Mirti)

(Thomas Gazis, Robert Hand, Maro Ioannidou)

In the so called "parallel events" of the conference the French, Italian and Spanish Astrologers (on the photo above) examined the possible ways to consolidate the Southern - European Astrological Federation! Among them, Yves Lenoble (left, yellow shirt), Marta Capdevila, Emilio Pelaez (with the beard), Maurice Charvet (green shirt), Ernesto Cordero (with the waistcoat) and down - left you can see the head of the President of the Italian Astrological Federation (CIDA) Dante Valente.

Both because of the great astrologers who came to this conference and for the high quality of the presented lectures, I believe that "Astromykonos 2000" has been the top International Astrology Conference - or Astrology Conference in general - ever held in modern Greece!

Thomas Gazis