Friday, 9 December 2011

Aries 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions

Out of a rare coincidence, planet Mars (which rules your sign) will remain in the work-related field of your horoscope for the whole six first months of 2012. The specter of unemployment will probably threaten you in the new year and you might find yourself struggling to keep your job or to find a new one. Another version of this Mars position is that you will not seriously run the risk of unemployment, but you will take much more work and duties on your shoulders (especially if you were born after April 10). You will receive additional pressure at work and maybe get often in a heated debate with your colleagues, subordinates etc. Stress will probably become a dominant component in your daily life, at least until July 3 - when planet Mars will leave this critical to you zodiacal position.

On the other hand, 2012 may prove to be a very fruitful year, both in your working environment and in your domestic life. You may discover that you are particularly skilled in the "Do It Yourself" area, in certain technical works, handicraft, chiropractic etc. and you might even profit from these newfound skills of yours. Generally, in the last two years you have been more practical and methodical, thanks to the "lessons" planet Saturn has given you. This austere planet has - on the one hand - matured you considerably but - on the other hand - it might have deprived you of certain things and led you into a general "shrinking" of your life - making you often feel the "I am not myself" sensation. Fortunately on October 5, 2012 Saturn will finally leave this inharmonic to you position and you will then rediscover many of your old freedoms - and some new ones too! Be careful though not to overdo it (especially those of you born in March, who receive simultaneously now the "electrical" energies of Uranus and the extremely harsh ones of planet Pluto).

Regarding you love life, planet Saturn has matured you enormously and led you to more realistic and "viable" options. In the period February 8 - March 5 you will experience some very strong hearbeats (Venus - the planet of love - will be transiting in Aries then). Additionally, next Summer will bring you fascinating acquaintances and a whole variety of erotic experiences. The month of September looks "rosy" too, as you might have then a major love affair and start a new, significant relationship.

Thomas D. Gazis
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