Sunday, 14 December 2008

Why has quality Astrology grown unpopular? The Greek grim case!

I would like to share with you some thoughts on a burning to many of us issue: why has quality Astrology grown unpopular in the last few years in our societies, the very moment that the "light", commercial astrology is enjoying an unprecedented popularity?

I will draw my conclusions out of my Greek experience - but I think the same paradigm applies to other countries as well. Modern Greece is strongly influenced by the sign of Capricorn, so it is a very pragmatic, down to earth country. But on the contrary to what someone would expect out of a Capricorn country, the "light" popular astrology is wide spread today in Greece, while the quality Astrology is totally marginalized (maybe not that much an element of surprise this, as the sign of Capricorn favors the commercial aspect of any given situation). Think now that Greece is the country that actually laid the foundations of the horoscopic astrology. And in this country Astrology is under-developed today! Even in our neighboring countries like Serbia and Turkey (supposedly less advanced than Greece) Astrology is doing better than here.

The fact is that 25 years ago quality Astrology was going through a huge development phase in our country (with schools brimming of students, a couple of good magazines etc.). It was really promising well then, but instead it took a reverse course and went through an abrupt decline - particularily in the last decade. So, the question is: what lies in the root of such a decadence (apart the fact that Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius are mutually exerting their decadent power onto astrology - I am actually writing an article on this)?

I believe that in the root of this situation lies astrology's dual nature and peculiar relation to society, money and powerful peoples' interests! In Greece it all started some 18 years ago, when the first private TV channels went on air. These channels were all broadcasting then - for the first time - the classic morning shows, which included astrology predictions for the day. In those days there were a couple of good astrologers in Greece, but as often happens in mediterranean etc. countries not the qualified but the "connected" and "recommended" people got the TV privileged jobs. Meaning that certain connected housewives (no offense, my mom has been one), ex "Tupperware dealers" etc. pretending to be astrologers secured these TV "fortunetelling" jobs. In a single night these ladies (mainly) were baptized "astrologers" and the very next morning they were giving "astrology" predictions on national TV!

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