Friday, 9 December 2011

Taurus 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions


The "dark" - to many - 2012 may ultimately prove to be a bright year to you Tauruses, a year that might leave you with many sweet memories! It will open you some new roads and will bring you major opportunities in most areas of your life - especially in its first half, when lucky Jupiter will be in your own sign! Choose this time-period if you want to take important initiatives, to expand your activities, contact foreigners and travel overseas.

Do not be afraid to risk now a little bit more than usual. With Jupiter in your sign - until June 11 - luck will be on your side. Those things you could not achieve in the past you will achieve relatively easily now! Moreover, with the benefic influence of Mars - which (thanks to a rare coincidence) will be very harmonious to you for the whole first half of the year - you will be given now the necessary stamina and strenght to overcome any obstacle. Thus, do not be afraid to assert now your self and demand your rights! Be rather conservative and defensive though in the second part of the year, when you will not have on your side lucky Jupiter any more.

Your levels of vitality and creativity will rise considerably this year (thanks to the definite departure of the planet Neptune from a discordant to you horoscopic area). In addition, the presence of Mars in your Fifth House will benefit those of you involved in the artistic bussiness. If you have children, your relationship with them will become more spontaneous and you will see them responding positevely to your educational methods. If you want to have a child, this year is quite fruitful and the "stork" might soon pay a visit to you!

On the love field, 2012 appears to be a highly erotic year! It will bring you very strong heartbeats, especially between March and May. You should try very hard then to stay without a partner at your side. Things will get more serious in the last four months - when the strict planet Saturn will move to the area of your horoscope corresponding to your relations and collaborations. Saturn will either "solemnize" a relationship of yours or lead you to a sort of dead end (to some sort of refusal from the part of the person you are interested in. Your love life might be negatively conditioned in that specific period by external pressures, unaddressed practical issues etc.) So, you should commit yourself and act responsibly towards the end of the year.

Thomas D. Gazis
Copyright: Thomas Gazis

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