Monday, 26 September 2011

The puzzling 27th September Super-Moon

On Tuesday September 27th three specific astrological conditions are formed which predispose to the occurrence of possible extreme events. First of all, the Moon (in its monthly orbit) will come closer to Earth, creating the September 27th phenomenon of "Super-Moon" - as Astrologer Richard Nolle calls it. The Sun and the Moon will "conjunct" (they will be found in the very same portion of the sky without producing an eclipse though) forming what we call a New Moon. At the same time the Moon will come closer than usual to Earth. Last time we had a Super - Moon it was on April 18th 2011, very close to the date when the great earthquake and tsunami in Japan occurred. Of course this does not mean that such a mega-quake will happen again.

The other fact that concerns us is that when the New Moon occurs on September 27 the Sun and the Moon contemporaneously form powerful planetary aspects with the "hottest" planetary duo of the recent years, the planets Uranus and Pluto (an opposition to the former and a square to the latter). These aspects may speed up processes and events regarding the global economic crisis and all kinds of "clashes" that exist today worldwide. It is noteworthy that during this New Moon we will have a whole parade of planets (a "stellium") in the sign of Libra (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn will be in it). This indicates a situation "on the very razor's edge", an urgent need to alleviate extreme situations and create an agreement between clashing sides!

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