Sunday, 11 July 2010

Eclipses and earthquakes

I am writing this text almost at the very moment a Solar Eclipse is taking place on the sky (the one of the 11th July 2010). Since the ancient years Solar Eclipses are related by the astrologers to earthquakes. A couple of years ago I was reading a book on Byzantine literature. In that book I discovered a passage where the author was quoting the words of a Byzantine monk, who on the border of his psalter had written by hand the next: "Today a strong earthquake shook our monastery. A few days ago a solar eclipse took place on the sky"!

So, already from the middle-ages (and way back, from ancient times) people were relating the Solar Eclipses to earthquakes. I personally witnessed the major Solar Eclipse of August 1999 in the city of Athens - Greece (the last visible Solar eclipse in Greece, for many years to come). This eclipse fell almost on the MC of Athens - with this ancient city being on this eclipse's "path". Exactly a Lunar cycle after this spectacular eclipse (both during the Eclipse and the earthquake the Moon was in Leo)a strong earthquake shook Athens (considered till then a low risk area for earthquakes) leaving some 140 victims!

So, there are many critical days in front of us, particularly as we have the infamous T-square on our skies and also taking in consideration the fact that soon Saturn and consequently Mars will trigger even more this omnipotent T-square!

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