Friday, 9 December 2011

Gemini 2012 - Annual Astrological Predictions


Although 2012 might not start very propitiously to you Gemini, its second half may turn to be very favorable! In the first six months you should display patience and determination, as you will probably encounter obstacles, conflicts, tensions and some forms of aggression (with no apparent reason) from the people around you. You see, on those first six months planet Mars will be constantly discordant to you (out of a rare coincidence)! Your already fragile nervous system will arrive on the verge of collapse then, while around you too much egotism, denial of co-operation and misunderstandings will be prevailing (even within your immediate/family environment).

During 2012 you may have to start literally from scratch, totally reviewing your plans. Mostly, you have to remove those "sharp" points that were bringing you in an open conflict with certain people around you - whose interests are contrary to yours. If you become more diplomatic you will still be able to achieve what you want (provided that you act in a more "silent" mode, without exposing yourself and disclosing your true motivations to the others)!

On February 3 planet Neptune will move into a discordant to your sign position, complicating the situations and bringing in your life some form of confusion, fatigue and weakness (especially to those born in May). Add to the scene the two critical - to your sign - eclipses that will occur on the 21st of May and on the 4th of June and you will understand why we say that the first half of the year is expected to be somewhat tedious for you.

But things will change radically after June 11. From that date onwards Jupiter - the luckiest planet in astrology - will enter in your sign ! With his magic wand Jupiter will change the situations around you and will create new opportunities for you - especially in the business and love affairs area. You might encounter in 2012 the partner you have always dreamed of!

Apart from Jupiter, Venus - the planet of love - will also bring you some "gifts"! Out of a rare coincidence - of a positive kind this time - Venus will stay in your sign for more than 4 months (from April 3 up to 7 August). You will thus have at your disposal 127 whole propitious nights for love, nights that will be eagerly waiting you to fill them with a lot of kisses, hugs and passion!

Thomas Gazis
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