Sunday, 26 August 2012

Neil took the ultimate "giant leap"...(his horoscope)

Neil Armstrong, the first man who stepped on another celestial body, departed today for the "long journey" at age 82. He was definitely an extra-ordinary human being (NASA wouldn't have picked up an Average Joe as their first astronaut to land and step on the Moon). Before becoming an astronaut Neil was a fearless test pilot and on many occasions he exhibited his proverbial nerves of steel (he literally saved a couple of missions as he managed to properly maneuver the vehicles under extreme and life-threatening conditions)!

So, where all this power and intrepidness comes from? You will understand it on your own. Just put your palm on the above picture of Neil and cover the right half of his face (right from your own perspective). What do you see in his uncovered eye? I see the eye of a lion! Of a fierce, determined, intrepid lion! Do the same trick with his left eye and you will realize that his left eye is much more human. It actually encapsulates the agony of a human being in front of a titanic mission! Still though, Neil Armstrong's right eye is the eye of a lion and this speaks volumes of the extraordinary power, self-confidence and determination of this man! And what a coincidence, a Leo he was astrologically speaking!

Actually, both the "Luminaries" of Neil Armstrong are located in a fiery sign. Not only he has a brave an heroic Leo Sun but his Moon too is in the expansive and optimistic sign of Sagittarius (another Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon historic figure is Alexander the Great - according to this research of mine). His Ascendant is in the versatile sign of Gemini. Planet Mars in his First House (and in a sextile aspect to his Sun) makes him even more energetic, dynamic and pioneering! Saturn in his Eighth House contributed to his cold-blooded nature. All in all, Neil was a gifted commander and leader - although a little bit harsh at times.

Armstrong has an Aquarius M.C. that perfectly suits him - being an astronaut - and so does his Uranus (ruler of his Tenth house) in his Eleventh House and in a grand Trine to his Luminaries (Sun and Moon).

Regarding now his proverbial reclusive side (he was living in his farm in Ohio, generally avoiding journalists and interviews), Neil has a strong planetary emphasis in his Fourth House. His Sun conjuncts Ceres - and his I.C. too - in his Fourth House and even the ruler of his  horoscope, Mercury (who forms a conjunction to Neptune) is located in that very same reserved, private, "shelly" House. His family apparently was very important to him and his partner too (having a Seventh House Moon - although his Moon - Venus square speaks of a certain difficulty in him contacting women figures...)

Traditionally the sign of Leo rules the heart. And Neil died out of a heart failure (when his progressed Moon had just entered his Eighth House - for the third time in his life).

Thomas Gazis   

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