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When Hades reached the top of the firmament (the "dark" 2010 - 2020 decade)!

As you most probably know Hades is the mythical god of the underworld. Therefore Hades (or Pluto) should be normally dwelling under our feet, within the farthest depths of the earth. How would you feel then if I told you that Hades has actually left his gruesome kingdom and is currently residing on the top of the sky, over the very "Zenith of the world"? If I told you that Hades is currently hovering over our heads, invisibly exerting its tight grip on our societies?

I know, it sounds like an horror movie but it's true! The grisly Pluto's figure is indeed hovering now over our heads, ominously casting its shadow and covertly disrupting our societies! On the other hand, Pluto is radically transforming and regenerating now our rather decaying world! So, he is not that bad after all.

In any case, most of us have experienced - or we are experiencing it as we speak - the rather ominous "geist" of Pluto. Not by chance, we are living in an ever shifting, disruptive and confusing era. And this "plutonian geist" won't go away any time soon, because Pluto will be permanently standing on the "top of the world" throughout the entire decade! So, in the future the Astrologers will be referring to our times as "the dark 2010 - 2020 decade, when Pluto was at the zenith of the world"!

Pluto has been transiting for the last seven years in the sign of Capricorn.  Capricorn is an "acute consciousness" cardinal sign, it is the "grandmaster of our earthly, dense dimension"! In mundane astrology Capricorn represents the "World's Zenith". Don't get intimidated by it, the "World's Zenith" (or "World's MC") concept is quite simple - and very functional as you will see.

In the image below you see the Zodiac in its classic "archetypal" orientation, with the sign of Aries to the left (9 o'clock) and the sign of Capricorn on top:

A classically oriented zodiac (with Aries at "9 o'clock")

As we know, the Zodiac circle is forming the very basis of the horoscope. But in reality the Zodiac is a "dynamic" entity, not an inanimate one (I personally call it a "universal software"). It is an entity controlling ALL the processes in our Universe: from the birth of a man to the manufacturing of a car, from the overall course of a love affair to the course of humanity itself! So far so good, because this fact turns to be very convenient to us, as you will see!

Most probably, we will never determine the "natal horoscope of the mankind" (because the exact date and time that the very first "homo sapiens" was born will never come to our knowledge, being a gradual - and thus chronologically indeterminable - process!). We are given an alternative solution though: we can potentially anticipate the course of the humanity and of the wordly events by studying the zodiacal positions and the aspects of the so called "socio- collective" planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)!

You will be surprised how easy this method is. The only thing we have to do here is to properly place the "socio- collective" planets in the above "classically oriented" zodiac. And then voila! Right away the corresponding "Mundane chart" is formed in front of our eyes, the "World Horoscope" for the period we are interested in!

The "Mundane" chart set for June 20, 2014

On the very top of the World Horoscope there is an area - corresponding to the sign of Capricorn -  called the "World's Midheaven" (alternatively "World's MC" or "World's Zenith"). The World's Midheaven is revealing to us - depending on the planets transiting over it - the kind of "energies" that are currently diffused in our societies, the trends prevailing in it, the trends in geo-politics, world economy etc. Also the quality of our rulers, of the "establishment", of those powerful entities that are structuring, controlling and "shaping" our societies (i.e. government, police etc.)!
The Zodiac as a "World Horoscope"

Therefore, with dark Pluto residing now on the "World's MC" area  the "zeitgeist" prevailing in our societies is a rather bleak, "chthonic", ruthless, highly transformative and (even) "deadly"! And not just for the time being but throughout the entire decade - because planet Pluto (the black planet in the image below, on the highest point of the "World Horoscope") will remain in that area for ten more years.

Pluto at the "World Zenith"
Pluto is responsible for the the recession, the "crisis" we have been experiencing in the last seven years, for the "debt" issue that dominates the world scene, for the "imminent collapse" sensation we all have, for the somehow "nonsensical" events we are facing... We all (pretty much) feel that we are living in an Era of an abrupt decline, an Era that has led us to the very brink of world collapse... And our greatest fear is that we are going to meet worse woes down the road! We have reached the point of worrying even about our own survival! As a matter of fact, all these words: "debt", "crisis", "decline", "depradation", "collapse","irrationality", "fear", "survival" are classical plutonian "key-words"!

But why are we going through this situation? Because in the last seven years Pluto has risen over the top of the firmament! Thus, it is not just the notorious Uranus - Pluto "square aspect" responsible for the tumultuous atmosphere we are sensing all around us in the recent years but to a large extent the ascent of Pluto on the "World's Zenith" played a major role!

Pluto was again in the very same portion of the zodiac ("on top of the sky") some 248 years ago (a full Pluto's orbit around the Sun). But its impact was much smaller back then, for a simple reason: there were no organized societies around - to the extent there are now (New York for example looked more like a small provincial town back then, while the current colossal financial and commercial networks, the stock markets had not developed yet. I am saying this because Pluto in Capricorn affects primarily the so called "over-organized societies" - which are generally under the auspices of the sign of Capricorn). Therefore, never before in the history of mankind the presence of Pluto in Capricorn / on the "World's  MC" is impacting us as strongly as it does nowadays! What we are experiencing now has never been experienced by any previous generation within the last 200,000 years (ever since Homo Sapiens appeared on Earth)!

Do you remember "Hades" in mythology? It is the same (tricky) deity as Pluto. Hades resides in the underworld and is grabbing the souls of the dead - and their fortunes as well. Actually Hades is a "quintillioner" as he is steadily accumulating over the centuries the fortunes of all the deceased people! Does this sound familiar? The "International Monetary Fund" seems to have become the "underworld" of our time, as it is e ver more accumulating the fortunes of the various supposedly "dead" - under a financial point of view -  countries, contributing thus to the deterioration of the global financial crisis and the spreading of poverty and hunger among many countries - which until a few years ago were doing rather well.

As the "dark" and "evil" Pluto is now on the very "Zenith" of humanity most governments seem more "dark" and sinister than ever! Many governments are cruelly taxiing their less advantaged citizens  while anti-constitutional foreclosures seem to be the norm of the time! Actually, usurpation of money and properties is the norm by now almost all over the world! And this is not by chance, because Pluto is the great "Usurper"...

In general, our governments seem to operate in an increasingly corrupt and irrational manner (irrationality and madness being two typically Plutonian elements). Things have gotten so absurd that our governments seem to conspire against us the citizens (supposedly our governments are "spraying" us with chemicals (i.e. chemtrails), are urging us to take useless and harmful vaccines that contain toxic substances etc.). This feeling of collusive cruelty from the part of the authorities has been enhanced during the years 2013 - 2014 - as Saturn entered the sign of Scorpio (and formed a "mutual reception" with Pluto in Capricorn - which we should  classify as a very tough reception).

As we explained before, any "social - collective" planet standing on the "World's Zenith" dictates the "spirit" that will prevail in humanity during its stay there! And since Pluto is the most "elevated" planet now (and will remain so at least until 2023 - while in 2018 Pluto will be joined by Saturn as well), it is the spirit of Pluto that is currently prevailing all over the world now!

Pluto is a dark, underground, irrational, ruthless, highly transformative planet. He supports the strong and "unscrupulous" kind of people and encourages plutocracy - while he despises the weak individuals and therefore the poor and disadvantaged ones. He rather loves the tough guys, the tricksters (even the "dirty" and the immoral ones), those who manage to survive and to enrich themselves (as mentioned before, Pluto adores wealth) no matter if they employed cruel, dark and immoral methods (Pluto is also related to mobsters)!

Ultimately though, things are not so "black". All planets have a creative side and in Pluto's case this is the transformation that he will massively entail to the organized societies all over our planet. Pluto will dissolve the old, worn-out and non-functional elements and structures and out of their ashes a new, more alive, functional and healthy world will emerge! All this of course will not be achieved effortlessly and painlessly but probably through intense and agonizing endeavours which will eventually affect in a myriad ways (mentally, morally, financially and even physically) vast masses of people - eventually bringing to full despair the weaker and more vulnerable ones. Pluto's game is not meant for the faint hearted ...

Pluto, however, is not entirely free to do what he wants. He has been fiercely fought by another Titan, which is currently located on the "World's Ascendant" (see a couple of images above), struggling to ascend to heavens and displace Pluto - resending him back to the underworld, where he actually belongs. We are talking here about planet Uranus (the blue planet in the horoscope below, on the left).

Uranus standing actually on the "World's Ascendant" is the major indicator of the sort of "energies" and trends that are currently springing forth in our societies (the "World's Ascendant" is a "gateway" ever diffusing in a torrential way fresh cosmic energies to humanity - and to each individual. And since Uranus possesses some intensely humanistic qualities this planet is fighting now for the rights of the unfairly dealt and unprivileged people (urging them to rise up)!

Planet Uranus squaring Pluto (on the "World Horoscope")

We are thus in a situation where on one hand Pluto - standing over the "World's Zenith" - is ever making the ruling class more brutal, corrupt, cruel and oppressive, while on the other hand Uranus over the "World's Ascendant" is urging people to demand their freedom and human rights and become more rebellious and revolutionary than ever! Things are going to get over the edge especially in the period 2012 - 2015, when Pluto and Uranus will be tightly forming a particularly tough planetary aspect called "square". Thus the split between the ordinary citizen and the "authorities" will be widened in those years, as a "partile" square aspect between the planets Uranus and Pluto will be repetitively formed - for seven times, as these two titans will be moving back and forth.

Planet Uranus is the "Great Awakener" and the "Rebel with a cause"! About three years ago it reached the point of the "World's Ascendant" and it dynamically started "awakening" the people all over the planet, urging them to overthrow their corrupt governments and seize power! Under its auspices, a brave new individual is begot now: not any more a numbed and egocentric "consumeristic machine" but a visionary and enlightened being, consciously partaking to its society!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis 

-  I have been developing  (and teaching in my Astrology seminars) the concepts of "World Horoscope" and "World's MC / Zenith" for many years now.
- At some point we should start taking into consideration the planetoids, such as Eris, Sedna etc.


  1. Very interesting Thomas! Good read.

  2. The Asc is in Aries / Mars - any thoughts regarding our non-political President elect Trump? Him Running & Winning the office " unexpectedly" has Uranus quality. House of our Governments? Can U draw up a horoscope in a comparison way? Such as Trumps effect on our world for the 4 yrs? I wanted to do it but I lack expertise on how to interpret it, I assume houses are same but viewed in a global sense ? I specialize in Personal, as well as household Family charts detailing how each will tend to interact with eachother & may learn, teach or how to strengthen understanding by embracing weak points, destiny & karma etc. But it's still personal and not Global. You said 2018 & Pluto parties with Saturn in Scorpio. Will his greatest progress be seen in his 4th year? Will 2ND & 8th house progress for better? Will 9th house show war? Will the 11th show allies? Will 12th show overcoming secrets, enemies or will it aspect towards a new danger unawaringly to us but obvious to those that are broad minded? Trumps state of address... regarding intended changes had a very thought out feel, give and take on nearly every intention it was impressive and "unexpectedly" so by everyone who listened (view: transformation/2017 youtube) When he won my first thought was- our nation stood up for themselves! Under dogs of society , the majority decided "anyone but a politician please" lol Uranus shocking! Legions Cashing in on the promise their vote counts, 2 democratic states are now republican, although I believe due too people moving there for economic purposes may be plausible, lots of movers in recent year to live better for cheaper, even the Self entitled Millineals voted!making history with a 25% increase of first time voters. Will we as a nation be redirected or resurrected? By Trump? Or will his efforts inspire continued efforts for future presidents? Is this our transformation from the "dark" side ????

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