Sunday, 20 May 2012

Is the 20 May 2012 Eclipse the "big quake" one (according to Nostradamus)?

There are two specific prophecies in Nostradamus "Quatrains" over an extreme, mighty quake that is bound to hit Earth "in the month of May". Since we live in strange times and somehow the year 2012 carries on a "fatal" connotation, is it possible that these prophecies are referring to the current month of May? Furthermore, are these prophecies referring to the Solar Eclipse of May 20 (May 21 for Europe and western Asia), a critical Eclipse that will take place with both the Lights (Sun and Moon) located in front of the (very "significant" to the Maya) constellation of the Pleiades? Not to mention the fact that both the Lights will be partile conjuncting during the eclipse the rather infamous star Alcyone, a star that is alleggedly causing (among other things) blindness, sickness, epidemics and violent deaths!

Let's see first what exactly Nostradamus wrote (note that the term "Century" corresponds to "Chapter").

"Century" X, Quatrain 67:
"A mighty earthquake in the month of May.
Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus: 

Venus also, Cancer, Mars in Nonnay. 
Hail will fall larger than an egg".

"Century" IX, Quatrain 83: 
"The sun in 20 degrees of Taurus, so strong shakes the earth,

That the great theater, repleted, will be ruined;
The air, sky and land, dark and troubled,
Then shall the infidels invoke God and the saints."

Regarding the first of the above Quatrains, the planets Jupiter and Mercury are indeed now in Taurus! Saturn though is not in Capricorn but in Libra. Venus currently is in Gemini, thus neither in Taurus nor in Cancer (there is always some ambivalence in Nostradamus writings). Mars is currently in Virgo, thus neither in Cancer nor in "Nonnay" (that's an enigmatic phrase which many interpret as "zero". But Mars is not now in its zero degrees declination - this would be the most plausible explanation for "Nonnay"). So, the Quatrain X, 67 is largely busted!

Regarding now the other Quatrain, the Sun was in 20 degrees of Taurus almost 10 days ago and the "big one" did not happen. So, this Quatrain is busted too - at least for the current year.

Remains though the fact that this Solar Eclipse occurs at the very moment the Lights conjunct the allegedly "harmful" star Alcyone - while they simultaneously receive a discordant square aspect from the "dissolving" planet Neptune (located in the ultra-dynamic First House, for the co-ordinates of London).

By some coincidence, the path of this eclipse is crossing two of the most quake prone "fault zones" of the world. It starts in eastern China, it goes over Japan, over the northern Pacific Ocean and then it  crosses California and Nevada.

The current Solar eclipse is emphasizing the dual sign of Gemini. This means that some things are hanging in mid-air now, a duality prevails around us, a critical situation cannot be stabilized and is ever changing.

The square aspect of Neptune to the Lights is aggravating further this Geminian fickleness, creating some sort of disillusionment, chaos and decay around us - ever more deconstructing the world we used to know. There is confusion both within us and around us and some form of cheating. We are faced with certain "stationary" and somehow abnormal, "sick" situations that are delaying us and pushing us back. A dramatic event related to the element of water or to the sea or a major earth-quake might occur (in ancient Greece Neptune was the god of earth-quakes).

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis


  1. It is scary to think about these Nostradamus predictions! At least the world is safe from the "big one" this year. Everybody should take horoscopes more seriously.

  2. Apparently it has been the "big one" for the inhabitants of Northern Italy...On the very day of this eclipse (20 May 2012) they experienced a major - and very rare to their standards - earthquake...