Monday, 26 September 2011

"Astromykonos 2001" - International Astrology Conference

After the great success of the conference "Astromykonos 2000" we decided to repeat the experience and organize a new International Astrological Conference at the Greek island of Mykonos in the summer of 2001 (8-10 June). As our key speaker we invited the foremost Astrologer, prolific writer and rich and exuberant as a character Noel Tyl. And we invited too the famous French astrologer Elizabeth Teissier.

(Elizabeth Teissier and Noel Tyl)

I actually organized this conference (with the full support of an individual who is a benefactor of Greek Astrology - and excellent Astrologer him/herself - who prefers to remain anonymous). I had invited several Greek astrologers as speakers but most of them preferred not to participate (for some not particularly noble reasons). Unfortunately the non-profit "Astromykonos" conferences were not seen by a very good eye by the huge commercial astrological circuit in Greece, as they did not serve their lucrative etc. interests. Remember that there is no Astrological Federation in Greece and cultured Astrology is generally marginilized in this small Mediterranean country. Plus, in 2001 there was no Facebook and the promotion of any event was possible only through TV and radio programs, magazines and newspapers. But as the Astromykonos conferences were not supported by any media corporation - despite all the efforts I had made and the dozens of press releases I had sent everywhere - the public was not informed on this conference and the participation was rather limited (in hindsight I would say that the Greek public was not ready back in 2001 for such a conference). Eventually, however, the small participation worked well because it created an even more warm and spontaneous atmosphere amongst those who attended.

(the "giant" as a carriage, as a personality and as an Astrologer Noel Tyl during his magic lecture)

(two famous Astrologers under the sign of Capricorn: Noel Tyl and Elizabeth Teissier)

The International Conferences "Astromykonos" 2000 and 2001 will undoubtedly remain in the History of modern Greek Astrology as two  "Lighthouses" - in the general Greek astrological "darkness" and the lack of any sort of Greek astrology conferences. Thanks to the "Astromykonos" conferences some leading international Astrologers were invited for the first time in Greece - while the Greek public had the opportunity to listen to them, to speak to them in person, to plainly eat beside them. Thanks to these two "Astromykonos" conferences the Greek Astrology finally emerged out of the fringe and stood for a while at the centre of the International Astrological community!

Thomas Gazis


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