Saturday, 5 November 2022

The eminent Byzantine astrologer John Abramius

Early Byzantium roughly corresponded to the Eastern Roman Empire (in purple)

Byzantine astrology is rather unknown among the general public. In fact, many people might be surprised to find out that Byzantine astrology even existed. It did, though, and it was marvelous!

Byzantium was somehow a continuation of the Hellenistic world, so astrology was a natural part of its tradition. Additionally, the Byzantines were geographically close to the Persians and Arabs - who themselves had adopted and developed the Hellenistic astrology. Consequently, Byzantium became a particularly fertile ground for the dissemination of astrological ideas, at the time. 

Some of the most competent astrologers of that era originated in this part of the world. Among them was John Abramius, whom I am sharing with you in this article. Aside from his skills as an astrologer, Abramius kickstarted what we might call a “tardive Byzantine astrological school"! Its influence was such that even illustrious figures, such as Cardinal Isidore of Kiev, studied astrology there!

Monday, 1 August 2022

The Mars- Uranus - North Node conjunction in Taurus (Empires crumbling down)!


In just a few hours we are going to experience the major event of this month, August 2022 (and one of the major events of the entire 2022): the Mars - Uranus - North Node partile Conjunction, at the 19th degree of Taurus! 

I did a little research, in order to find out when this specific conjunction was repeated again in the past 3400 years - combined with the presence of Saturn in Aquarius. Only two dates came out: February 9th, 156 BCE and the period around June 1520 (when Mars, Uranus and the North Node were in Taurus alright, but not in a partile configuration). That's quite remarkable! The Mars - Uranus - North Node conjunction in Taurus (alongwith Saturn in Aquarius) has re-occurred just twice, in the last 3400 years!

The first time was back in 156 BCE (when Saturn was in Aquarius as well, as it is currently). Nothing "big" occurred in that specific year. The overall, though, period around 156 BCE was quite important. You see, a new super-power was in a meteoric rise back then: Rome! Rome was finally taking the upper hand in the Punic wars and was about to irrevocably destroy Carthago! Plus, Rome began having back then military superiority over the Macedonian Greeks! So, a little after 156 BCE Rome literary annihilated two ex empires and became the undisputable master of the Mediterranean! 

The other Mars - Uranus - North Node conjunction in Taurus occurred around June 1520 CE. As I explained, it wasn't a partile conjunction, as it currently is. And Saturn was once more in Aquarius! In a previous article, that I had posted here, I had written that I consider the year 1520 CE as a landmark of the European Colonialism! It was back then that a European kingdom (Spain) defeated and colonized for the first time ever a trans-continental empire (the one of the Aztecs)! And immediately after this key event the European kingdoms started colonizing, on a massive scale, the entire planet!

Thomas Gazis

Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

Thursday, 21 April 2022

Our "airplane" (the "West") is nosediving - but we think we are flying fine!

Throughout history, the empires seem to be ever shifting from East to the West! Starting with what we consider the oldest known empires, the Mesopotamian and Egyptian ones, the "world hegemony" was consequently taken over by the Hellenistic Empire, by the Roman Empire, by the Frankish one and - later on - by the Spanish and the English empires! Then, the center of power shifted further westwards and USA became the strongest world empire! And apparently the time has come for the "world hegemony" to shift even further westwards, to China! 

Such discussions are often held on the internet. But most of us are treating them as if they concerned some distant future event. Few people realize that this "changing of hegemony" process is happening right now, right in front of our own eyes! 

I believe that we Westerners (Europeans + Americans) are somehow out of touch with the current cataclysmic events that are taking place all over the planet! We have been ruling the world for so long that we have become complacent and arrogant. But the current war in Ukraine has dramatically overturned many things that we were taking for granted, till now! 

First of all, we are having a distorted perception of reality! Our western media are telling us that the entire planet is hating the Russians, because they invaded Ukraine. The reality is that the two thirds of the world population are pro-Russian (courtesy of the USA interventions and invasions in very many countries, all over the planet). Our western media are telling us that the Russian economy has been hit hard and the Russian Ruble is now worthless. In reality (as you can see in the diagram below) the Russian Ruble is almost stronger now that it used to be before the war in Ukraine! 

Actually, what has been hit hard is the economy of Europe! The prices of basic goods have skyrocketed in the previously prosperous Europe and the inflation is rampant! The prices of the basic goods have risen as well in the USA. This is probably the first tangible sign that USA is getting weaker in the world scene! It is still a military super power but its economy leaves much to be desired! In February 2022 USA's national debt topped 30 trillion - for the first time ever in the history of this great country! With such a humongous debt the USA economy is currently on the verge of collapse! 

You might argue that USA has been having a huge debt for decades now and apparently has handled it fine, so far! Things have drastically changed though! You see, the US dollar has been the world's reserve currency ever since 1944 - with the "Bretton Woods" agreement. With that agreement the US Dollar acquired a unique international status - and the US economy some amazing privileges! But that era seems to be ending now, as more and more countries are buying and selling goods not anymore with US Dollars but with other currencies (such as the chinese Yuan and the Russian Ruble). The US Dollar is rapidly losing its status as the "word's reserve currency"! That's not good! 

You see, the USA financial mechanisms were facing so far the spectre of the huge national debt by issuing more banknotes, by printing that is more dollars! And as long as the US Dollar was the "world's reserve currency" they could get away with it! Till the day that is that the US Dollar would start losing its much privileged international status! And apparently that day has arrived! 

One of the first signs of a "debilitated" currency is the so called "domestic inflation". Since the US Dollar is getting weaker, you will need more of it to buy the same things you used to buy in the past at a lower price. You need i.e. more dollars now to fill the gas tank of your car - in comparison to just a few months ago! As the US Dollar and the Euro will be getting weaker the prices in our western countries will keep rising! 

But we are apparently oblivious of all this! That's definitely the result of the current Jupiter - Neptune mega - conjunction in Pisces! It is as if we are living in a permanent fog and the only thing we can discern is some shadowy figures and actions taking place all around us! Not to mention that the aforementioned mega-conjunction in Pisces is somehow announcing to us - with fireworks - that the world we used to know is closing now its cycle and is arriving to its end!

Thomas Gazis 

Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

Sunday, 3 April 2022

The 500 years mega-resonance planetary cycle (and the irrevocable degradation of Europe)!

"Europe" by Justus van Egmont

I was watching the other day a video of a brilliant Greek geopolitical analyst (Constantine Grivas) who was positing that the current war in Ukraine is signalling - among other things - the definite ending of the 500 years European dominance over the world! Plus, it is signalling the irrevocable transformation of Europe into a "vassal continent", on the periphery of the new geopolitical protagonists of the world!

Of course, him saying that "we are witnessing the ending of a 500 years cycle" struck an astrological chord in me! You see, a 500 years period is quite significant, astrologically speaking. Every 500 years (approx.) a Neptune / Pluto conjunction is taking place on the earthy skies. A conjunction that is considered a major player in Mundane Astrology! We might not have currently a Neptune / Pluto conjunction on our skies - nor we had 500 years ago - but the relation of Pluto to Neptune (their "phase") is today exactly the same as it was 500 years ago: Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn, forming an over-stretched "waxing" Sextile among them. This means that we are somehow experiencing now - on a collective and on a "transcendental" level - a kind of "zeitgeist" that is similar to the one that humanity experienced 500 years ago (I will expand on this a little further on)!

The significance, though, of this 500 years planetary cycle does not end there. There is much more to it than that! Because ultimately, this 500 years period coincides with a mega "resonance" planetary cycle! Let me show you what I mean.

To start with the most exterior planet, Pluto, this little (but ultra-powerful) fella is completing an orbit around the Sun every 248 years (247,94 to be precise). Thus, in a period of 500 years Pluto has completed 2 orbits around the Sun (not precisely but pretty close to it)! Meaning that if we know in what sign Pluto is at a certain year we can easily find in what sign it was 500 years prior to that year. In most cases, Pluto would be in the same sign - or otherwise in an adjacent one.

I have already pointed out in another article the Uranus - Neptune 168 years (approx.) "resonance". Let's see now whether or not these two planets "resonate" to the 500 years period, as well. Planet Neptune is completing an orbit around the Sun every 165 years (164,81 to be precise). If we divide now 500 by 165 we get a number that is astonishingly close to the number 3! This can be very useful to us, because if we know in what sign Neptune is at a certain year we can easily find out in what sign Neptune was 500 years prior to that year (most probably in the very same sign - or otherwise in an adjacent one).

Moving on to Uranus, this eccentric planet is completing an orbit around the Sun every 84 years (84,02 to be precise). If we divide now 500 by 84 we get a number that is quite close to the number 6! Thus, in a period of 500 years Uranus has completed six orbits around the Sun! Meaning that by knowing in what sign Uranus is at a certain year we can deduce that most probably it was in the very same sign 500 years prior to that year - or otherwise in an adjacent one.

Let's see now if this works with Saturn, as well. The planet of the rings is completing an orbit around the Sun every 29 years (29,46 to be precise). If we divide now 500 by 29 we get a number that is pretty close to the number 17! Thus, in a period of 500 years Saturn has completed seventeen orbits around the Sun! Therefore, if we know in what sign Saturn is at a certain year we can find in what sign it was 500 years prior to that year: most probably in the very same sign - or in an adjacent one.

Do you see my point here? 500 years ago the planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto might have been in the very same signs they are now! Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn! "These things don't happen" you might say. Well, they actually do! Because in 1522 indeed the aforementioned planets were occupying the very same zodiacal signs that they are occupying now!

What are the chances of such a coincidence? Not very many, I would say. You see, if we start plunging further into the past (by steps of 500 years, going back that is 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 years) the "harmonic resonance" of the 500 years rule will start breaking down (as the planets Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn will tend to shift into an adjacent sign. With an odd - "quantistic" I would say - twist though: when Pluto and Neptune are shifting (in tandem!) to the following sign then Uranus and Saturn are shifting (in tandem!) to the previous one - and the other way around! Thus, this "mega-resonance" is mostly "in tune" within the 500 hundred years range before or after a given year. And even then there might be some "cacophonies", with some planets being in an adjacent sign.

There is though something very interesting going on here. I have researched the last 7000 years (with the "Solar Fire 9" astrology program) and it turned out that the concerning to us planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) have been only once (simultaneously) in the same zodiacal positions that they occupy today: during the 1522 CE period! Never before or after that period! So, there must be something very unique and special that is connecting us with the year 1522 CE. What would that be?

Half a millennium ago cataclysmic events were taking place almost all over the globe, events instigated by the major European powers of the time, which they were vying to conquer and colonize as many overseas lands as they could! And the great protagonists of that era were the Spaniards, who actually were the first Europeans to conquer and colonize a transcontinental empire (the Aztec one)! On August 13, 1521 the relatively small Cortes army finally overpowered the Aztec warriors and militarily captured Tenochtitlan (today's Mexico city). That was a monumental event, which took place with the planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto being in the very same signs they are today! Consequently, in 1522 Cortes was proclaimed the governor of "New Spain", ushering thus the European powers to a centuries long period of dominance of almost the entire world! 

Fast forward 500 years and that European dominance seems to have waned and reached its irrevocable end, as Europe has been degraded by now into a weak and reluctant bystander of the deadly USA - Russia - China mega-clash over the new dominance of the world!  

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Crimea 1853 vs. Ukraine/Crimea 2021: will history repeat itself?

Chances are you have never heard of the 1853 Crimea war. But out of some odd circumstances you might soon start watching on your TV/PC screen the brand new Crimea (and Ukraine) 2021 war, which most probably will be eerily similar to the 1853 one! Almost the same military powers will be involved in it! Russia from the one side and on the other side Turkey, alongwith the NATO alliance (comprising USA, UK and to some extent France).

If you do the math, you will realize that there are exactly 168 years seperating 2021 from 1853! But this number of years is significant to both astronomy and astrology! You see, it takes exactly 168 years for the planet Uranus to orbit twice the Sun (and thus, to cross twice the zodiac)! Plus, it takes almost 168 years (165 in reality) for Neptune to orbit the Sun and to cross once the zodiac!

What's the meaning of all this? Well, back in 1853 (taking as a starting point the date October 5th 1853, when the war officially broke out) Uranus was in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces, in the very same signs they are today, in 2021! Not to mention that the North Node was back in 1853 in the sign of Gemini (and of course the South Node in Sagittarius), in the same signs they are in 2021!

That's not a coincidence either! It is the result of a "resonance" too. You see, if we divide our 168 "yardstick" years by 18,5941 - the number of years it takes for the Lunar Nodes to cross the zodiac - we come up impressively close to the round number 9! Meaning that ever since 1853 the Lunar Nodes have orbited exactly nine times the zodiac - thus, in 1853 they were in the very same signs they are today.

                                              The Civil War "Resonance"

I've been working for some time on this Uranus - Neptune astronomical - astrological 2:1 "resonance" (an approximately 165 years "yardstick") and its mundane implications and I am getting so far great results! We can apply, for example, the very same method to the USA Civil War period, which occurred just 8 years after the Crimea war. When the Civil War broke (on the 12th of April 1861) Neptune was at the "anaretic" very last degree - and almost very last minute - of Pisces! Planet Uranus on the other hand was in Gemini. And we are about to witness, in the near future, the planets Neptune and Uranus occupying the same placements. In fact, for a short period in 2025 (from October 22nd to November 8th) Neptune will be located at the anaretic last degree of Pisces - while Uranus will be in Gemini! 

There are though some astrological "nuances" that differentiate the two "resonant" historical periods: Uranus was "direct" and well within the sign of Gemini during the outbreak of the 1861 Civil War. But Uranus will be "retrograde" during the 2025 short "resonance" repetition and precariously located at the very first degree of Gemini (and just about to return back in the sign of Taurus - breaking thus the "resonance" spell)! But Uranus never retrograded in Taurus, during the Civil War period! Plus the Nodal Axis will be quite off in 2025 (in Pisces - Virgo, while back in 1851 it was in Capricorn - Cancer).

The Lunar Nodes will be in the Capricorn - Cancer axis from March 8th, 2028 onwards! Uranus will be then "direct" in Gemini and Neptune in Aries! But there is still another nuance: back in 1861 Neptune had actually retrograded in Pisces for a few months (October 1861 - mid February 1862 actually) and then it turned "direct" and re-entered Aries. But when we come down to 2028, Neptune will not turn "retrograde" at all in Pisces, from March 8th, 2028 onwards (that is, after the nodes move to the Capricorn - Cancer axis). Thus, we are not going to experience in the immediate future an exact Civil War's "resonant replica"

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Usa is ever more plugging into a sort of collective psychosis abyss!

(Disclaimer: I am a Greek citizen. I don't support Trump and I am not particularly interested in whom exactly is going to be the next USA President. But I find quite abnormal and interesting (astrologically, psychologically, semiotically) the phenomenon of the over-demonization of the current American President).

There are people who almost every single day are writing comments demonizing the current American President Trump. And since there are on Facebook so many Americans doing daily this "demonization ritual" they are ever more building it up! The demonization is ever more escalating and has reached by now an irrational "Μiddle Αges" - "which hunt" kind of level! We are seeing in the making the phenomenon that Eckhart Tolle described as a "destructive unconscious hive-mind" (when people are continuously and unceasingly demonizing a specific individual or a specific group of people).

Take for example this comment that I recently saw on Facebook:

""Paternitia: "Carmen Johns~
- ""We are in the clutches of a skilled psychopath. It is very difficult for people to really grasp what that means. They believe he is a human being, but he is not..
- And so he gets away with everything, because he turns being treated as a human being to his reptile advantage—in ways even the worst of actual human beings would never even consider doing.
- He is not there because of an election, and he will not be gone because of an election. Think of what it took to dislodge Hitler. *That* is the ballpark we are in..
- That is why even the most radical solutions prove fruitless. Snakes are adept at slithering away, to reappear and again strike unexpectedly, releasing their deadly venom with every strike.
- Only other snakes are immune from this. It’s a kind of 'professional courtesy' among psychopaths. Why? because protecting one makes the grazing easier for all of them..
- We’re not used to it. As a nation, we are being terrorized every day by a leader who hates people, his country, and all that lives.
- That is his nature and he is faithful to it—and always will be. And that is nearly impossible for most of us to accept.
- Why? because it goes against the basic premise of our own humanity—which, pointedly, he neither shares nor really even understands.
- The only difference is, He knows he is not the same kind of creature we are ... and we, for the most part, do not.

This is clearly an "unconscious hive-mind" product! Probably millions of such irrational statements are frantically written on Facebook every day, by American citizens. So, it's not anymore about "the vote" (people could simply go and vote against Trump and that would be the end of it)! It's mostly about the collective "shadow" projection! People are addicted by now to the habit of releasing their inner tensions by daily lashing out on their current president!

To that aim, the "polarization" mechanism is useful too: "we the Democrats are fighting against the "monstrous" Republicans" - and the other way around! You see, political, ethnic, sexual, etc "polarizations" have their psychological perks, and often people resort to them in order to release their own inner tensions!

Last but not least, diminishing an authority figure (publicly calling him/her names like "dumpster", "cheeto" etc. - as the American citizens are calling now their President) has been a secret, inhibited wish of ours, ever since we were kids! Needless to say that "ridiculing authority figures without suffering any consequences" is releasing a lot of inner tension - and that's the third time that we are witnessing this "release inner tension" mechanism! It's more than obvious that "demonizing" a specific authority figure - or a "different" group of people - is utterly "therapeutic" to the masses!

As far as I remember, never in history such a massive over-demonization phenomenon (like the one that is currently taking place in the USA) has ever occurred! Blame it on the "Capricorn Climax"...

Thomas Gazis

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Our cities/societies are getting ever weirder and deadlier! (Coronavirus & "Capricorn Climax")

Our entire planet is living now some unprecedented and even nightmarish situations, with this deadly coronavirus pandemic that has stormed upon us! Most of us are experiencing situations that no human (except for the few aware epidemiologists and Astrologers) would ever expect to live! Especially in the western world, no generation before us has lived something like this (except of course the two world wars - which did not cause the collapse of societies in the Americas). And if we put aside the so-called "Spanish Flu" (which more or less coincided with World War I), the "movie" that is playing now before our very eyes has not been played for thousands of years (the 1347 CE "black death" had not affected, again, the American continent, Australia, etc.)!

Although humankind is technologically advanced by now, it has proved to be rather "flimsy" in front of the coronavirus threat - and so far unable to produce a drug that can neutralize it! The only countermeasure (prevention - not treatment) left to us is to stay indoors (as if we were doomed to "home restriction")! If we kept congregating in public spaces, in crowded halls, stadiums, cafes, gyms, cinemas, public means of transport, etc. then we would be mourning an exponential number of victims!

Therefore, a simple, everyday move, like opening the door of our home in order to go somewhere, is now equivalent (especially if we are not in our first youth) to playing the "Russian roulette"(wondering each time "will I catch the coronavirus in the environment I am going to?")! Our home's door has been transformed into a vital "membrane", as it holds out of our house the specter of death, which is wafting now across our societies, across the cities we live in!

The average individual is constantly moving between a "public" and a "private" realm. Actually, our "public" and "private" lives meet right on the central door of our home! Outside our door lies the bustling society, our work, our obligations, the "others". Behind it lies the sacred "cradle" of our personal lives, the embrace and warmth of our family, the soothing smell of "home sweet home"! If we put this in astrological terms we could say that outside the door of our house are lying those situations that correspond to the zodiac sign of Capricorn, while inside that door the situations that correspond to the zodiac sign of Cancer! Having this knowledge, we can better understand now why we are experiencing such an abnormal and disturbing phenomenon!

In 2011 we experienced another crucial planetary shift: planet Neptune entered the sign of the Pisces, its natural "home"! In astrological literature, Neptune in Pisces is - in itself - a classic indication of epidemics or even pandemics! If we combine his energies with those of Pluto in Capricorn then the "scene" begins to get heavier (this very astrological combination was in force, as well, at the terrible Justinian plague of 541 CE)!

 Capricorn Climax
By the time we reached 2020, the momentous event of the "Capricorn Climax" - for which Astrologers (with capital A) had been preparing us for years - took hold! To understand the power of this phenomenon, think of it as having a "double-whammy" character! Which means that two events of a similar nature and power occurred simultaneously, mutually reinforcing each other: on one side Pluto is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn and on the other side Saturn (the planet that rules the Capricorn) is now very close to Pluto, forming a powerful "conjunction" with him! The combination of these two "vibrationally" similar events eventually created an "overdrive" that released colossal energies! Some "dark" and "chthonic" energies of the "underworld" have been summoned upon our cities and societies!

This "pluto-capricornian" tsunami of energies has caused astrologically this unheard of and largely nightmarish situation that we are experiencing now. The deadly coronavirus penetrated and disrupted our societies, our governments and social structures collapsed loudly, the commerce and the economy knelt down, the majority of the people have been locked in their homes and are confined as if they were prisoners! All these "exotic" events are clearly linked to the epochal phenomenon of the "Capricorn Climax", which is omnipotent nowadays!

And to explain this in more detail, Saturn's presence in Capricorn speaks for itself of "difficulties",  "deprivations" and "limitations". If we put on the stage Pluto as well, then these deprivations and limitations acquire an extreme character - insofar as people's psychology is undermined and pushed to the limits! We are seeing now in dismay, right in front of our eyes, the societies that we used to know collapsing and being radically altered (due to the "double-whammy" element I mentioned above)! And in this "mutually reinforced" hurricane, Mars' presence in Capricorn caused additional panic and brought the army to the streets of our cities (as in Italy). At the same time, Jupiter in Capricorn disproportionally magnified all these phenomena!

As you know, coronavirus does not particularly harm young people. But it is extremely threatening for the elder ones, as most fatal cases occur to those ages. We could say that this is also the result of the "double-whammy" presence of the planet Pluto (whose one of its basic "keywords" is death) in the zodiac sign of Capricorn (traditionally associated with the so-called "third age"!). In addition, the current pandemic has forced us to focus on something that is extremely tiny but nevertheless omnipotent! An invisible enemy has infiltrated our societies and is shooting us from all over the places, with us being incapable of shooting back! Our fear thus becomes even greater! All this "scenery" is clearly linked (even to a "rookie" in astrology) to Pluto in Capricorn (and to the "accompanying" Saturn-Pluto conjunction, as well)!

Pluto, however, is not a "bad" planet (no astrological element is "bad". Everything works for our evolution). But since Pluto is a powerful "collective" planet, the fate of the individuals is not of particular concern to him. He only cares about the survival and evolution of the humankind, on a "collective" level (and regardless of the eventual "collateral losses" - as our personal stories are quite indifferent to him)!

In this respect, Pluto may produce a major "cleansing" and "regeneration" of the humankind! In an extremely cruel and inhumane way, though! Ask yourself, what continent is the hardest hit right now by the coronavirus? It is not Asia, because there (especially in China) is somehow subsiding. Europe is the hardest hit, which has the most aging population on the planet! Do you understand what I mean? Coronavirus is deadly especially for the elderly or even for those younger people who have serious health problems! So in its own, very cruel and inhumane ("plutonian") way the coronavirus is now producing (if we look at it under a different perspective) a "cleansing" and "invigoration" of the very population of the European continent!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

The economic and demographic plundering of Greece (astrological predictions 2020)!

background image: Sven Erik Golden "Jewels of Light"

Ten years ago, Greece was making headlines all over the world! You most probably remember why. For the first time ever, a European Union country was facing a sovereign debt crisis and there was a tangible risk of it going totally bankrupt! Not only that but (due to the so-called domino effect) the economies of many other countries in Europe (and even worldwide) seemed to be at risk because of the very Greek debt crisis!

That was quite odd! How could a minuscule economy like the Greek one affect the gigantic markets of our planet? How could Greece be responsible for the overall course of the international economy? I had the feeling that something was amiss there. Thus, I resorted to astrology in order to better grasp what was going on. I had extensively studied the national horoscope of Greece and I knew that this Mediterranean country was just coming under the grips of both Pluto and Eris! And the theme of Greece facing a sovereign debt crisis that could potentially trigger crises all over the planet resonated perfectly with the vibrations of these two planets/ planetoids (the very word "crisis" is a plutonian keyword)! The fact is though that since Pluto and Eris are two transcendental, "esoteric" planets /planetoids, under their influence things are not always as they seem to be! Usually, they are much deeper, extensive and fatal than they appear to be!

As you know, an epoch-changing assembly of planets will take place in 2020 within the zodiac sign of Capricorn! It's such a rare phenomenon that Astrologers have been talking about it for decades. They even coined a special term for it "the 2020 Capricorn Climax"! What you most probably don't know is that Greece has been for the last ten years in an ever-escalating head-on collision with the  Capricorn Climax phenomenon! You see, Greece's Sun is located (according to its National Horoscope) at 22 degrees Capricorn, at the very degree where the notorious Saturn - Pluto partile conjunction will take place on January 12, 2020! Additionally, Eris has been forming a tight square aspect to Greece's Sun (and a tight conjunction to its Jupiter - Saturn), for many years now!

I have to explain something here: there is a controversy in Greece over this country's National Horoscope. The fact is though that the Greek astrological scene is totally controlled by a "circuit" of mostly commercial, lucrative astrologers, who have deliberately set aside and marginalized many worthy Greek astrologers - just because they are not their "bedfellows"! You may read my relative article here). This "domineering circuit" (with ample access to the media) is rather unexaminably claiming that Greece is ("solarly") ruled by the sign of Aquarius!

On the other hand, I am the only astrologer in Greece stating the obvious, that modern Greece is ruled by the sign of Capricorn (you may read a relative study here). And I have my good reasons for stating this because, as it goes, the Greek "fathers" declared our independence from the Ottoman Turks on January 13th, 1822, NS (a momentous event, as the Turks had militarily occupied Greece for 400 whole years)!

Fortunately, this rather parochial view of the greek astrologers on their country's chart is not shared by the international community. Foremost astrologers worldwide (OPA's president Maurice Fernandez and Mayo's principal Wendy Stacey, among others) are considering the January 13th, 1822 chart as the National Horoscope of modern Greece.

But let me show you now the National Horoscope of modern Greece (based on the declaration of Greece's independence, on January 1st, 1822 - Julian Calendar): 

The National Horoscope of modern Greece

You can clearly see that modern Greece's Sun is located at the critical (in our days) 22nd degree of Capricorn (where Saturn and Pluto are about to form a partile conjunction). Furthermore, the Jupiter - Saturn tight conjunction in Greece's chart is forming a square aspect to the notorious Saturn - Pluto conjunction, occurring in our days! Not to mention that the recent December 26, 2019, Solar Eclipse took place right over the Uranus - Neptune tight conjunction, in Greece's chart. Maybe you realize now the catalytic effect of the January 12th Capricorn Climax phenomenon over Greece's National Horoscope. If not, then you should take a look at the bi-wheel chart below: 

Inner wheel: Greece's natal chart.  Outer wheel: Capricorn Climax on January 12, 2020
The intensity of the Capricorn Climax phenomenon over Greece's chart becomes visually obvious here. On the upper left, the transiting planets Sun, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury are all conjuncting Greece's natal Sun (while at the same time they are squaring its Jupiter - Saturn duet). The stark Lunar Eclipse of January 10, 2020 is triggering Greece's Sun (while at the same time it is squaring its Jupiter and Saturn)! Furthermore, transiting Eris has been squaring in the last few years Greece's chart while at the same time has been conjuncting it's characteristic Jupiter - Saturn duet too.

Back in the '90s, when I first noticed the current colossal planetary influences over Greece's chart (especially fateful Pluto transiting over its natal Sun, for the very first time in modern Greece's history) I got really worried. It came to me the thought that Greece was about to experience some threatening to its existence events in its imminent future, perhaps a mega-quake or even a war (Greece's eastern neighbor is Turkey, a military super-power and a local bully). We cannot, of course, exclude such type of events when Pluto is aspecting critical points in a country's chart. The fact is though that Pluto is a tricky planet and it has in store mysterious ways of manifesting its properties! 

                     Pluto's invisible tentacles over Greece!

How can we then determine, decode and interpret the full array of Pluto's influences over Greece's natal chart? Well, the archetypal realm of mythology is often a good start. In Greek mythology, Pluto is the god of the underworld, dwelling in the dark and gloomy kingdom of Hades. Extrapolating from this, we may come to the conclusion that Pluto is a supremely powerful planet (being god-like). There is a twist though: to manifest the enormous power he possesses Pluto has to act covertly, secretly, in a concealed manner, in the dark, somehow disguised or even resorting to underhand tactics! On the contrary, the more openly, overtly and explicitly Pluto acts, exposing himself to the "light of the Sun" (the domain of other gods), the more he is bound to break up - becoming ever less capable of manifesting his powers!

If we add now to the above picture the fact that Pluto is the "intruder" and the "usurper" par excellence (do you remember how he quite unexpectedly intruded, emerging from beneath the earth, the mother-daughter idyllic relation and in what a ferocious way he abducted Persephone?) then we begin to formulate an hypothesis on how Pluto might be influencing Greece. It is possible that this Mediterranean country is experiencing currently some form of ominous intrusion and abduction! Its sovereign rights might be in peril as there is the eventuality that some foreign mega-powers are trying to invisibly take over and control crucial parts of Greece! And as Pluto is the planet of death (and of resurrection - in some other realm or under a different form) Greece might be going now through a profound death-rebirth process. Its very core is rapidly decaying and is bound to either irrevocably die or be radically transformed!

Speaking of death Pluto is actually ruling it (as the god of the netherworld he is). It rules as well money
(or to be more precise the "money-energy". You may read about it here). You see, Pluto ("Πλούτος") in Greek means "wealth", "riches". We are getting here a rather inconspicuous association between "death" and "wealth" (the death of a human being is usually bequeathing wealth to his closed relatives). Furthermore, in Hellenistic Astrology, the "Second Place" (corresponding to modern Second House) was called "Gate of Hades" and it was associated with cemeteries, material possessions, and money! 

Overall, Pluto has to do with the so-called "public purse", with any kind of public funds, with taxes, debt, inheritances, etc. The sign of Capricorn, on the other hand, has to do with the government, with regulations, contraction, austerity, etc. There is though a "double whammy" hidden behind this delineation: Pluto is not just in Capricorn but is currently forming a conjunction with Saturn as well - Saturn being Capricorn's ruler! Pluto and Saturn are mutually feeding up each other here. This "double whammy" is actually forming the very backbone of the Capricorn Climax phenomenon, granting it much of its power!

Thus, Greece in the 2010s came up against a titanic crisis (as Pluto was getting ever closer to its Sun). A crisis that is considered by the experts worse than the 1930's depression in the USA! Saving money became the domineering doctrine, applied to all walks and aspects of life. Salaries were slashed, the direct and indirect taxes were abruptly and disproportionally raised and the public funds began to require higher contributions from the citizens. The life of millions of Greeks became nightmarish as the specter of poverty began hovering over their heads!

Greece before the crisis was a relatively prosperous "western" European country (ranking not very far away from the economies of the other thriving European economies). Today though its economy is reduced almost to the levels of the ex-communist, eastern European countries! The irony is that Greece requested in 2010 the notorious loans from the Central European Bank and the International Monetary Fund in order to dodge the very situation is currently experiencing and boost its economy. But ten years after, the Greek economy is stagnant, the wages and pensions have been reduced almost to half, the "Greek" banks are massively foreclosing homes - and in collaboration with the "Greek" IRS they are confiscating - with no previous notice - the meager deposits of countless distressed Greeks! And as if all this wasn't enough, the Greeks were unable to withdraw their savings from the banks, due to the capital controls introduced in 2015!

I think that by now (2020) it is more than obvious to every perceptive man/woman that all the austerity measures and those bombastic foreign funds did not substantially help Greece! They might have benefitted other people but definitely not the Greek people! In reality, almost every single Greek asset, every public utility, every vital resource (gold mines, telecommunications, airports, marinas, etc.) has been sold (often in ridiculous prices) to some foreign corporation! Even the huge deposits of oil and gas found recently within the "EEZ" of Greece - that could have yielded hundreds and hundreds of billions to the Greek coffers - seems that will be ultimately exploited by foreign powers!
It is worth noting too that the so-called "Greek" banks (especially the four major ones) are no longer Greek since they are majority-owned by foreign interests! The fact is that most of the hundreds of billions that the lenders "generously" granted to Greece were not dispensed to the needs of the Greek state and to its citizens but were exclusively funneled to bail out the "Greek" banks! Most of which are owned now by foreign interests! The capital though of those loans
(along with their high-interest rates) won't be paid back to the lenders by the (mostly foreign by now) banks but by the very Greek citizens! How deceitful, how "mafioso" and "Soprano" (Plutonian) is this? 

It doesn't end here though. It is also worth noting that the Greek public IRS office no longer exists and that what we call today Greek "IRS" is, in fact, an "Independent Public Revenue Authority". This authority seems to be transferring
the taxes that the Greeks are paying - in order for their state to be operational, for hospitals and roads to be built, the infrastructure to be modernized, etc. - directly to the foreign lenders! That's a humongous usurpation, which is confirming the fact that Pluto is indeed transiting currently over Greece's "Capricornian" Sun! 

                       The Plutonian demographic "contamination"

There is another element that Pluto's influence on Greece's "Capricornian" Sun evoked. An element that had initially eluded me. As I explained above, Pluto is fond of the undifferentiated masses of humans (death is after all the great leveler. All the souls in Hades are equal, as no earthly form or title is differentiating them anymore). Thus, for Pluto a white, aristocratic man of say Christian belief is exactly the same as a humble origins dark-skinned, poor Muslim! Therefore, mixing "different" kinds of people, "contaminating" the "purity" of societies, literally
constitutes a game for Pluto! And the immediate consequence of this Pluto's attribute (remember, the planet is on Greece's Sun) is the massive influx of refugees - migrants into this historic country. Greece, although a small country, receives twice as many refugees / migrants than Spain does and almost six times more refugees - migrants than the six times more populous Italy (according to the 2019 statistics)!

This ultimately means that, in proportion to our populations,
we receive in Greece ten times more refugees - immigrants than they receive in Spain and thirty-six times as much they receive in Italy! Not twice or thrice as much but thirty-six whole times as much! Does this sound reasonable to you? Does this sound reasonable to anybody?

Why do other European countries control, restrict or even bar refugees - migrants? Do these countries know something critical that the Greek citizens are not aware of? I agree that we have to show humanism and help those people who are truly persecuted and in danger. But the refugees - migrants are mainly coming to Greece from Turkey, which is NOT a war zone! So they are not in immediate danger. Rumors say that some people are inciting them to come over to Greece with some financial lure, benefits etc. It worries me also the fact that it does not seem to be any serious program of resettlement or repatriation of these refugees - migrants. They look as if they came to permanently stay in Greece - the poorest country in Western Europe, with the highest unemployment! Who benefits from this situation? Who are the true beneficiaries of this massive influx of refugees - migrants in Greece?

Greece has a population of little over ten million. The refugees - migrants in Greece are approaching
today one million people! If they keep surging - to the hundreds or even to the thousands every day - then in a not so distant future the refugees - migrants Greece will be more than the indigenous inhabitants! That would entail an unprecedented demographic alteration of Greece  (with the compliments of transiting Pluto, who has been for a few years now hovering over Greece's natal Sun and is thus "contaminating" its demography).

I wish we had in Greece a flourishing economy and plenty of job opportunities so that we Greeks creatively work side by side with a logical number of refugees - migrants. In reality, though the immigrants are already too many for a small, poor country that is going through a huge financial crisis - facing at the same time a high unemployment rate. More immigrants coming over to Greece under these conditions is a recipe for a humanitarian disaster! 

To conclude, the great "Capricorn Climax" of 2020 (which is in its own a rare and powerful astrological phenomenon) has had a fatal, decisive impact upon the National Horoscope of Greece. It has caused - and continues to cause - an unprecedented "plutonian" usurpation of colossal portions of national and individual wealth and a torrential plundering of this country (economically, demographically etc.)!
The Greek people have been grossly lied to, deceived and manipulated! Overall, what Greece used to be will never come back again. This ancient country has been to a large extent destroyed, but in a subtle, invisible "plutonian" way (that does not allow the elements of its destruction to be easily perceived)! It will retain many of its external features alright but deep in its core it will be radically transformed, it won't be anymore the Greece we used to know! 
Money is to a country what blood is to our body! Thus, a country whose resources are systematically plundered, whose "money - energy" (the hard work and the sweat of its citizens) is "usurped" and taken abroad, such a country is doomed to remain without vital energies and thus gradually become a "zombie country", a sort of "banana republic"! And under the current Capricorn Climax mega-phenomenon (Pluto - Saturn on Greece's Sun in particular) we are attesting Greece (an erstwhile glorious country and the cradle of western civilization) turning ever more into a broken, pillaged,
demographically altered, moribund country. We are longing now for its "plutonian" resurrection...

Thomas Gazis

Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis