Friday, 25 January 2013

Astrological Concepts in Ancient Greek Folklore - The "Keares"!

The ancient Greeks had a very strong tendency to «anthropomorphize» everything, from their Gods to the most abstract concepts. No surprise then that they had anthropomorphized the viruses and even the "bad vibrations"!

For instance, when someone was falling seriously ill in ancient Greece people would say: "s/he has  been possessed by "Keares"". And with the word "Keares" they did not mean demons. They rather meant micro - organisms or viruses! Surprisingly enough, the Greeks had invented a virus concept two thousand five hundred years ago!

Furthermore, the Greeks had «anthropomorphized» even the vibrations of each elusive moment! According to the ancient Greeks when we experience bad moments it is because some Keares have intruded into the place we stand fouling the air around us! Thus, the current moment becomes unpropitious and adverse and consequently everything goes wrong!

The Keares are not necessarily bad. Good Keares exist as well. We might say that the Keares somehow represent the good or the bad astrological influences of the moment. There is ample testimony of this in certain preserved ancient pots and urns with Keares depicted on them. These depictions elucidate pretty well the nature of the Keares.

The above picture for example shows Hercules about to slain a Kear. This Kear has a grotesque, ugly face and can be taken either as a virus or a "bad vibration", a bad moment. In both cases Hercules eliminates the virus or this negative vibration.

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Thomas Gazis
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