Sunday, 19 July 2020

Usa is ever more plugging into a sort of collective psychosis abyss!

(Disclaimer: I am a Greek citizen. I don't support Trump and I am not particularly interested in whom exactly is going to be the next USA President. But I find quite abnormal and interesting (astrologically, psychologically, semiotically) the phenomenon of the over-demonization of the current American President).

There are people who almost every single day are writing comments demonizing the current American President Trump. And since there are on Facebook so many Americans doing daily this "demonization ritual" they are ever more building it up! The demonization is ever more escalating and has reached by now an irrational "middle ages" - "which hunt" level! We are seeing in the making the phenomenon that Eckhart Tolle described as a "destructive unconscious hive-mind" (when people are continuously and unceasingly demonizing a specific individual or a specific group of people).

Take for example this comment that I recently saw on Facebook:

""Paternitia: "Carmen Johns~
""We are in the clutches of a skilled psychopath. It is very difficult for people to really grasp what that means. They believe he is a human being, but he is not.
And so he gets away with everything, because he turns being treated as a human being to his reptile advantage—in ways even the worst of actual human beings would never even consider doing.
He is not there because of an election, and he will not be gone because of an election. Think of what it took to dislodge Hitler. *That* is the ballpark we are in.
That is why even the most radical solutions prove fruitless. Snakes are adept at slithering away, to reappear and again strike unexpectedly, releasing their deadly venom with every strike.
Only other snakes are immune from this. It’s a kind of 'professional courtesy' among psychopaths. Why? because protecting one makes the grazing easier for all of them.
We’re not used to it. As a nation, we are being terrorized every day by a leader who hates people, his country, and all that lives.
That is his nature and he is faithful to it—and always will be. And that is nearly impossible for most of us to accept.
Why? because it goes against the basic premise of our own humanity—which, pointedly, he neither shares nor really even understands.
The only difference is, He knows he is not the same kind of creature we are ... and we, for the most part, do not.
In short, he survives by using our own humanity against—the one thing we instinctively know we cannot sacrifice without enormous cost.
So what to do? that is our seemingly impossible problem to solve. And yet, maybe it has already been solved but we are not yet ready to acknowledge what we know.
I think that is not only possible, but likely.""


This is clearly an "unconscious hive-mind" product! Probably millions of such irrational statements are frantically written on Facebook every day, by American citizens. So, it's not anymore about "the vote" (people could simply go and vote against Trump and that will be the end of it)! It's mostly about the collective "shadow" projection! People are addicted by now to the habit of releasing their inner tensions by daily lashing out on their current president!

To that aim, the "polarization" mechanism is useful too: "we the Democrats are fighting against the "monstrous" Republicans" - and the other way around! You see, political, ethnic, sexual, etc "polarizations" have their psychological perks, and often people resort to them in order to release their own inner tensions!

Last but not least, diminishing an authority figure (publicly calling him/her names like "dumpster", "cheeto" etc. - as the American citizens are calling now their President) has been our secret, inhibited wish, ever since we were kids! Needless to say that "ridiculing authority figures without suffering any consequences" is releasing a lot of inner tension - and that's the third time that we are witnessing this "release inner tension" mechanism! It's more than obvious that "demonizing" a specific individual or group of people is "therapeutic" to the masses!

As far as I remember, never in history such a massive over-demonization phenomenon (like the one taking currently place in the USA) has occurred! Blame it on the "Capricorn Climax"...

Thomas Gazis

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