Sunday, 16 August 2009

Huge crisis from Autumn 2009 on!

Everything looks quiet and optimistic this summer of 2009. The news on the TV say that the first signs of recovery in the world economy are now visible. Nothing seems disturbing around us. But beyond the calm blue sea ahead of us, we Astrologers discern on the horizon an enormous tsunami coming over! Some relatively rare and harsh planetary formations that will appear in our sky on autumn and will keep on for several years pre-announce a major crisis, not only in economic terms but universally! The last time similar formations had shown up was during the Great Depression , back in the '30's!

There are some special astrological graphs foretelling the ups and downs of humanity, the periods that mankind will enjoy prosperity and the ones it will go through times of crisis. The corresponding graph is sinking in the autumn of 2009. It is like falling in the bottom of a deep ravine. And when we fall so deep the only way we can go is upwards.

But as we are in the middle of August none of this is visible on the horizon and people around us are rather optimistic. This optimism however is fictitious; it is a derivative of the Jupiter - Neptune conjunction that is dominant in our skies since last spring. This meeting between the joyful Jupiter and the dreamy Neptune is putting "pink glasses" in the eyes of the people hindering them from seeing things in their true dimensions.

If we look without pink glasses the things that are about to come we might not be equally enthusiastic. In October Saturn enters the sign of Libra, forming a discordant square aspect with Pluto, in early Capricorn. This formation is one of the hardest and usually it triggers extremely violent events, large-scale natural disasters, conflicts between nations. Especially now that this formation will be twice as strong (apart the Saturn - Pluto square remember that Pluto is in Capricorn, in the sign that is traditionally governed by Saturn. So, it is like having a double-whammy situation here, as the same relation between Saturn and Pluto is repeated twice).

Furthermore, in May 2010 the explosive and rebelious planet Uranus will enter the warlike sign of Aries. And as if this wasn’t enough, Uranus in Aries will form a rare planetary formation with Saturn and Pluto, called "T Square" (as it reminds us of the capital letter T, with Pluto located at the base of the T, Saturn at the upper left and Uranus at the upper right). In reality, Uranus will start triggering this formation from next autumn on (when it will be in the latter degrees of Pisces). Additionally, within this formation the already manifested in 2008 Saturn - Uranus opposition will continue to exert its power (remember that this Saturn - Uranus opposition is related to the major societal upheavals and the world economic crisis that we witnessed in the autumn - winter period of 2008). Only that this opposition will be much stronger now, as it will be boosted by the energies of the fatal Pluto, a planet that does not hesitate to carry things to extremes and massively eliminate people and situations.

A new kind of world will emerge out of this crisis. The shape of the things we knew will change dramatically. Large upheavals and tensions may arise within the society. Deprivation of liberties and resurgence of totalitarian regimes are very plausible. Disputes between various states over their borders, over minorities etc. Possible lack of energy sources, of raw materials and goods, pandemics and some rare and unusual in scale geophysical phenomena.

When we will see then some more "brilliant" planetary configurations? I think from 2020 onwards! Although Saturn will leave rather early the “T” formation (in 2011) the Uranus - Pluto square will be active for many years. We are talking here about two very crazy "guys" who both love to turn things upside down and bring people and societies to the extremes. And these crazy (but wise, in the transcendental sense) guys will be constantly confronting each other for the next 9 years! Moreover Pluto in Capricorn predisposes to darkness and hardness (and this planet will not leave Capricorn until 2024)!

But every cloud has a silver lining! Pluto in Capricorn will bring a radical transformation to the structure of our society. Thanks to the T square the old extreme materialism and consumerism will be shaked for good and people will move onto more spiritual dimensions. In the near future the shape of our cities - and of the things in general - will not be so bright and grandiose as we used them to be in the past, since what is imperative now to "shine" is the human being !

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