Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Jupiter and Uranus conjunct at the end of the zodiac: a confused, decaying world!

The zodiac represents a cyclical process (which on a higher level is actually spiral). It has a specific "Begining" (the zero Aries "gama" point) and a specific "End" (the last degrees of Pisces).  We are actually experiencing a particular astrological phenomenon now. The two planets mostly associated in astrology with the world of ideas, with liberty, with the expansion of the human consciousness and awareness  (Jupiter and Uranus) are both transiting now in the last degrees of Pisces (the very last degrees of the Zodiac, that is). Thus, these 2 planets - forming a conjunction - are actually closing now a major historical cycle and are heralding an important message, which we should try to understand.

The last time Jupiter and Uranus were in approximately the same position (both in the last degrees of Pisces, having turned direct after their retrogradation and ready to re-enter Aries) it was at the end of the year 1927 - begining of 1928. That period actually stands right on the verge between the carefree "roaring twenties" and the 1929 financial crash, which ushered the Western World into the 30's Depression and the subsequent World War II!

Thus, we actually have two corroborations of the fact that we stand now on the very verge of two different "epochs". The first has been sufficiently analyzed, it is the Cardinal Climax (the T-square) which has already ushered us into a new 30's kind of depression. But with the late Pisces conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus (which previously occured in the 1927 - 1928 period) here comes a second corroboration! On those years people were living as well on the crest of an unprecedented technological progress and financial prosperity, they were "wild party animals" while the women were very much liberated (the so called "flappers" according to Wikipedia:  "Flapper" in the 1920s was a term applied to a "new breed" of young  Western women who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior. Flappers were seen as brash for wearing excessive makeup, drinking, treating sex in a casual manner, driving automobiles and otherwise flouting social and sexual norms"). 

So, nothing new under the Sun. We are going again through a "party ending" period, similar to the one of the 1927 - 1928 period, with its own intricacies though. People have lost their faith in "the religious God" and become somehow delusional as they desperately try to fill the void and substitute their traditional religious systems with new kinds of faith. As "Sue-Astro" pointed out on my Facebook page, we are now living in a rather crazy period where people are having their own private Angels and are "talking" with God, where the so called scientists - who never make accurate predictions - claim to know everything else.

It seems there has been nothing left to "believe in" anymore. Politics and politicians have been totally discredit in our societies, as Uranus moves to the last and most "anaretic" degrees of the zodiac.We are dazed, disoriented, confused as we don't really undesrstand what's going on, as we have nowhere to "lean on" - like in the good old times. And as we stand here, at this "last degrees of the zodiac" point, we have now to process and distill all the data of  an historical cycle that has reached its end (the 1927 - 2010 one). From the begining of 2011 though (when Jupiter and Uranus will definitely move to Aries) some very dynamic events will impact our societies and a new cycle for humanity will start. Our consciousness will shift then onto higher grounds, somehow reminiscent of the '30's but actually very new and fresh to us!

Thomas Gazis


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