Monday, 27 December 2010

The grim to Europe Solar Eclipse of the 4th January 2011 - The enemy within!

The partial Solar Eclipse of the 4 January affects mainly Europe, as its "path" passes over the western part of the old continent. It affects directly Portugal, Spain, France, England, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and goes further up, to the Skandinavians. In all these countries early in the morning the Sun's disk will be largely dimmed by the Moon. Eastern Europe and the Balkans are a little bit off the Eslipse's path (in Greece for example just the 65% of the Sun will be covered by the Moon. But on the other hand Greece is ruled by the sign of Capricorn, so it somehow partakes to this eclipse).

In any case we have here an intense Solar Eclipse. The Sun and the Moon are "comprised" between Mars and Pluto, forming wide conjunctions to both! Additionally, planet Saturn squares the Eclipse itself (the Sun and the Moon, that is). Not to mention the hard T-square formed by Saturn, Mars and Eris which brings to confrontation some very rigid, strong and fatal energies! And things get worse if we take in consideration the fact that this Eclipse takes place - to most western European countries - in the 12th House (which to Manilius is "a temple of ill omen, hostile to future activity and all too fruitful of bane")! If we take all these in consideration then we come to the conclusion that the 4th January Solar Eclipse portends some further hardships for the European economy, as the western European countries have reached at a point where they are confronting each other in order to escape the grip of the actual crisis - having arrived on the very verge of disintegrating as European Union! It also portends harsh meteorological conditons, geophysical phenomena and social upheaval. We should not exclude events of disastrous proportions!

P.S. Please read as well Dunyazade's comment below, because it offers us an additional hint: that something hidden might have been "cooked up" during this Solar Eclipse of the 4th January 2011 by the western European powers, a hidden agenda that would surface on the occasion of some major subsequent astrological event. Well, around the Spring Equinox (March 21st) of 2011 most of the European countries crossed by this January's 4th 2011 Eclipse path launched a huge air raid against Libya!

Thomas Gazis


  1. Hi;

    I thought of this:

    - because it's in Capricorn in the 12th house maybe european governments (Capricorn) will pass draconic mesures in a coverted way (12th house). This is also echoed by Neptune in the 1st (public lying, disimulation, just plain cheating the public).

    If there's something about the weather, like, vulcains erupting or earthquakes, maybe we might see that when the new moon of April 3rd 2011 squares this eclipse point (13º Aries). Also I think - maybe the People understands what possibly happened in January 2011 and just Violently Rebels (Aries new moon).

    Just some thougths. I love astrology :D

  2. Very good interpretation dear Dunyazade! Congratulations! Yes, goverments covert actions are very plausible under this capricornian - 12th house eclipse...Also the enemy within (the European Union? What about the rumors of its disintegration?)

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