Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Sun is turning violent as the T-square climaxes!

The period we are living in is extra-ordinary - astrologically speaking. Rare planetary delineations have been formed on the sky attracting rare events in our lives. In the previous years the Sun was unusually quiet. In fact, very few solar "spots" were formed on its surface. But now, in a strange synchronicity with the infamous Cardinal T-square configuration - that reached its peak just a few days ago, as both Uranus and Jupiter moved to the first degrees of Aries - the Sun is turning increasingly violent and - according to scientists - huge Solar storms are expected to hit Earth in the next couple of years, paralyzing our satellites, global communications, internet, cell phones, GPS's and even endagering our lives (we will receive higher than usual radio-activity, especially if we travel many hours by plane).

I recall a theory by a scientist claiming that the planets can strongly influence the Sun when forming particular angular configurations among them! It seems that this theory comes true, as all the exterior planets (from Jupiter on, except Neptune)  are now forming harsh aspects among them, an event that can be considered quite rare! But the more uncommon an astrological delineation is the more unusual, exceptional and extreme events it produces!

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