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Virgo 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions


2012 is profiled as an "electric" year to you! Out of a rare coincidence planet Mars will remain in your sign for almost seven months (till July the 3rd)! With Mars on your side you Virgoes will become more bold, dynamic and intrepid than ever! This is the most propitious time for you to vigorously assert yourself, take initiatives and make brand new beginnings! Apart Mars, you will have on your side planet Jupiter too (which will be sending you - until June 11 - some highly favorable influences). With such "stellar allies" you will manage to overcome many obstacles and achieve your goals in business and in finance.

The business sector of your horoscope is particularly emphasized in 2012 and this means that you will be given major opportunities in that area. You should take initiatives mainly in the first half of 2012, which looks more fertile to you. Aim high but try not to overdo it. With Mars in your sign your nervous system will be very "tense" and you will be easily ending up into sterile confrontations and quarrels - and you will have a certain predisposition to accidents too. Thus, control your impulses and be as cool as you can.

On October 5 the austere planet Saturn will leave the area of ​​your horoscope related to your finances. This event could mark a very positive change in your financial matters. Certain limiting factors may cease to exist and you might then start receiving some extra income!

2012 is the proper year for you to expand your contacts, to meet new friends and to create a rich social networking. Do not underestimate this factor! If you make the right acquaintances now and create some strong alliances you will gain more power and influence - both socially and professionally (the two are closely related). Any contacts with clubs, associations etc. will be favored!

Regarding relationships, this is a year of important decisions. Many of you will claim their freedom and autonomy and will step out of a relationship. Some others may impulsively get into a relationship and become somehow "trapped" there. If you were born in August then you are likely to fall in 2012 for some kind of platonic love - unrequited of course - or you might relate to a person who will consequently betray your expectations. Around June some kind of (temporary) alienation may occur with the person you love (of a physical or emotional kind). The "hottest" period of the year will be the one between 3 - 28 October, when planet Venus will be transiting in your sign.

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