Friday, 9 December 2011

Capricorn 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions

The planets will emit brighter rays for you in 2012! The extra hard planetary influences that you were receiving in the previous years - from Pluto, Uranus and Saturn - will not cease entirely but their effect will be mitigated now by certain positive influences that you will receive. The benefic planet Jupiter will be on your side until June 11th, while planet Mars will make you more daring and assertive (at least for the first 6 months of the year, when it will be transiting in the friendly to you sign of Virgo). In addition, Saturn - your ruler - will change sign this year and will pass (on October 5) to an harmonic position (from its previous discordant position)! Not to talk about Neptune which after many years it will finally depart (on February 3) from the area of ​​your horoscope related to your money and finances (Neptune often brings confusion and "dissolution" to whatever area of the horoscope it resides in).

All these are excellent news and promise well for 2012. Despite the eventual difficulties, 2012 is depicted as a positive and creative year for you, a year that will provide you energy and enthusiasm and will help you achieve many of your goals (especially in the professional field). Your finances will improve and you will start feeling more secure. Property and ownership matter that had been in a state of limbo in the past might unexpectedly unblock now.

The very demanding conditions that you encountered in the previous years most probably did not allow you to enjoy love. In such a case you should rejoice, because 2012 seems to be a year of major thrills and full of passion for you. The beginning of Spring and the days around your birthday seem to be the most promising ones - you might get hit then by a whole volley of Cupid's arrows!

Thomas Gazis
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