Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Astrologer invited to lecture in a Spanish Medical Faculty!

Last Friday 5th of December should be considered an historical date for all of us. Astrology re-echoed again in a prestigious University hall, after four centuries of total absence there. It happened in Spain, in the Medical Faculty of the Saragossa University.

The famous neurosurgeon Dr. Vicente Calatayud Maldonado, head of the Saragossa's University Medicical Faculty, organised a special class in order to make his students better understand the subject "Brain". Professor Maldonado invited several doctors and other professionals to speak on the subject and to the surprise of many he invited too the Spanish astrologer and clinical hypnotist Carlos Bogdavich.

Bogdavich conducted a class entitled "Brain and Astrology". In it, besides speaking on the origins of astrology, on the difference between magia and Logos, on the various historical and modern researches, Bogdanich explained to its numerous audience the array of possibilities that Medical Astrology offers to a doctor, the precious tools it is actually providing him/her. He explained the cause - effect principle by which the astrologers interpret a chart, the Macrocosm - Microcosm correspondence and finally the concept of Time, as dealt by Astrologers.

The impact of this Bogdavich University class (which lasted 2 whole hours) was unique! In the end of the lecture many ex sceptics approached him and confessed him that they were now viewing astrology under a totally new perspective! The authorities of the Univesity solicited Bogdavich to take over some new classes for the coming year, while they included his Astrology lecture in the official medical faculty tome!

The gates of the Universities are finally opening again, in order to listen to the ever meaningful voice of the vast and so advanced Astrological Knowledge!

P.S. The source of these post is a Bogdavich letter to the "Astrocuantica" Spanish astrology list.


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