Friday, 10 July 2009

Jupiter - Neptune conjunction: the miracle aspect!

An important planetary conjunction is taking place now over the sky. The planets of spirituality and high idelaism Jupiter and Neptune have approached so near in their orbits that are now somehow "embracing" each other, being both at the same zodiacal degree (26 degrees of Aquarius, exactly). It is the second time this phenomenon occurs (the first happened on 27 May 2009, while a third "embracing" of these two planets will take place on 21 December 2009).

The Jupiter - Neptune conjunction has been described as "the aspect of the miracles"! It is now likely to cause a big or small miracle in your life, depending on the area it activates in your chart and on the aspects it forms with your natal planets. Be careful though, because this conjunction may lead you as well to some kind of deception.

A miracle might happen now on a global level, too. Certainly, this conjunction will uplift the level of human consciousness and will tune the masses to more spiritual and idealistic frequencies, especially as most of us are frustrated by our previous shallow and materialistic way of living. It might create some major collective Utopias as well.

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