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Modern Greece's national horoscope - natal chart

For many years now I have been conducting a study on the national horoscope of Greece. My conclusion is that modern Greece was born on January 13th 1822 (NS), on the very day the Greeks declared their independence from the Ottoman Turks (who had militarily occupied Greece for 4 whole centuries). You may read my relative article and see modern Greece's natal chart (its "national foundation chart") here

There is a number of astrologers though (mostly in Europe) favoring a rather recent birthday for Greece (placing the birth of this country in the period following the fall of the Greek military junta, in 1974). Some of these astrologers are claiming that modern Greece's national horoscope should stem out of the date of its most recent "Constitutional amendment" (on June 11th, 1975 - soon after the collapse of the military dictatorship). But how proper it is to assign as the national horoscope of a country the one based on a posterior Constitutional "amendment" and not on the pivotal date that its very first, original Constitution was drafted (and the declaration of its independence was proclaimed)?

If somebody studies the January 13th 1822 Constitution s/he will realize that it is essentially as democratic and advanced as the "Constitutional amendment" of 1975. Thus, in 1975 we did not experience a major constitutional shift in regard to the VERY Greek Constitution (the Constitution upon which Greece was founded on). We just experienced a rather momentaneous shift imposed by the military junta regime - a regime that barely lasted 7 years, not so many to alter the "soul" of Greece and its original constitution.

Some other astrologers are claiming that modern Greece's horoscope should stem out of the moment its first post-junta Prime Minister took office - on the 24th of July 1974. But as I explained before, the seven years military junta did not change either the "soul" or the Constitution of Greece. Why should we then consider the July 24, 1974 chart as the "national horoscope" of Greece and not the original January 13, 1822 one? If we follow the same reasoning then we should argue that a person is not born when s/he comes out of his/her mother's uterus but when s/he gets married for the second time!

Finally, the vast majority of the Greek astrologers believes that their country was founded on February 3rd, 1830 - when the foreign powers recognized the independence of Greece and established the "Kingdom of Greece" (imposing a Geman king on the Greek throne). Thus, they believe that the national horoscope of their country stems out of the February 3rd, 1830 "London protocol". And if you ask today a Greek astrologer whether s/he uses this chart out of some thorough study s/he will probably answer you: "Well, I am using it because everybody says that this is Greece's chart"... 

Actually, this is a rather bizzare fact: the Greek astrologers keep obstinately making predictions on the basis of the (actually outdated) 1830 "tributary kingdom of Greece" chart while monarchy has been abolished in Greece almost 40 years ago (by a national referendum in 1974)!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

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