Friday, 18 October 2019

Pluto in Capricorn disclosed to us the fact that the "King" is naked!

To some of you, this Frank Zappa's saying might seem just the mumbling of a stoned rocker. In reality, though, it is a profound and insightful statement, brilliantly explaining in just a few words the very essence of modern politics!

You see, politics is so complicated! But everything becomes crystal clear if we apply this Zappa's saying to it! Modern presidents are some sort of entertainers! Take Trump for example. Trump seems to be but the colorful host of the entertainment division of the all-mighty military-industrial complex! Apparently, his job is to amuse us, to distract us, so that big "industra" can easily make good money!

Presidents have always been this sort of "entertainers"! They were always serving the interests of the mighty parties but this didn't show in the past, no citizen would believe that their President is a rather shady guy, which is serving the interests of the mighty parties at the expense of the people! But now, with Pluto in Capricorn, this is becoming ever more obvious! Everybody can see that the king is naked!

The reality is that the previous presidents were not worse than Trump. Bush senior and junior, Clinton, Obama, all of them officially endorsed the slaughtering of millions of innocent people in Iraq, Serbia, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. so that big "industra" make good money! Some of them were even shadier than Trump! But none of them was daemonized to the extent Trump is!

You see, a new kind of consciousness is emerging now, in our era that is strongly reverberating to the Pluto in Capricorn tune! Everybody can see that the President is "naked" but they cannot figure out what exactly is wrong with him...They sense the incongruency, the "wrong vibes" coming out of the president but they think there is something wrong exclusively with him, that he might be a sociopath, a lunatic, behaving and acting the way he does!

To grasp what is really going on you need to hold on for a moment, pan out and realize that you were focusing so far on the host of the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex, missing the big picture! And that you were blaming the entertainment division host for the ills of the military-industrial complex!

Thomas Gazis

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

The Greek Astrological "school" "Alternative Education" ("Enallaktiki Paideia") - (A Critical Approach by Thomas Gazis)

Some non-Greek fellow-astrologers have seen this article (in Greek) on Facebook and they thought it might be interesting. By using though the automatic translation they couldn't make a sense of its content.. So, I have translated the article in English for them to read.

Many of us, who have stated astrology as our main interest on Facebook, we have been bombarded in the last few weeks by an "ad" that was calling us to enrol in the "Alternative Education" astrology "school" ("Enallaktiki Paideia" in Greek ). I wanted to write a review of this "school" but I waited for  the enrolments to be completed first, so that my criticism wouldn't be considered a malicious one. Now that they have, I can more freely express my opinion.

The "Alternative Education" Astrology "school" caused a lot of fuss in Greece in April 2017, when it appeared on many TV news stories as the first astrology "school" ever in Greece, a "school" recognized by the Greek Ministry of Education! Many people who watched the specific news story were excited, hearing that a recognized astrology school has been established in Greece, providing official "astrology diplomas"! It seemed like brand new horizons were opening up for astrology in this mediterranean country. And that's odd because till recently Greece was a rather backward country regarding astrology.

Personally, I have been dreaming for many years now the creation and establishment in Greece of an academic level Astrology School - and I have incessantly worked on a collective level to realize this vision - alongwith the one of a national Greek Astrological entity (association etc.)! So I would be one of the first persons in Greece to celebrate the establishment of a true Astrology School! I am stressing the word "true" because somebody can relatively easy create a "sort of astrology school" but in order to create an actual astrology school many terms and conditions must be fulfilled first. So let's see if these conditions are met in the case of  the "Alternative Education" center.

First of all - as you can see in the photo below of the "Alternative Education's" identity (you may click on it) - we are not dealing here with an academic type of "school" but with a "Lifelong Learning Center" - "LLC" or "ΚΔΒΜ" in Greek! There is a big difference between these two entities!

I wonder why the directors of "Alternative Education" display the actual status of their center with just its initials ("ΚΔΒΜ" in Greek, meaning "Lifelong Learning Center" - "LLC" !) Is it because they are ashamed to state publicly that thers actually is a simple - NON academic - "LLC"? Or because they prefer to give to the public the impression that their center is a recognized by the Greek Ministry of Education "school" - without actually being it? If the latter applies then they mislead the public!

To give a hypothetical example, we could create a "Lifelong Learning Center" for knitting! At this center the art and the secrets of knitting would be explained. Secrets that ultimately our grandmother might hold much better than the rest of us. So our grandmother could lead a knitting section to a similar "LLC". But in no case she could become a "teacher" in an academic school, if she did't meet first a whole bunch of prerequisites!

Let's go to the second element that I have highlighted above in the identity of "Enallaktiki Paideia"! In the element stating that this "school" is composed of "distinguished astrologers, with extensive experience in Astrology teaching"! If we believe this claim then we must admit that "Alternative Education" has been staffed by foremost "teachers" of Astrology!

In reality though, there is no easy way to becoming a TEACHER! And not just in Astrology but in any field. Actually, in Greece we do not even have many worthy Astrologers (our country ranks among the last in the West in Astrology Education, Astrology Research, etc.). So how did we suddenly get in Greece so many important Astrology teachers?

The concept "teacher" carries a lot of weight! Being a teacher of Astrology means that you are literally a mobile encyclopedia, in terms of Astrological Knowledge! That you are knowledgeable on any Astrology branch, on  any aspect of Astrology, no matter how small and trivial it might seem! That you also have knowledge of many different fields and subjects, such as Psychology, History, Politics, etc. That you are an integral person, with Principles and Ethics! These are the elements that constitute a true Astrology teacher!

From my part, though, I've never read a book, original astrological articles, or some kind of research by the majority of the "Alternative Education" employees who are claiming to be foremost Astrology teachers! And I'm a man who reads a lot and peruses the publications of Greek astrologers of all kinds (I don't read of course the trivial weekly predictions, the Mercury retrograde hysteria etc. because I don't think that such "bubble-gum" kind of articles are worthwhile - nor they automatically render you an Astrology "teacher").

But let's go into more specific details and take for example the case of Mrs Nona Voudouri. As she writes in her resume (and as you can see in the picture below), Ms. Voudouri has been working as an astrology teacher
at the "Alternative Education" LLC. since 2018 ! He even mentions that she  took lessons in this very "school". The point is that  the "Alternative Education" center was founded in April 2017! Which means that in just a few months, Ms Voudouri has turned from a mere astrology student into an astrology teacher! We're talking here about things that are not serious at all!

Finally, let's look at the third statement that I have underlined on the "identity" of the "Alternative Education" center. The statement saying that this particular
"LLC" "will employ as teachers the most important Greek Astrologers "! Since I am an old hand at the various vicissitudes of the Greek astrology scene I can assure you that the "Alternative Education" has actually done the opposite: it employed none of the people who are the truly leading Greek Astrologers (you can see my relative article here)! I mean people like Nicholas Kampanes, Konstantine Stefanou, Yianni Symeonoglou (unfortunately he passed away early in 2019,  with the bitterness in his heart that his work will never reach the wider public) For Astrologers, that is, who are among the few in Greece that meet the prerequisites of an Astrology teacher! So why the directors of  the "Alternative Education" (which are in the know) did not employ these leading Greek Astrologers as teachers of their "school", when it was founded?

All in all, the Greek "Enallaktiki Paideia"
"school" is in reality a LLC. center of non sincere intentions. But this "school" would not actually exist unless the Greek public had "summoned" it! A public that considers the formalities more important than the essence. You see, the diploma provided by any school has no value "per se"! Its value is derived exclusively by the overall quality of the "school" the diploma is provided by and by the worth of its teachers! 

Thomas D. Gazis

Sunday, 22 September 2019

WE DESERVE A BETTER ASTROLOGY IN GREECE (and in any other country for that matter)!

Societies are thriving when they are placing their most worthy members to their higher positions. On the other hand, those societies that are habitually promoting their less worthy members, the “well connected, mediocre” ones, are bound to decline and degenerate!

The phenomenon of  the "well connected, mediocre" people taking over prominent posts is more or less prevalent all over the world. However the very fabric of the advanced societies is such that is providing ample recognition opportunities for many of their worthy citizens as well! I don’t think though that there is another civilized country in the world that promotes to such an extent the "well connected, mediocre" people (at the expenses of the worthy ones) as modern Greece!

The people who dominate today the Greek astrological scene (and who are portrayed in public as the "leading ones") in reality are no more than golden mediocrities (although they promote a quite different image of themselves. Some of them even claim that they are the best astrologers worldwide!). Definitely they are not "top astrologers" at all. Because it's not someone's appearances on TV or on Internet portals, or the support s/he receives from various "circuits" that makes him/her a top astrologer. It is someone's quality work, inspirational books, original articles,  thorough research and high ethical standards that renders him/her a top Astrologer! And none of the people who are calling today the shots in modern Greek astrology meet such criteria. And ironically those who meet them are totally marginilized!

Very few Greeks know for example that Yianni Symeonoglou was a leading contemporary Greek astrologer! Symeonoglou was the one who essentially introduced and developed the so called "Systemic Astrology" in Greece! He wrote two insightful books ("The Times and the Seasons of the Invisible - Astrology" and "Beyond the Astrology you know"). He was about to publish a third, monumental book but he suddenly died in early 2019. Although Symeonoglou was opting for a "scientific" astrology he was not afraid to draw material from the fields of metaphysics and esoteric knowledge - especially from Orphic and Pythagorean teachings. He discovered some new dimensions of the Moon's Nodes - to which he gave some pioneering interpretations! And yet, the circuit that is controlling the astrological scene in Greece has never presented his work, has never honored him! They never offered him the opportunity to get in touch with the public, never invited him to their speeches and lectures (maybe they were afraid that their "poverty" would become obvious if challenged by Symeonoglou's wealth of knowledge)!

The result is that Symeonoglou was marginalized by the dominant astrological circuit and was gradually turned into a picturesque figure! The man who has been one of the foremost contemporary Greek Astrologers in reality lived as a rather insignificant astrologer - and died with the bitterness in his heart that his rich and original work would remain unknown to the Greek public!

Two other major figures of modern Greek Astrology are Nicholas Kampanes and Konstantine Stefanou! Kampanes is an erudite, renaissance kind of Astrologer! Apart from Astrology, he has delved into Philosophy, Theosophy, Metaphysics, Literature etc! He has published two excellent books that literally adorn the Greek Astrological literature ("Astrological Institutio" and "Astrology in the Light of Science")! The other Astrologer, Konstantine Stefanou, has created a distinct and robust work on asteroids and on the so-called "harmonics" - while he has opened new paths on the "quantistic" dimension of Astrology (inspired often by esoteric knowledge)! So, as one might suspect, the dominant Greek astrological circuit has never given a step to these people! Thus, Greek astrologers of international caliber are deliberately "buried" in this mediterranean country and they end up by being considered "non-existent" or "marginal picturesque" figures at best!

I could mention 3-4 more names of outstanding Greek Astrologers who are also completely unknown to the general public. I believe though that the three aforementioned are the most important! And I think that it is embarassing to all of us who love Astrology (the true one, with a capital A) that these people have not yet been recognized and honored, they have not been accredited for their original, pioneering, monumental work that could enrich all the Greek (and maybe foreign too) Astrology students and researchers!

Unfortunately, the Greek public (which actually is "under-cultured" in Astrology. You see, names like Dane Rudhyar, Robert Hand or Richard Tarnas are largely unknown in Greece) considers as foremost Greek Astrologers some well-connected people, who in reality are a "glittering wrapper with a disproportionately low content"! The astrological beacons that I mentioned above are completely unknown. And as these people have not been recognized and honored - due to their "blacklisting" and deliberate silencing from the part of the dominant circuit  - they are considered by the public (despite their huge astrological magnitude) as some picturesque, marginalized figures ...

But that is damaging to all of us, as the Greek Astrology is overall hold back! Because under the current conditions the "bar" is constantly lowered so that it serves the interests of some rather unscrupulous people. It's like walking into a dark desolation without any lights around. It is no coincidence that modern Greek astrology ranks low within the civilized world!

Think now that we are in 2019 and there isn't still a national Astrological entity (association, federation) at all in Greece! There are a couple of “astrology clubs” (that's what they are in reality), claiming to be "genuine Pan-Hellenic astrological entities" but that's not the case at all. A pan-Hellenic Astrological entity should be created by (first of all) an open invitation to all interested parties, to all Greek astrologers (and not just to a selected narrow circuit). And secondly, by implementing open, democratic processes, without any elements of secretiveness and covertness.

An Astrological entity should not be created just in order to protect the interests of the Greek astrologers but in order to wholesomely elevate Greek astrology, to raise the "bar" and bring as much as possible quality and morality to our heavenly art! Also, in order to organize regular talks, lectures and conferences (even international ones) all over Greece, talks that will be promoting the work and research of the BEST Greek Astrologers, and not of those privileged ones belonging to "circuits"! Such an astrological entity will be opening the road for the younger, talented Astrologers to walk in!

To turn back to the people controlling today the Greek astrology, these people are making various deceitful claims and one of them is that "they are fond of collectiveness, they always act in unison and in a collective manner"! That's not true at all! You see these people constitute a "closed circuit" and they are "rubbing shoulders" with each other. So, with such a claim they are trying to make a virtue out of necessity! If they were truly collective they would have long ago presented publicly and promoted the excellent Greek astrologers I mentioned before - them and their monumental work!

On the contrary, the "controllers" seem to have tacitly compiled a "black list", with people that are "undesirable" to them! Not because these "blacklisted" astrologers have done anything bad to them but simply because they are their best and this it annoys them! And by taking advantage of every available means they have, they preventively undermine any bridge (however small or - in most cases - imaginary to them) they see forming between the worthy astrologers and the general public! Well yes, sometimes they include a fresh face in their events, but this they do in order to look open minded, generous and "progressive" in the eyes of the public. The disapponting thing is though that they never invite the same individuals more than once or twice, so that they do not run the risk of being overtaken by them!

Another burning issue is the one regarding the national horoscope of Greece. The entire Greek astrological establishment is incorrectly claiming that Greece is under the influence of the (solar) sign of Aquarius. However, a thorough study has substantiated the fact that Greece is ruled by the sign of Capricorn (you may read about it here). And there are leading astrologers on a global level like Maurice Fernandez (president of the OPA, the organization of professional astrologers of America) and Wendy Stacey (director of the famous Mayo School of Astrology) who have published articles on Greece and they are all basing the Greek national horoscope on the Declaration of Independence of the Greeks from the Ottoman Turks (January 1, 1822 OS).

The fact is though that the astrologers of the Greek "establishment" - who have been propagating for decades that Greece is an Aquarian country - do not want now to stray into the eyes of the public - admitting they were wrong the whole time! So they deliberately continue claiming that Greece is ruled by the sign of Aquarius - although even they themselves know it it’s not!

Their reasoning is this: "we don't care what the foreign astrologers are saying and whether the Aquarian horoscope for Greece is true or not! We are the ones calling the shots here, so we will impose the doctrine of "Greece is ruled by the sign of Aquarius" no matter what"! This fact alone gives you a glimpse of the obscurantism prevailing today within the Greek astrological scene!

Another important issue is this: two Greek astrologers belonging to the "establishment" were recently sentenced (by a Greek National Court) to 6 months in prison! These astrologers were insulting, calumniating, intimidating and even threatening one of their Greek colleagues (you may see the relative post here).

You would think that the people who are prominet within the Greek astrological community would condemn these two unethical astrologers. But actually they didn't! The Greek astrological "establishment" artificially silenced their condemnation and whole-heartidly protected them - on the grounds of "these are our own people"! Thus, their conviction was not reported anywhere and all references to it were deliberately silenced. In no civilized country such a thing could happen!

It's clear as water that the incentives of these people - who claim to be into spirituality, high awareness and self-improvement - are rather low. The bitter truth is that the current Greek astrological scene is dominated by selfishness and hypocrisy, by mediocre, short-sighted, secretive, lucrative astrologers - and by "closed circuits"!

Do we really deserve such astrology? You see, as we get the politicians we deserve, so too we get the astrology (and the astrologers) we deserve! But how many of us really want this "low energy" astrology that is prevalent in Greece today? Don't we all want a cultured, advanced, bright Astrology? Don't we desire a worthy, decent kind of Astrologers that will be illuminating, and inspiring us? Because ultimately, the way Astrology will be shaped in Greece, in the years to come, depends exclusively on what we really want!

Overall, a society that does not give prominence to its most worthy members but allows the “connected mediocre ones” to dominate is actually choking its most vital energies and thus is doomed to decline, to lose its Brightness and Beauty...

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Uranus in Aries has gone away...and with it the "Better Me" virtual self?

Just a couple of hours ago planet Uranus left the sign of Aries and entered Taurus (definitely this time)! We all know that when we come down to Uranus we should expect the "unexpected"! Thus, it's not easy to predict the situations and events it will bring about on a collective level, during its seven years stay in Taurus.

It's far easier to study Uranus' effects in hindsight. And I personally think that one of the "themes" that Uranus brought about, during its stay in Aries (from 2010/11 on), was the "BETTER ME VIRTUAL SELF"!

Take Facebook for example. It is full of "Fake accounts" (hundreds of millions)! Full of fake ID's, fake avatar photoes etc. The same goes for the other Internet social media. I always considered this an interesting subject. Why do people need to create fake accounts? Is it because they want to con their fellow humans? Or is there another need, lurking behind this massive phenomenon?

Undoubtedly there are many fake accounts out there, created by rather malicious people with the sole purpose to conceal their true identity and con (in any possible way) their fellow humans.  But most of the hundreds of millions of the fake accounts were created for a totally different reason, a reason perfectly mirroring the energy of Uranus in Aries!

You see, for the first time ever in the history of humanity, people had the chance to create on Internet a better virtual version of themselves!  A "Virtual Self" that would be prettier, taller, thinner, richer, younger (if the user was elder), a grown up (if the user was an adolescent) etc. And we are talking here about hundreds of millions of rather genuine people, who created a fake account with no malicious intent to con their fellow humans. Of plain people who just took advantage of the never experienced before, fascinating possibilities the internet was opening up to them!

The core desire of these people was simply to experiment, to become a kind of "glamorous Cybernauts" and see then how it feels to get into 
a virtual social environment and interact anew with the people around them - presenting them an "enhanced" version of themselves! 

Some may see this as a scam. But if we change our point of view we realize that this might be a liberating experience for many! Remember, Uranus is an ultra liberating planet! And actually, that was one of the jobs of Uranus in Aries: to liberate us from our usual, somehow burdening, imperfect Selves, so that we become "lighter" and then unhinderedly interact with our fellow humans as pure MINDS (without the usual drawbacks and inhibitions that our "physical Self" is imposing on us)!

Of course, Uranus in Taurus will scrutinize all this and consequently many fake accounts will be removed! And then many people will loose the thrill of cybernauting with their "Better Selves" the various virtual social environments. You see, Taurus brings things "down to earth" and makes them specific, tangible and somehow "heavy"! More "secure" though...

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

Sunday, 7 October 2018

The Richard Tarnas' Athens - Greece "Astro - Scholar evening" talk!

The friends of the "Babel Astro-Scholar evenings" are very happy to host next Tuesday (via internet) the world-leading Astrologer (with a capital "A") Richard Tarnas!

Richard Tarnas is a professor of philosophy and cultural history at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, where he founded the graduate program in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness. He also lectures on archetypal studies and depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, and is on the Board of Governors of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. A graduate of Harvard University and Saybrook Institute, he is the author of The Passion of the Western Mind and Cosmos and Psyche: An Intimation of a New World View. His “World Transits 2000-2020: An Overview,” focused especially on the years 2008-12, can be read at

Saturday, 7 July 2018

The unusual celestial phenomena of summer 2018 (the 3 eclipses, humongous Mars etc.)!

As most of you know, we are currently under the spell of the notorious "Capricorn climax". Of a kind of "massive planetary turbulence" that is getting ever more stronger and that will influence our world even more intensely in the next two years (2019 - 2020)! Apart though from this "Capricorn climax", which is setting the general tone of our times, we are additionally experiencing this summer some unusual celestial phenomena that are showering Earth with extra cosmic "energies"!

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Meet Fabulous Astrologer Nadiya Shah in Athens - Greece (at the "Babel Astro-Scholar evenings")!

(Το άρθρο στα Ελληνικά: εδώ )
The "Babel Astro-Scholar evenings" are a series of free talks and lectures taking place in Athens - Greece every Tuesday, at a cozy and friendly Art-space (located in Marousi, at the number 87 of Vas. Sophias street). We are trying to offer to the Greek public the best of International Astrology and we have had so far great, generous Astrologers from all over the world talking to us, via the internet! 

Sunday, 17 December 2017

End of our decade astrological predictions (looking forward, via hindsight)!

 (Note: this article was written in December 2017. It is a part of a "2018 annual predictions" series.)

Apparently we haven't directly witnessed it, but our "cosmic" route has considerably
shifted ever since humanity stepped over the threshold of 2018. Actually, we are now about to make (astrologically speaking) a long turn, that will ultimately lead us to the end of our decade. A decade characterized by a global economic crisis, that has so far proven to be particularly harsh towards the countries of the European south - and towards the "weaker" countries of the world in general. We all hope that in the following years the crisis will end and that we will start living a better life. But is this truly going to happen or things are going to get even worse? What kind of "zeitgeist" will globally prevail in the next few years? What kind of events will be produced on the economic, social and political level? Astrology is one of the few "fields of notion" that can provide answers to these critical questions.

Monday, 7 August 2017

The enigmatic path of the "Gran Americana" August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse.

Eclipses are not "per se" something bad. So, the "gran Americana" August 21, 2017 Solar eclipse won't necessarily break all hell loose on the USA . The lights will somehow turn off and then on big time, restarting the system anew...

Monday, 13 March 2017

A recent scientific "symmetry field" theory might be totally justifying Astrology!

                                                      (image taken from:

The Zodiac has always been a conundrum to me! It is the "gran nexus" of Astrology but we know next to nothing about it! We are fairly sure (us, the Astrologers) that it exists, but if somebody asks us "Where exactly is the Zodiac lying?" we will be left rather clueless...You see, we don't really know! What we know is that the Zodiac is some kind of "belt"! A non-magnetic belt obviously, because if it were one it would have been detected by now. And if it is not a magnetic belt then what is it made from (since there aren't many alternatives)? And ultimately, where exactly is this belt? Is it over our heads, over our highest mountain, up in the stratosphere, in the near-Earth space, somewhere within the distant space or simply everywhere?

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The "latent" Synastry of Donald and Melania Trump!

Although I am a sort of "synastry-holic" guy, the idea of studying Donald Trump's and Melania's synastry was never particularly appealing to me. As most people, I was seeing in these two an unscrupulous businessman and an avid "gold-digger". So, to me there wasn't interesting stuff there. Not to mention the fact that nobody seemed to know Melania's time of birth, meaning that an eventual synastric study of theirs would be rather incomplete. But things have changed and Donald Trump is now the elected president of the United States while his wife Melania the First Lady! A synastric study of theirs seems more appealing than ever.

Monday, 23 January 2017

America is turning against its own self (Trump's Plutonian demonization)

There is a very odd thing going on in the United States these days. The Americans are massively protesting against Donald Trump, the President that they themselves elected just a couple of months ago! They are marching all over the country, shouting some diminishing and degrading slogans against their head of State  - and even publicly swearing at him (i.e. Madonna's case). Apparently the Americans have "demonized" their own president - before him taking office! To a neutral, European observer like me that seems to be a strange, abnormal occurrence...

Monday, 26 December 2016

Astro-analysis of George Michael's death (& life) - a "stellar overdrive"!

George Michael - "Exposurephotos"
Superstar Yorgos Panayiotou (George Michael's true greek-cypriot name) left the earthy dimensions on the very Christmas day - ironically, as his "Last Christmas" super hit was torrentially playing and airing all over the planet - and vanished into the ethereal (that he so much longed to artistically reach)!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

The 13 signs controversy is actually discrediting the astronomers (not the astrologers)!

The "12 signs" Zodiac as a "magnetic belt" around the Earth

I am quite fed up with the 13 signs “thing”, that is resurfacing every now and then on the media...I have been publishing articles over the last 25 years explaining why the zodiacal signs are 12 and why they cannot be 13 (or 14, 19, 27 or any other number, for that matter). I just realized though that all this explaining has been of little avail, because ever since the 13 signs controversy made again - for the umpteenth time - the greek front news, the “thing” resuscitated and frantically started chasing and nagging me! In the beginning I thought it would be better not to touch this issue, so that it eventually deflates and dies quietly - as in every previous case. But it seems that this time things are more serious, Astrology is receiving a -based largely on ignorance - "double whammy" hit and it is imperative for us Astrologers to intervene!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

The astrological causes of the grim "zeitgeist" running now through Europe!

According to the myth, Jupiter the father of all gods in the disguise of a bull abducted the beautiful phoenician princess Europa and brought her to the european continent! In this way the continent of Europe was "inaugurated"! Every myth is rich in symbolism and this specific one is recounting to us the fact that the current European continent was bound to become a blessed land, a land that would display at its fullest the archetypes of royalty, of joviality and of taurean stability and prosperity.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

France under Pluto's (and Mars' Uranus') spell! The Nice massacre

As I had written back in November 2015 (when the "Bataclan" terrorist attack occured in Paris) the latest horoscope of France (the one of the so called "Fifth Republic") is currently receiving some very hard and deeply transformative astrological influences! These influences are mainly stemming out from transiting Pluto, which is steadily hovering in our days over the Tenth House of France's Fifth Republic chart (6 October 1958, 18:30, Paris) opposing its Moon in Cancer and squaring its Sun in Libra! These are some tremendous cosmic influences!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Planet "Nine": the next "Big Kahuna" in astrology!

An artist's depiction of planet "Nine" as envisioned by scientists (Credit: Caltech/ R. Hurt (IPAC))

Many extraordinary discoveries go largely unnoticed at the time they occur. Take for example the discovery of planet Uranus in 1781. Not very many astrologers realized back in 1781 that this new, outlandish planet - which actually upset the millennia old established astrological model of the seven "planets" in our Solar System - would ensue a gigantic leap for astrology! For decades (and even centuries) after the discovery of Uranus the astrologers continued erecting their horoscopes as before, by using the traditional set of planets and paying little attention to the "misfit" planet Uranus. But today it would be unthinkable for an astrologer who practices modern astrology not to include Uranus (and Neptune and Pluto) in a chart! These three "transcendental" planets have tremendously enriched our interpretative capacities and it was a pitty that the astrologers of those generations did not take advantage of their enormous potentiality.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Greek astrologers sentenced to 6 months of jail for insulting and libelling Thomas Gazis

On March 18, 2016 the greek astrologers Thanasis Matsotas, Katerina Saloniki and Dimitris Koronakis were tried at the 8th Athens magistrate's court, for the charges of unprovokedly insulting, defamating and libelling astrologer Thomas Gazis (charges pressed against the accused by Thomas Gazis back in 2010).

Both Matsotas and Saloniki were sentenced to six months of jail each!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Society as our Surrogate Family (the vital "Pillar" of our horoscopes)!

Every time I yield to the temptation of eating a delicious Greek candy I find myself crossing a high speed avenue, in order to get to my favorite pastry shop. There is a footbridge crossing over to the other side of that avenue and I often use the elevator to get up there. The elevator is a modern, "see through" one (even playing some lounge music). Inexplicably though (or not that much so) it is vandalized! Its glass paneling is cracked allover, as if wildly kicked or clubbed...And there is graffiti all over. It somehow makes me sad to see a communal good like this elevator in such a degraded state. You see, all the citizens of my area are benefiting from it, thus it should be kept as clean and intact as possible. Not everybody though is thinking it that way. To some this elevator is rather a target where they are unleashing their rage...But why?

Monday, 14 December 2015

The Antiochus of Commagene Lion Horoscope

Let me introduce you to the larger-than-life half-Greek, half-Armenian ancient king Antiochus I of Commagene. He lived in the first century BCE in Asia Minor (today’s Turkey) and apparently had a keen interest in astrology and hermeticism. Born on the 16th of the Greek-Macedonian month “Audynaios” which roughly corresponds to our month of December, Antiochus of Commagene was most likely a Sagittarius.