Sunday, 2 September 2012

Recollect your Astrology Knowledge! Online Astrology Courses 2012 - 2013

Chances are you are a beginner in astrology. You would be surprised then if I told you that you already know astrology (all the more so on an advanced level)!

Please do not consider this a cheap argument aiming at boosting the student’s Ego! It is a rather thorough argument coming straight out of the mouth of two of the greatest philosophers in the history of mankind: Socrates and Plato. These two Greek philosophers professed that we humans carry inside us a primordial “super knowledge” of all things - although on a somehow fuzzy state. Thus, the only thing we have to do is bring to focus and make conscious in our brains this fuzzy knowledge we already possess!

As a Greek I am following the teachings of Socrates and Plato, so in these courses I will not “bombard” you  with complex concepts and complicated astrology jargon. I will rather assist you in the process of recollecting and clarifying the “fuzzy” astrological knowledge you already possess! Because ultimately you don’t need to “be taught” astrology, you don’t need to painstakingly memorize hundreds of properties, qualities and attributes of signs, planets and symbols! You already know astrology and the only thing you have to do is simply “recollect” it! Are you ready then to begin this “recollection” process?

We willl start our beginner's course with some simple concepts you are dealing with in your everyday life (the simplest concepts often being the most profound ones)! Take men and women for example. Most probably you see around you men and women all the time. Isn’t kind of strange that all of us, our eventual family members, our acquaintances, the people we deal with, the people we meet out in the streets they all exist under the form of a particular gender? I will introduce you to such a simple "key-elements" and then by building on them I will assist you while you will be recollecting your Astrology knowledge!

The Thomas Gazis Online Astrology courses begin on Wednesday September 19, 2012 (with the option of choosing among three different time zones: 11 AM UT, 17 PM UT and 23 PM UT). For additional info please send an E-mail at:

Thomas Gazis has been teaching Astrology since 1987! He has extensively lectured all over Europe and was invited as a lecturer at the UAC 2012  in New Orleans (the top Astrology Conference world-wide). He has written articles for some top USA astrology magazines such as "American Astrology" and "Horoscope Guide".


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