Thursday, 14 August 2014

The feminine aggressiveness (what has astrology taught me)!

(photo courtesy: "Psychology Today" magazine -  "Bullying in the female world" by Ditta M. Oliker)

Feminine aggressiveness! Probably you have never heard this term ... First of all, how can one characterize aggressive the energy that we all know as maternal, receptive, tender? How can the feminine energy manifest - under certain circumstances - in a "bad"and aggressive way? And so "badly" and aggressively as the masculine one? Personally I was ignoring this kind of "feminine aggressiveness" (note that I am not using here the term "female aggression". There is a pivotal distinction between it and the term "feminine aggressiveness" as you will see later on.) Until - to my surprise - I discovered its existence through Astrology!

Some 10 years ago I was writing an article on the six zodiacal "Pairs" (which was published in 2004 on the historical "American Astrology" magazine. You may read it here). As I was conceptualizing this specific article I realized that there is in nature a particular "feminine selfishness" that is equivalent - but not identical - to the masculine one. And there is too a feminine kind of aggressiveness very much corresponding to the masculine one! The two are of the same intensity but of differents "phases"!

To realize what I mean we have to go back for an instant to the basics. We all know that the zodiac is symmetrically composed of six masculine and six feminine signs. Aries is a masculine sign, Taurus is a feminine one, Gemini is masculine sign, Cancer is a feminine one and so on. On my "American Astrology" article I was depicting the masculine signs as "mountains" and the feminine ones as sort of gorges or "ravines". Thus, we might say that the masculine kind of aggressiveness is a "mountain" kind of aggressiveness!

If you are travelling in a varied landscape you can easily perceive the mountains around you because they are so prominent, obvious and explicit! Similarly we can all perceive easily and IMMEDIATELY the masculine type of aggressiveness! Just picture a person shouting loud at you or violently pushing you in front of other people. That's masculine aggressiveness! What about the feminine aggressiveness though? What would there be its key characteristics?

I began my quest on this subject by considering the feminine aggressiveness as a "ravine" kind of aggressiveness. When you travel you don't see the eventual ravines in your landscape. And if you are careless you might even fall in one before realizing that there was a ravine in front of you! This means that the feminine aggressiveness is somehow invisible to our social environments. And although it is quantitatively equal to the masculine one (they are both equally aggressive but they don't seem so because their "phases" are distinct and their "polarities" are opposite) it is not easily perceived and evaluated as an acutely aggressive energy! In reality the feminine aggressiveness (some people call it "passive aggression") works in IMPLICIT ways and is mainly moving through hidden,behind the curtains, "feminine" paths. Thus it is not easily observed externally.

We need though to clarify something here: when we talk about the "feminine energy" we do not refer exclusively to women. Many men (even the allegedly "macho" ones) have prominent "feminine" energies in theirs charts and thus may resort to feminine aggressiveness!

For each person and situation in the Universe it is imperative to be special, unique, self-sufficient and secure, to have stamina and momentum, to impose its own interests and to dominate as much as it can the people and the situations around it. If the average Joe lacked an elementary strong "Ego" then he would be "crashed" by the multiple external pressures he is constantly receiving in his life. This process of strengthening the "Ego" of a human being, of achieving its individualization and "diversification" is supervised by the first two signs of the zodiac: by Aries (which is a "masculine" sign) and by Taurus (which is a "feminine" sign). The secret now is that the aforementioned process is handled by the signs of Aries and Taurus as a "pair" - by splitting that is the process in half and by assigning to Aries its masculine "phase" and to Taurus its feminine phase! The signs of Aries and Taurus (and all the other consecutive adjacent signs) are in reality an astrological "Pair", a small "wholeness", two equal but opposite and complementary "polarities".

Regarding Aries we can easily understand why it is considered the sign of "Ego", the sign impersonating the overt aggression: it is a masculine sign ruled by the belligerent planet Mars. What about Taurus though? How can a "low key" feminine sign - ruled by the planet Venus - be so selfish and eventually belligerent? Is there indeed a feminine ego? Astrology is telling us that there is - and that it is as acute and corrosive as the masculine one! If the masculine Ego is manifested through overt aggressiveness - being occasionally a crystal clear "bully" - the female selfishness is mostly manifested through INERTIA and self-protection, through hidden and "manipulative" movements and actions! Feminine aggressiveness entails the art of invisibly acting, of not participating in those situations that are not yielding a (emotional, financial etc.) gain to the person! Under this point of view we might say that the feminine "Ego" is more readily fudging things up, while every time it faces non convenient situations it resorts to a skillful "absenting" and "withdrawal"!

Actually, the sign of Taurus is representing in the most archetypal way this kind of "feminine Ego" (but don't get me wrong here, not all Tauruses are femininely aggresive). The feminine "Ego" is urging the person to act "behind the curtains", to perform his/her own "plan" - that will satisfy his/her own needs - while keeping at a minimum level the expenditure of any kind of energies (sentimental, financial etc.) especially when participating in any unprofitable to himself/herself activities.

An individual partaking to the "raw Taurean type" is usually avoiding to employ any overt acts of selfishness and aggression. If there isn't a crucial reason s/he will religiously abstain from any action that might overtly upset the energies in his/her environment (not that much out of goodness but because s/he is aware that s/he will be immediately targeted by the people around him/her - and that means a lot of hostility and aversion and a huge expenditure of energies from his/her part. The feminine energy is "ever self-protecting, ever preserving itself" - meaning that it is aware of how important it is to move behind the curtains and not overtly provoke the others). Thus the "raw Taurus type of individual" is generally displaying a meek and polite appearance. But if it comes down to a situation that ultimately jeopardizes his/her own personal interests (i.e. if s/he must financially assist someone or house any distressed and needy people) then most probably this type of individual will attempt to withdraw him/herself from the "stage" without being noticed  though  - so that s/he ultimately protects his/her own interests and does not suffer the slightet loss or "damage". And s/he will do this without overtly squabbling nor displaying any explicit aggressiveness or violence towards anyone. S/he will just skillfully withdraw from any perilous to his/her own interests scene...

This kind of withdrawal though, this "silent refusal" to partake i.e. in a charitable activity is a sign of strong selfishness - and therefore of aggressiveness towards the people involved in that activity. Of course the "raw Taurean type of individual" did not swear at someone, nor s/he violently pushed anybody. Indirectly, however, s/he behaved as if s/he had sworn at them or as if s/he had violently pushed them away! Actually s/he did behave aggressively towards them but without giving them any "handle" to immediately recognize how aggressively s/he behaved! That's the "feminine aggression" in a nutshell !

The fact now that the "feminine" selfishness is of an implicit kind - of a kind that it cannot be easily perceived by the others - is not making it less "mean"... In fact, it is equally powerful and "mean" to the masculine, "raw Ariettid type" of selfishness, who under similar conditions might have started shouting loud, behaving violently etc. But in such an instance the prominently masculine individual would have totally exposed himself, disclosed his intentions and attracted a lot of hostility! How convenient would that be? Instead the prominently feminine individual would have more carefully arranged his personal interests - without overexposing himself/herself and without attracting much aversion or hostility. Only in time and just by those delving deeper into things the full extent of the incident would have been revealed and only then the participants would have realized how selfishly the "raw Taurus type of person" behaved!

Thus, if the masculine kind of egotism is manifesting itself through overt and explicit aggression the feminine kind of egotism is "manifesting" itself through hidden, "behind the curtains" and passive (passive-aggressive we might say) paths, eschewing any situation that is not in full favour of the "prominently feminine" person! That kind of person will be methodically "absenting" - even if physically present - any situation not yielding a meaningful benefit to himself/herself  - no matter how critical this situation might be to other people. Therefore, selfish and aggressive people are not just the ones who are overtly behaving in an aggressive manner but those individuals too who are intentionally "absent" in any critical to their "neighbours" situation, all those who are not there when the people around them need them the most. Any individual not helping his/her fellow humans - in the name of not minimally jeopardizing his/her own personal interests - is actually selfish and aggressive...

Whenever someone remains silent and uninvolved is front of a critical situation, of an emergency, of an injustice commited in his/her own presence then that person is employing a "feminine aggressiveness"! Whenever i.e. a wealthy person is not assisting the needy people around him/her - for example the unemployed ones who cannot afford even their daily bread - then this wealthy person is employing a "feminine aggressiveness" towards his/her needy fellow humans and towards society in general. The feminine aggression is not easily spotted by third parties as it might employ hypocritical and "manipulative" behaviors.

How many times i.e. have you been confronted with a person who has (directly or indirectly) wronged you (or wronged somebody else), with a person who has behaved in a very selfish manner (although in a secretive manner, so that nobody notices it) and who not only is stubbornly refusing to acknowledge his/her wrong doing but is additionally trying skillfully to put you into an aggravated position... With such a person you might lose your temper - in front of such a humongous hypocrisy - and you might start yelling and gesturing. And then you will be the one looking aggressive in the eyes of the other people! In such a way the "prominently feminine" person will have managed to doubly victimize you - while thanks to his/her own "manipulative" skills s/he will be projecting a "goody two shoes" civilized image to the people around! This kind of behaviour is immensely aggressive but in a rather feminine manner! Meaning that it might not look aggressive in the eyes of the third parties - who may ultimately target you as the aggressive person! And this would be unfair enough to drive you crazy!

To put it in the words of the clinical psychologist and "Psychology Today" author Ditta M.Oliker: "What struck me as I was watching the film "The Help" is how it also dramatically and effectively captures the emotional and psychological violence of social aggression, including the sting and cruelty of the verbal "weapons" women use. The words now associated with female aggressive behavior include: excluding, ignoring, teasing, gossiping, secrets, backstabbing, rumor spreading and hostile body language (i.e., eye-rolling and smirking).  Most damaging is turning the victim into a social "undesirable". The behavior and associated anger is hidden, often wrapped in a package seen as somewhat harmless or just a "girl thing". The covert nature of the aggression leaves the victim with no forum to refute the accusations and, in fact, attempts to defend oneself leads to an escalation of the aggression.  What the film doesn't show though is that the effects of social aggression can be longer lasting and more damaging than physical aggression. Since the "weapons" have a stealth nature to them, there is less possibility of anticipating the specifics of an attack and fewer actions to defend against an attack."

I totally agree with Ditta M. Oliker but I would add the fact that the feminine aggression is not limited to women but it extends to the "astrologically feminine" men too. That might be aga8in a new term to you so here is my definition of it: An "astrologically feminine" person is the one having in his/her chart as many as possible of the preconditions described below (the more such preconditions s/he has in his/her chart the more "astrologically feminine s/he is. Points 1 and 2 are more critical though):
  1. A predominance of feminine signs. 
  2. A feminine houses emphasis
  3. Many "feminine planets" in the angles of  their charts
  4. A feminine "supremacy" in the planetary aspects of his/her chart etc.
(Note: the term "astrologically feminine" does not coincide with the term "effeminated". There are many "astrologically feminine" macho men out there...)

More or less, we are all familiar with the bitter "taste" of feminine aggression - which we are rather often experiencing in our everyday lives. It is a perticular kind of methodically structured and veiled aggression that is not easily perceived externally but still is an extremely sharp and corrosive type of aggression! Ultimately, the feminine aggression is more directly linked to the sign of Taurus (but as I said before not all Tauruses are femininely aggresive) and to the feminine signs in general (think i.e. of a Cancer or Scorpio. They might become femininely aggressive themselves)! And as I have already pointed out, the "feminine aggression" is not limited just to women but it extents to all men having predominant "feminine" energies in their charts.

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

P.S You may read Ditta M. Oliker's article "Bullying in the female world" here

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

An astrological analysis of Robin Williams' death

Popular actor Robin Williams was found dead on August 11th, 2014. This came as a surprise to many because Robin Williams - as far as we know - was not suffering  from any fatal illness... And the surprise got even bigger when we read that the "Jumanji" man commited suicide! Well, he was fighting a long battle against depresion and substances addiction but apparently he was doing well with rehab. In any case, there are out there millions of people living under similar conditions - or much much worse under a financial point of view - and most of them DO NOT commit suicide! What went wrong then with Robin Williams? His natal chart (and the transits/progresions in it) might offer us some clues.

To begin with, Robin Williams has a very "watery" chart. Apart from being a Cancer and having a Scorpio Ascendant he has a PISCES Moon too in the FOURTH House! This watery over-emphasis endowed him with an "audience charisma" (he had a very special way of "touching" emotionally the audience)! On the other hand, with so much water in his chart he was way too sensitive! And this sensitivity of his has been exacerbated recently by transiting Neptune touching his over-sensitive Pisces Moon in the Fourth House!

Meanwhile, his progressed Moon was currently moving in his Eighth House and was about to form a square aspect to his natal Saturn! His progressed Sun too was still forming a conjunction to his natal Saturn! So we are getting here a particular configuartion that denotes very well his pre-mortem state of mind: both his progressed Luminaries are forming a major aspect with Saturn - that we might call a "double-whammy" configuration! Add to this transiting Saturn on his Ascendant/ in his First House and you see "restriction" coming out big time in Robin's life! And a sense of "heaviness" as well, of aging rapidly and not getting much satisfaction out of life...

Apparently, Robin was an ultra sensitive person going now through an ultra Saturnian period (and as Saturn in Psychological astrology is considered a major depresion agent we get a better picture now of what Robin Williams was experiencing in these last days of his life)! He was a "Puer" that all of the sudden had to become a "Senex"... But as he was an eternal "Peter-Pan" symbol a "Senex" could never become! You see he endeared himself to the audiences for being the "Anti-Senex" symbol par excellence! And with so much "water: in his chart that kind of "endearment" he could not afford to lose...

Thomas Gazis

Monday, 28 July 2014

Jupiter in Leo (an "unhyped" interpretation...)

                                                        (Courtesy: Bill Attride)

There has been too much hype over the entrance of planet Jupiter in the sign of Leo - a few days ago. Supposedly all things are going to get better now and the optimism will sky-rocket among the people! But how can this be? According to the astrological tradition Jupiter was in a far better position in the previous sign, in Cancer where it is EXALTED! This means that from the moment Jupiter left Cancer and passed in the sign of Leo it was somehow "demoted" energetically - since Jupiter neither rules Leo nor is exalted in this fiery sign!

Undoubtedly Jupiter is not in its most privileged position when in Leo. On the other hand it is not in its most inopportune position either ... You see, according to the Hellenistic astrology (and to the Medieval / Renaissance one) Jupiter is the nocturnal ruler of the fiery triplicity (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). Consequently, it acquires in Leo certain titles and offices. Not though the ones most astrologers are thinking of. If you noticed before, I wrote that Jupiter is the nocturnal ruler of the fiery triplicity. Which means that in the sign of Leo it exhibits somehow distinctively its properties but ultimately in a different - "esoteric" I would dare to say - manner. And in any case not so exuberantly and visibly as many would expect. This is pointed out by the law of "Tao" as well: The extreme "Yang" energies (the combined ones of Jupiter and Leo) are converted - from some point on - into "Yin"ones!

The main "obstacle" for Jupiter in Leo to manifest its exuberant side stems out of its most archetypal / fundamental property: the one of "opening up" and "expanding", the ever going on process of "dilatation and expansion". Such a property though is not particularly compatible with the sign of Leo, which generally works in favor of the "centrality" (Leo is ever promoting the "centralization" of all things). Therefore, there can never be a true"expansion" in the essentially "centripetal" sign of Leo, which is pushing the energies from the periphery to the center - and not from the center outwards, as  the expansive planet Jupiter desires. The often narrow minded, stubborn and inflexible nature of Leo offers anything but a breeding ground for the spiritual and idealistic Jupiter, which needs a lot of dialogue, movement, freedom and open-mindness in order to flourish!

Jupiter somehow stands for the "complexity" while Leo opts for the "simplicity" (Jupiter ever interrelates isolated ideas, composing out of them complex and advanced concepts - and this mecchanism lies at the foundations of philosophy). On the other hand Leo is removing the more complex layers in order to get to the very core of a situation. Thus the two work at crosses purposes here. In addition, Leo (together with Virgo) is the sign of "purification". It wants to purify things out of any "spurious" element. But it is imperative to define first here what is a "spurious" element according to the Leonian perspective - because what exacly is "spurious" is often debatable. And what might seem spurious to the sign of Leo might seem quite indispensable to Jupiter so that it makes a "conceptual interconnection" and extrapolate something "higher" out of various randomly lying and apparently unrelated ideas.

On a "mundane" level Jupiter has to do with goals, belief systems and ideals (the ideals of a certain society, of a state, country etc). With the presence of Jupiter in Leo the social / national ideals might fluctuate and become more rigid and authoritarian - permitting thus extreme ideologies to surface. And as Leo is a conservative sign (remember that in the zodiac it is diametrically opposed to the "radical" sign of Aquarius) it is now likely to trigger a more rigid spirit worldwide. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the first "tsunami" of conservatism / monetarism in the Western world appeared in 1979 - when Jupiter was in Leo again - with the election of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister of England.

Despite the fanfare of many astrologers the periods of Jupiter's presence in Leo have not been the brightest in human history! In March 2003 we had the American-British invasion of Iraq (who can really forget the hysterical Bush's and Blair's cries / calls to war?). In January 1991 we had the war in the Persian Gulf, with the Americans leading both the liberation of Kuwait and the invasion of Iraq. While in June 1967 we had the "six days of war" between Israel and Egypt that almost sparked an international armaggedon. All these major wars were conducted in periods when Jupiter was in Leo! And the two wars in Iraq were apparently "justified" by the pretense that the Americans had to impose their own "democracy" upon Iraq (how much "Jupiter in Leo" is this thing - enforcing my own "democracy" upon others? No true democracy is ever enforcing anything to any one!)

On another level, perhaps it is not so surprising that the unusual and deadly heat wave that swept Europe in 2003 (that has allegedly caused more than 70,000 deaths) took place under the dominion of Jupiter in Leo (representing the somehow excessive manifestation of the "fiery element", of the "heat").

Clearly therefore, a lot of energy is released globally when Jupiter is "transiting" in Leo. But the question is how to manage all this exuberant energy, because if it is diverted in warfares - like in the periods mentioned above - no creative results can be obtained. Obviously all this "excess energy" is better channeled  in activities like sports (which are consistent with the spirit of Leo), in recreational purposes and in "games". Also, with Jupiter in the sign of "spectacles" there will be a "booming" in film industry, fashion and in "spectacles" in general.

However, with Jupiter in Leo ​​some historical peace efforts were made too (such as the famous "Camp David" treaty  in 1978 between the Egyptian President Sadat and the Israeli Begin, the nuclear disarmament agreement of 1979 between the U.S. President Carter and the Russian Brezhnev and the historic west/east Germany unification in 1990). Perhaps this unifying trend stems from what I mentioned before as the "esoteric" aspect of Jupiter in Leo.

Ultimately that may be the best gift Jupiter in Leo will bestow upon us: the ability to work "esoterically" with ourselves and find our true inner core, our "center" so that in all purity we follow our hearts!

Thomas Gazis

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

What is a patronage made of ? (the Da Vinci's - Duke's of Milan Synastry)

                                                     (Ludovico Sforza - Duke of Milan)

To my knowledge, there has never been a thorough study revealing the extent to which the incidental likings or aversions of the people involved in any situation ultimately determine the course of that situation - and the course of the events in general, both in our every day lives and in historical occurrences. I suspect that such a factor is considerably larger than we generally believe. Often it is due to some particular sympathy flaring among the participants of an x situation that turn i.e. a job interview into a cosy chat, that bring forth unexpectedly profitable deals, collaborations and enterprises! Thus, the quality of the human interactions, the inner "attunement" of the individuals (their "Synastry", as we call it) is of an uttermost importance and it lies at the foundations of many human accomplishments!

I was pondering on this while I was studying the Synastry of the "Renaissance man par excellence" Leonardo Da Vinci and his major patron: the Duke of Milan Ludovico Sforza! I was wondering what was the astrological element that prompted Sforza to offer his generous and multi-annual patronage to Da Vinci (who had been seeking such a patronage out of many Italian lords all over Italy but mostly he was denied it)!

As you may see above, the horoscope of Ludovico Sforza has been preserved (this square type of horoscopes was in vogue till a couple of centuries ago). Sforza was born on the 3rd of August 1452 (Julian calendar). Thus, the Duke was a Leo Sun with his Moon in Pisces (by the way, he has the same "Luminaries" combination as  actor Robert De Niro - and judging by the Duke's portrait they look alike!). His Ascendant is in Aquarius. You may see below the modern counterpart of his Renaissance chart:

We know as well Leonardo's Da Vinci natal chart (his grand-father had noted the exact date and time of his birth and fortunately that specific note has been preserved). Da Vinci was a Taurus Sun and he had his Moon in the sign of Pisces (isn't this an artist's combination or what?). His Ascendant was in Sagittarius. You may see Leonardo's chart below:

Da Vinci was born in a village near Florence and he lived in this illustrious city till his thirties (he was apprenticed to Verrocchio and received some form of patronage out of the tycoon Medici family). Things though were turning against the Medici's and him personally (he was accused of sodomy) and thus in 1482 he moved to Milan, where he was very well  received by the Duke of the city Ludovico Sforza. The Duke was a Leo and Da Vinci a Taurus. Their solar signs are considered discordant (actually, they are discordant!). How comes then they matched so well (Da Vinci stayed at the Sforza's court for 17 whole years)? Well, Synastry is much deeper than we think and it somehow moves in mysterious ways!

The Duke of Milan was a Leo. But Da Vinci was in a certain sense a Leo too! You see, he had his Sun in his Fifth House - and that is a potent domification, since the Sun is the ruler of the Fifth House! So definitely there was a common thread connecting them (Leonardo was orchestrating i.e. for the Duke  spectacular wedding ceremonies and other extravagant social events and happenings - putting on stage i.e mechanical "knights" moving on their own etc.)! Not to mention the fact that in their Synastry Leonardo's Sun is "falling" in Sforza's Second House (as you can see below). Thus, Leonardo was somehow "Taureanizing" the Duke of Milan - meaning that through their interaction Leonardo was activating in the Duke certain Taurean properties, turning largely Sforza (especially when Leonardo was dealing with him face to face) into the very sign he was! !

Actually, we are dealing here with what I call  "latent" synastric elements  (you may see my relative "Sasstrology" article here ). A "latent" synastric element is a pivotal element in a Synastry but it is somehow "hidden". Thus it is not easily perceived as a pivotal synastric element unless we somehow "extrapolate" it as such by spotting certain composite inter-connections within the charts of the two individuals and within their own Synastry!

Furthermore, an extremely unifying factor is stemming out of their Moons! They both had their Moon in the sign of Pisces (meaning that their "inner worlds" were largely composed of the same stuff and that they could instinctively connect and "feel" each other!).

And now the two "uber" beneficent / patronage kind of factors in this Synastry! First, the Duke's Jupiter is standing exactly over Leonardo's Moon (the Duke's Jupiter is in the 3rd degree of Pisces and is synastrically forming a PARTILE conjunction to Leonardo's Moon, in the 3rd degree of Pisces!) And second, the Duke's Sun is "falling" in Leonardo's Ninth House (this is an archetypal benefactor's / "godfather's" domification)! There are some other minor beneficent configurations too but we might as well rest our case here...

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

Friday, 20 June 2014

When Hades reached the top of the firmament (the "dark" 2010 - '20 decade)!

As you most probably know Hades is the mythical god of the underworld. Therefore Hades (or Pluto) should be normally dwelling under our feet, within the farthest depths of the earth. How would you feel then if I told you that Hades has actually left his gruesome kingdom and has climbed over the top of the sky, over the very "Zenith of the world"? That Hades is currently hovering over our heads, having taken under his control our societies? There might be a sort of horror movie feeling to it but that's the reality! The grisly Pluto's form is hovering over our heads, ominously casting his shadow and disrupting our societies (and radically transforming them too). I think most of us have experienced - and are experiencing as we speak - this subtle plutonian sensation...We are living in a critical, deeply transformative era. And Pluto will continue to be at the "top of the world" throughout the entire decade. So in the future Astrologers will be referring to our times as "the dark 2010 - '20 decade, when Pluto was at the zenith of the world"!

Pluto is currently in the sign of Capricorn - which to us astrologers symbolizes the "World MC". It has been there for the last seven years. The "World MC" is a simple idea - and quite functional too. In the image below you can see the Zodiac in its classic "archetypal" orientation, with the sign of Aries to the left and the sign of Capricorn on the top:

Actually the Zodiac circle is forming the very basis of the horoscope. But in reality the Zodiac is a "dynamic" rather than an inanimate entity (a "universal software" I call it), that controls and directs all the processes in the Universe! From the birth of a man to the manufacture of a car, from the course of a love affair to the course of humanity itself! This ultimately proves to be  extremely convenient to us! You see, probably we will never possess  mankind's "natal horoscope"  (based on the exact date the first man was born). But we are still given an alternative solution: we can study the course of humanity through the positions and the aspects of the "socio- collective" planets (Jupiter to Pluto) in the Zodiac! The only thing we have to do is to display in the above "archetypically oriented" zodiac just the "socio- collective" planets. And then voila! We are immediately getting the "World Horoscope" for the period we are interested in!

On the top of the World Horoscope there is an area (corresponding to the sign of Capricorn) called the "World Midheaven" - "World MC" or "World Zenith". The World MC is revealing to us - depending on the planets transiting over it - the kind of "energies" diffused and prevailing at the time in our societies, economies etc. - as well as the quality of the current "ruling class", of the governments, of the "establishment" etc.

Therefore, with dark Pluto in this area  the "zeitgeist" prevailing currently in our societies is rather dark, chthonic, ruthless, highly transformative and somehow "deadly". And not just now but throughout the whole decade - because planet Pluto (the black planet in the image below, on the highest point of the "World Horoscope") will remain in this sector for many more years.

Pluto was again in the very same portion of the zodiac (and on top of the sky) some 250 years ago. But its impact was much smaller back then, for a simple reason: there were no organized societies around - to the extent there are now (New York for example looked like a small provincial town back then, while the current colossal financial and commercial networks had not developed yet - nor the stock markets. I say this because Pluto in Capricorn affects primarily the so called "organized societies" - which are generally under the auspices of the sign of Capricorn). Therefore never before in the history of mankind the presence of Pluto in Capricorn/on the "World  MC" is impacting us as strongly as nowadays! What we are experiencing now has not been experienced by any other previous generation within the last 200,000 years (since Homo Sapiens appeared on Earth, that is)!

Do you remember "Hades" in mythology? It is the same (tricky) deity as Pluto. Hades resides in the underworld and is grabbing the souls of the dead - and their fortunes as well. Actually Hades is a "quintillioner" as he is steadily accumulating over the centuries the fortunes of all the deceased people! Does this sound familiar? The International Monetary Fund seems to have become the "underworld" of our time, as it is accumulating more and more the fortunes of the various supposedly "dead" - under a financial point of view -  countries, contributing thus to the deterioration of the global economic crisis and the spreading of poverty and hunger among many countries - which until a few years ago were doing rather well. As the "dark" and "evil" Pluto is now on the very "Zenith" of humanity most governments seem more "dark" and sinister than ever! Many governments are cruelly taxiing  their less advantaged citizens  while anti-constitutional foreclosures seem to be the norm of the time! Usurpation of money and properties is the norm by now almost all over the world - not by chance, Pluto is the great "Usurper"...

In general our governments seem to operate with an increasingly corrupt and irrational manner, apparently reaching even to then point of conspiring against us the citizens (supposedly our governments are "spraying" us with chemicals, are urging us to do useless vaccines that contain toxic substances etc.). This feeling of collusive cruelty from the part of the authorities has been enhanced during the years 2013 - 2014 - as Saturn entered the sign of Scorpio (and formed a "mutual reception" with Pluto in Capricorn - which I personally believe we should  classify as a tough reception).

As we explained before, any "social - collective" planet standing in the "World Zenith" dictates the "spirit" that will prevail within humanity during its stay there! And since Pluto is the most "elevated" planet now (and will remain so at least until 2023 - while in 2018 Pluto will be joined by  Saturn as well), it is the spirit of Pluto that is currently prevailing all over the world! Pluto is a dark, underground, ruthless, highly transformative planet who supports the strong and "unscrupulous" kind of people and encourages plutocracy - while he despises the weak individuals and therefore the poor ones. He rather loves the tough guys, the trickters (even the "dirty" and the immoral ones), those who manage to survive and to enrich themselves (as mentioned, Pluto loves the riches) no matter if they employed cruel, dark and immoral methods (it is no coincidence that Pluto is considered the planet of the mobsters) ...

Ultimately though, things are not so "black". All planets have a creative side and in the case of Pluto this is the transformation that he will massively entail to the organized societies all over the planet. Pluto will dissolve the old, worn-out and non-functional elements and structures and out of the ashes a new, more alive, functional and healthy world will emerge! All this of course will not be achieved painlessly but  probably through profound and agonizing procedures which will eventually affect in a myriad ways (mentally, morally, financially and even physically) vast masses of people - catapulting to full despair the weaker and vulnerable ones. Pluto's game is not meant for the soft players ...

Pluto, however, is not entirely free to do what he wants. He has been fiercely fought by another Titan, which is currently located on the "World Ascendant" (see two images above), struggling to ascend to heaven and displace Pluto - resending him back to the underworld where he actually belongs. We are talking about  planet Uranus (the blue planet in the horoscope below, on the left). Uranus standing actually on the "World Ascendant" is the major indicator of the quality of the "energies" and of the trends that are currently springing forth in our societies (the "World Ascendant" is a sort of "gateway" ever diffusing in a torrential way fresh cosmic energies to humanity - and to each individual. And since Uranus possesses some intensely humanistic qualities this planet is fighting now for the rights of all the unadjusted and disadvantaged people (urging them to uprise)!

We are thus in a situation where on one hand Pluto standing over the "World Zenith" is making the ruling class more brutal, corrupt, cruel and oppressive than ever, while on the other hand Uranus over the "World Ascendant" is making people more freedom demanding,  rebellious and revolutionary than ever! And things are going over the edge especially in the period 2012 - 2015, when Pluto and Uranus are tightly forming a particularly tough planetary aspect called "square". Thus the split between the ordinary citizen and the local "status quo" is widening in the years 2012 -2015 - as a "partile" square aspect is formed  several times during this period as Uranus and Pluto move back and forth.

Planet Uranus is the "Great Awakener" and the "Rebel with a cause"! About three years ago it reached the point of the "World Ascendant" and it dynamically started "awakening" the people all over the planet, urging them to overthrow their corrupt governments and take power into their own hands! A brave new individual is born now, no longer a numbed and indifferent consumerist machine but more visionary and enlightened, more oriented to its social fabric, open to its fellow-humans, with a cosmic consciousness!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis 

P.S. At some point we should start taking into consideration the planetoids such as Eris, Sedna etc.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Having a crush on society! (Jupiter - Sagittarius - Ninth House)

We mostly know Jupiter as a "beneficial" planet that is "magnifying" things and situations ... And we probably know Sagittarius (the sign ruled by Jupiter) as the sign of "religion, higher education and distant traveling" ... There is another important dimension to Sagittarius though which we often neglect: its impetus towards sociability! In other words, the trend of this sign to enthusiastically open up  to the "unknown others" and to continuously and indiscriminately mingle and interact with people and groups! Those individuals having a strong Sagittarius, Jupiter or ninth house emphasis in their charts are somehow imbued by a very special "geist", which we could call "a crush on society"! And ultimately this "crush" turns to be one of the fundamental traits of Sagittarius (and of the two other astrological archetypes associated with Sagittarius: Jupiter and the Ninth house)!

In the "dynamic" zodiac (where each sign represents an advanced step of the preceding one) the sign of Sagittarius is located immediately after the "pairing" signs (Libra, Scorpio) and before the "universal" ones (Aquarius, Pisces). Therefore it represents an intermediate step, a phase where the individual should move past the stage of romantic and sexual pairing (which is "sugarish" and tends to "engulf", to close in  the individuals). The sign of Sagittarius is thrusting us forward, beyond the often petty and claustrophobic company of our "buddies", of "our own people". It is enticing us to open up to the wider world, to indiscriminately socialize and thus evolve. It advices us to overcome our narrow horizons, our selfishness, the "Samsara" of our micro-routine and gradually pass to the higher state of becoming a "universal being". At that state we encounter ourselves fully twinned with our unknown fellow-humans, ultimately loving them as much as our own self!

The sign of Sagittarius is thus inducing a major "consciousness shift", urging us to go beyond the (often raw and immature) "pairing" and "becoming buddies" thing,  to move onto the broader and undifferentiated "socializing"! To begin to feel our intimate "likeness" to our totally unknown fellow-humans. But this is something extremely difficult for the "average Joe" to achieve,  unless he has in his chart elements conferring to him this kind of "social crush" quality! That is why the "geist" of Sagittarius (Jupiter and ninth house) is ultimately so important to our society! As much as a Scorpio is longing to meet his/her viscerally desired lover a Sagittarius is longing to meet an unknown to him/her group of people (and the more unknown the people around him/her the more s/he longs to get to know them and exchange energies!)

So the "Archer" is a collective unifying force, a very strong, cohesive and heightened societal link! In order now to be sociable, to stand constantly beside unknown individuals one should have an open, elevated mind and display a friendly and benevolent attitude to his/her fellow humans! You see, the over-sensitive people, the touchy, immature, suspicious ones are mostly anti-social (as they somehow fear the contact with any people they don't know. Thus they enclose themselves within "petty-groups" and environments they are familiar with - which they can manipulate! This kind of people is set to a rather phobic mode when found in an "open" social environment. So, whenever an opportunity arises for them to go out and meet unknown  people they mostly overlook it thinking: "why should I go to an "alien" environment, full of people I don't know who might put me down, hurt me etc."...

This mentality is characterizing an awful lot of people who are ending up couch potatoes, watching TV or "procrastinately" surfing on the net (losing thus valuable opportunities their eventual social participation might have given them - i.e. to find a good job or a proper partner). So we need to overcome this anti-social trend that prevails to the average person. And the energy needed to overcome it is provided to us by the sign of Sagittarius (and on another level by the sign of Aquarius, whose Sagittarius is somehow a "proto-form", an early "warmer" version - Sagittarius being a fire sign)!

Most people are not endowed with a surplass of Sagittarius, Jupiter or Ninth House energies in their charts and thus they lack this kind of openness to their unknown fellow - humans. People in general have a tendency to "close in" and mistrust those who do not partake to their own group. This means that our societies are largely composed of isolated groups/companies of people, who do not readily exchange energies and do not fully communicate with each other (thus these groups easily degenerating into fractions, cliques etc.). And of course this is not producing a healthy social fabric at all! Where narrow minds prevail people isolate themselves in small groups and then the vital "societal energies" do not flow freely - they get "coagulated" instead - creating within the social fabric all kinds of gaps and "polarizations". The society as a whole cannot function properly and is ultimately driven into decline and collapse.
This is the case of our modern western societies, which over the past decades have somehow collapsed and led us to the current  mega - crisis (which apart from being a financial crisis is mostly a social/ethical one)! Us the Astrologers can easily detect at the core of this social crisis a deficit of sagittarian  "social crush " geist! This seems to be the major problem in our contemporary western - or westernized - societies: the guileless opening to our unknown fellow human (with no expectancy of a blatant benefit - such as profit, social or professional advancement etc.). This kind of "opening" creates a free flow of the energies and a general uplifting of the society!

Thus, the stronger the presence of Sagittarius, Jupiter and Ninth house in our charts the more prominently we have a  "crush on society", the more open we are towards our fellow-humans, the more we are attracted by the large and unknown to us groups of people and therefore the more we partake of society and of the powerful energies flowing in it, getting "enriched" by them and ultimately contributing ourselves to the formation of a more healthy, "homogenized", progressed and bright society!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazes

This is a newer version of a Thomas Gazis article that was published οn the December 2013 issue of the Greek magazine "Astrologiki Pyxida" ("Astrological Compass").

Monday, 21 April 2014

The Grand Cardinal Cross of April 2014. Αn historical event!

The crucifixion has been the central theme these days within the christian communities. As we speak though a unique "Cosmic Cross" is ever more precisely formed in our skies - climaxing to the April 22nd perfect (partile) Cross configuration between the planets Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars (all of them being exactly at the 13th degree of the corresponding sign. And it is interesting to know that both the USA's natal Sun and the Russian President's Vladimir Putin Sun stand at the 13th degree of Cancer and Libra respectively)!

There are some astrologers out there claiming that this very rare phenomenon is "no big deal". Maybe they forget that a similar Cross configuration was formed in 1933, during the culmination of the "depression", the ascent in power of the Nazi party in Germany and the nomination of Hitler as Germany's chancellor! And also a similar quality cardinal T-square was formed back in 1344, just as the deadly Bubonic Plague was about to ravage almost half of Europe's population!

                                                           (courtesy of "Lisamooncat")

So, definitely this is far from being a "no big deal" phenomenon... We don't need to be afraid of it (it actually works for our own evolution - indeed with frenzied pace) but we should investigate it more thoroughly and evaluate it properly! Obviously there is no unanimity among the astrologers as to how this Cross will manifest its energies over our earthy dimensions. But this is not necessarily a bad thing, it doesn't tell us how "flawed" astrology is. The astrology configurations - especially the most complex ones like the current Grand Cross  - often manifest their energies in surprising ways ("archetypally" as Glenn Perry says - and not in a "linear", mathematically induced way). 

What we have to consider is that this is a unique and powerful astrological phenomenon, whose power is not stemming out just from the "additive accumulation" of the four high energy planets involved in it, from the ultra - elevated potential of the square and opposition aspects dominating in it but from the fine "attunement" of the four participant planets too - all of them being exactly at the13th degree of their respective signs.

All in all, no ultra catastrophic events might occur these days as the Grand Cardinal Cross is peaking. No doubt it will strongly affect us and our planet but probably not in the explicit, dramatic way we expect. "Something is about to crack" indeed! Yes, but what if this "crack" has positive implications? And ultimately the intensity of this phenomenon might not be cataclysmically expressed during its culmination (around April 22, 2014 that is). It might be dissipated over time and somehow subtly permeate the months and years we live in, coloring them with its own particular astrological hue - and ultimately creating a distinct mini "epoch" in our modern human history!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis